Half of the day
We are futile in worries.
Because anxiety is such a disease
Which gives more importance to the words of others than their own.

It is not really a mistake to think.
You are not wrong either.
You are not wrong in your own mind.
So whose fault is it?
The mistake is our complacency
Which we always are
We have high hopes.

Too much hope always leads to unhappiness
We don’t want to know that
How much satisfaction do we need?
And how satisfied we are with ourselves
Consider it appropriate.

The reason for all this is written below!

Hope first
Expectations must be limited
Second lust
Lust should not be exaggerated
The third is more wishes
Be it to others or to any thing
It is very important to stay away from Wishes.

And these three mean only one thing
That is our unhappy mind
It is the way to satisfy your mind
It should be our main motto.

So what are you thinking again?
What you have
That is satisfying
Because God loves you
Two times and two fist are available for eating,
Isn’t that satisfying?
Because making a difference??
Be it a cold winter or a rainy night
By which road is a beggar sleeping hungry and torn themselves in rags
How is the night spent by covering
Only he himself knows that sorrow.

But even the beggar is satisfied
Because he thinks
That was it more for me today.

And more hope is futile for him.
Then you got it right.

Limit your indulgence
The solution to all problems
It will become easier by itself.

Thank you

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Thank you once again.

Written by Nilamadhab Bhuyan…

Do Something That Will Brighten Your Future.

The story begins in a small kingdom Where all the people walk on one principle. Even the king is bound to follow that principle. It was a strange rule
By law, the king was elected for five years. But after the completion of 5 years, the king was left in the dense forest of that kingdom. If he returned within a certain period of time, he would be accepted as a king again. If the king did not return within the specified time interval, another king was elected for the next 5 years.

The reason for not returning was that after the king was left in the forest, the wild animals were killing him and eating him, but no one has returned alive from that forest till date.

This has been going on for almost 50 years  it is time to elect a new king?? The election process was such that the person with the most names was chosen as the king.

Now the name of Rameshwar Pandit came up. As handsome as Rameshwar Pandit looked. His honesty won the hearts of the people. He was solving all the problems but he was poor.

The people reached his house for Raja Tilak. Rameswar was very happy to hear this, but his wife Maya got sad and told Rameswar that I don’t want to lose you. There is no benefit in being a king for 5 years. Eventually you will be released into the wild.

After that Rameshwar said, Look Maya, you are right too but it would be wrong to go against the people’s choice and finally Rameshwar became the king.
After becoming king, Rameshwar made a plan. Set a goal and start making plans on how to save his life and spend the rest of his life happily.

Rameswar put all the ministers on different tasks. Each minister was given a different task.
Such as cleaning the state, focusing on education, repairing the roads of the state, saving rain water, building dams by saving pond and river water etc.
Started doing another new job It had the task of taking care of the wild animals in the forest He made a good path in the forest.

They built a fence inside the forest and kept all the animals in one place and made a wildlife sanctuary.

5 years passed by Rameshwar doing all such good works
Now came the custom of leaving the king in the forest The people left Rameshwar in the forest and returned but the king returned in time and assumed the royal throne again in the form of a king.

Because all the animals of that forest were kept apart in one place like a zoo and no animal harmed him.

Rameshwar now spent the rest of his life as king.

You will learn something new in this story. At the right time, Rameshwar first removed the danger with his wisdom and lived happily for the rest of his life.

When you have time, do something that will brighten your future.

This story is narrated from the Shri Vivek Bindra Ji.
Written by Nilamadhab Bhuyan…

Are You Happy With Your Daily Life??

Are you happy with your daily life??
I know you can answer my question with YES or NO.
We all know what is the real truth?

The truth is that longing never ends in human life.

I will also say that some people are very happy with their daily lifes Because they have already found a way to live their daily lives.
If you are also happy, then I pray to God that you will always be this happy.
But some people are very sad There are some people who become very sad after seeing a happy person. If you are living a happy life then some people must be jealous after seeing you.

One reason for this is “Greed”.

This craving has become a part of our life Along with the organs, it has become a habit of our daily life.

In this greedy life, people become sad instead of happy when they see others.
They spend their days in worry.
Like thinking about how much they will earn. The biggest concern is how much to spend.

The reason for this concern is “money”.
Because we have to save some money for our future
And by saving money, we strive to live happily with our future

But we cannot find happiness.
Can’t you be happy with what you are earning today???
I would say you can be happy and stay happy but some people cannot experience this happiness

I would say if you have little money then try to be happy with that little money.
Still you are looking for happiness, so I can’t say when you will find this happiness?

But I would say again that you can go ahead with the money you have now and find ways to be happy with that little wealth.
Abandon envy and lust.

I would say you can definitely feel the happiness.

Try to incorporate this rule into your lifestyle and you will surely feel happy

Thank you….
By Nilamadhab…

What to do your boring time ?

Some new news today!!!

What do you do when you feel bored?? Must comment in comment box.

So I’ve given you new ideas on what to do in those annoying situations.

Follow and after using this idea you can also join your people.

Let’s begin.

• Your favorite film from childhood that makes you happy to watch. Look at him. Now how you ask? You can watch that on YouTube and other OTT platforms.
• Go to play store, new application is available, download it and enjoy it.
• Backup your valuable data from your phone. Save to Your online Drive(google drive, dropbox etc.) or save to your laptop.
• Write a letter or diary to yourself as you see yourself in the future. Write your goals and hopes in it. Date and time must also be given.
• If you want to paint, then try to make some paint with the help of Water Color.
• Call someone who you consider to be a role model or a good guider and take some advice from him but try to talk to your guider first with proper available of time and permission.
• Change your mail or phone password.
• View old photo albums if not necessary so delete it or took it secret so hide it your safe place.
• Read a joke or some story book or follow to online Story platform (I.e.
• Unsubscribe the active in appropriate sites in your mail id. with delete old mail.
• Plan something for your upcoming Birthday or upcoming occasions.
• Determine the location for the walk and new place.
• Do something like surprise your loved one.
• Remove old items from the closet or your box and replace them with new items.
• Check the old toothbrush, if it is old, replace it with a new one.

There is so much work. So its little example for you. So, out of these points, you must follow the point and comment and if you do something new, then write to me and share it.

Precious words

One day Akbar and Birbal discuss about a little problem.
Akbar asked??
Everyone on this earth knows that this world will end one day or the other, but the hope of man does not end.
They know that happiness must be followed by sorrow, yet why do people envy others.
Is there any solution for this????
Birbal said…
Every problem is solved at a specific time. Every action we do and the result of that action comes back at a certain point in the form of wrong or right action.
Akbar said..
I care for every people of my state. Why do people still point the finger at me or accused me ?

Birbal replied….
Hey Lord… not everyone is satisfied with your hand-me-down money and he will never be happy. People don’t want to be inspired by your words, they want to sit in your chair. Then how will they understand your benefits.
If Akbar got the answer….
Finally, Akbar asked again. Birbal, you are a treasure of knowledge, you have a solution to every problem.
So say such a precious word!! If I use that word at any moment, then my mind will be at peace and I will not have lust for this life and I will not have pride for this world.
Birbal said in reply.
O lord, these are precious words…
“” “” This time too shall pass “” “”
Akbar asked what kind of word is this???
Birbal said, Maharaj….
This word can be applied to both happy and sad moments.
Use this word when you are sad

That “this time also shall pass away.”
And you will feel happy that those sad times will pass and so it does
Just like happy times

Use that word as

“This Time Also Shall Pass”

After applying this word, there is bound to be sorrow. Because no one wants to miss their happy hour. But let’s face it, this happy time of yours will pass very soon.

No moment lasts long
Happiness must be followed by sorrow and sorrow must be followed by happiness.
So friends, our daily life is also running on this basis.

Everything will change with time.
Comment if you liked this post.
thank you
Source: From Birbal Gatha..

Indication For Help

It’s an evening in December 2018 and the ground is a little wet due to light rain. It will be 6 o’clock in the evening. I was coming from Balipadar to Buguda after doing some household work. The sky was completely dark, like a new moon night. Bike was running at 70-80 speed.
I saw after 5 km. On the side of the road, two lights like a glass can be seen. Like the glow of radium. Fear arose in my mind but I gathered courage and started to slow down the bike. I felt like someone was waiting. I slowed down the bike and reached him. I saw a wolf. Even so, wolves stay away from humans.
But even after I put the bike next to her, he did not jump and stood still. As if he wanted to say something. Before getting down from the bike and approaching her, she left. A question arose in my mind. People say that it is good to see a fox on the side of the road. But there were many questions in my mind why.
In this case, if any question arises in my mind, then that question goes around in my mind until I get the answer. There was 5 km left to reach Buguda, I thought I would take the left side road from Sohalmaili and flee to my village. I did the same but what is it? 50 meters left turn suddenly a cat crossed the road. And that cat also stood in the middle of the road looking at my bike for 5 seconds and then it went away.
I moved the bike back and stopped the bike and brought 2 water pouches from the pan shop on the side. Washed face and drank water, stood for 5 Minutes. A great fear arose in my mind. Nothing will happen with me today? , this matter kept popping up in my mind. Bike turned back and walked straight towards Buguda.

Started walking towards Buguda, suddenly a man asked me for help! He said, “Brother, if you are going to Buguda? Will you give me a lift?” Seeing his face, I felt a little pity and said to him, “Brother, I am not going to Buguda, but if you want to go, give me a lift till big bridge” He said yes, take me to that place.
I will run away. Having said this, after going some distance, I saw that two people had an accident on the south side of the road. One was unconscious and the other was talking a little. Some people are watching there and saying ah.. ah.. and some people are taking photos with video on their mobile phones. One of them was completely unconscious, he seemed to be a labor. Another well-known gentleman of Buguda. I don’t know his name, but he is probably a staff member of the medical center.

Some of the family members of the laborers are lying on the road and some of the daily wages. The accident was caused by a collision between Cycle and Bike. The bicycle is falling on the road. And the gentleman’s bike is lying on the side of the road. It seems from the assumption that the incident happened due to the LED light and the people are guessing. But not a single person wanted to pick them up and take them to the medical center. Everyone was talking to themselves that if the ambulance was called, it would be too late. Hearing the people talking, i was angry and wanted to chant some verses but controlled himself and went to the laborer very serious and tried to wake him up. The brother who gave the lift also helped. I saw that his ear was bleeding profusely. Seeing the blood, my hair stood on end, but I took courage and picked him up.
But he was unconscious, saying to some idiots in the audience, “Brothers help me!! what are you seeing???” Then two people came and sided his bicycle and picked up his belongings items and put them in a bag. And at that time, there were two College Students, both of them Sports Players, both of them are students of Peoples College, Buguda. When they both were on their way to Buguda, seeing this incident, he came together and helped to pick up his man. And took him and started sitting on his Scooty.
I said to the person who gave us a lift before that, “Brother, you will give us a little support and we will take you to Buguda Medical Center on the bike, and he did.” But since these two students had a Scooty, they said to him, “Brother, we will take you on the Scooty. You have the sports bike. It will be difficult to seat in it. They went to the medical center on Scooty.
After reaching the big bridge, the man said to the man, brother, leave me here, I will run away. But my mind understood and told him that there is nothing brother, let’s go, I will go to the medical center and leave you at the bus stand.
We left him at the bus stand and went to the medical center where we talked to the doctor and got him admitted.

We contacted his family members from the mobile phone of the laborer brother. Another gentleman’s condition was not so bad but his leg and hand were bruised but he was able to talk and he called his own family and went with him to the medical center.

After some time, the worker’s brother’s family came. After questioning, it was found that he works as a carpenter.
I consoled his family and his family thanked me and those brothers. The doctor referred him to Brahampur Medical Center as his brother’s condition was critical.

Due to late night, calls are coming from my house frequently. I told the family that it will take some time. I told those brothers that I am coming, they were very happy and introduced themselves and also gave them my identity. They were happy and said, brother, it is necessary to help like this. And those brothers also said that I have helped many people in such accident cases.
I was very happy to hear this and I felt proud to hear the words of those brothers. I thought that not all people in the world are selfish. It is because of such people that the accident victims are getting help. Once again I shook hands with them and thanked them and came out of the medical center. Outside the medical center, some journalist brothers were also happy to see me and said brother, well done, you brought him to the medical center on time. Thank you very much. I thanked him and returned to the village.

On the way back to the village, I thought that the sign of the fox and the cat crossing the road was actually giving me a sign to save a person’s life or not??? Because of that cat and the cat, the time spent probably came in handy to help the laboring brother.
I thought those codes weren’t ugly. That’s why some codes can even help save someone’s life.

How did you like my story?


First of all Happy Diwali to you and Your family friends. In the special day god fulfilling your all wishes.

Happy Diwali with lots of Love.

Diwali is a festival of lights.  On this festival of lights, the people of Odisha celebrate the festival elsewhere.  Like all the states, this too will see the new supernatural splendor of the lamp.  In a straight line, oil lamps, candles and colored lights shine like all the houses.  By decorating the door with flowers, it gives a high-quality feeling to its beauty.

The entire environment becomes beautified by the distinct smell of crackers.  All people distribution and handing out sweets from house to house.  This tradition is almost the same everywhere in India.  In this tradition, we light the path of the spirit of our ancestors by lighting a bundle of kanboriya wood and dedicate them to him.

All the members of the house gather in the evening near Tulasi Tree.  The sight of Rangoli in front of the house is strange.  Rangoli is made like a round.  Prasad is placed in the middle.  Along with Prasad, Deep Thali and juts of kanboriya wood can be seen.  The light is brought from the puja house and brought to the puja where everyone stands holding the bundle of Kanboriya wood.  Between the rangolis are kept the burning lights.  All the members of the family light their own Kanboriya wood and point to the sky to remember the ancestors man.

in odia “
Bada badua ho
Andhara re asi ujjala re jao
Baishi pahacha re gada gadau thao”

Saying this three times, we remain Then everyone celebrate with fired the crackers and makes him supernatural.

As in other regions, most people prefer to celebrate it at home, although family gatherings are also common  Daylight houses are brightly lit, with doors and windows open, our devotion and belief is that Lakshmi visits every house.  Similarly, in Odisha different types of Diwali celebrations are celebrated in every place.

So chhoti diwali are also observe a day before in different cities.

Let us know in the comments how Diwali festival is celebrated in your city or home.

ଦୀପାବଳି ( Diwali )

ଦୀପାବଳୀ ଏକ ଆଲୋକ ର ପର୍ବ । ଏହି ଆଲୋକ ପର୍ବରେ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ବାସୀ ପର୍ବ ପାଳନ କରିବା ପ୍ରଣାଳି ଅନ୍ୟତ୍ର । ସବୁ ରାଜ୍ୟ ଭଳି ଏଠି ମଧ୍ୟ ଦୀପ ର ନୂତନ ଅଲୌକିକ ଶୋଭା ଦେଖିବାକୁ ପାଇବେ। ଗୋଟିଏ ସିଧା ରେଖାରେ ତେଲ ଦୀପ, ମହମବତୀ ଏବଂ ରଙ୍ଗୀନ ଲାଇଟ୍ ରେ ସବୁ ଘରର ଯେମିତି ଚମକି ଉଠୁଥାଏ । ଦ୍ଵାର କୁ ଫୁଲ ରେ ସଜାଇ ତାର ଶୋଭା କୁ ଉଚ୍ଚକୋଟୀର ଅନୁଭବ ଦିଅନ୍ତି ।

ବାଣ ର ଅଲଗା ମହକ ରେ ପୁରା ପରିବେଶ ସୁଶୋଭିତ ହୋଇଯାଏ । ଘର ଘର ବୁଲି ମିଠା ବାଣ୍ଟି ବାର ଦେଖିବାକୁ ମିଳେ । ଏହି ପରମ୍ପରା ଭାରତର ପ୍ରତ୍ୟେକ ସ୍ଥାନରେ ପ୍ରାୟତଃ ସମାନ ଦେଖିବାକୁ ମିଳେ । ଏହି ପରମ୍ପରା ରେ ଆମେ ଆମ ପିତୃ ପୁରୁଷ ଙ୍କ ଆତ୍ମା ଙ୍କ ଚଲାପଥ କୁ ଆଲୋକିତ କରିବା କାଉଁରିଆ କାଠ ର ଜଟ ଜଳାଇ ତାଙ୍କୁ ସମର୍ପଣ କରିଥାଉ ।

ଘରର ସମସ୍ତ ସଦସ୍ୟ ସନ୍ଧ୍ୟାରେ ମା ବୃନ୍ଦାବତୀଙ୍କ ପାଖରେ ଏକାଠି ହୁଅନ୍ତି । ଘର ର ସମ୍ମୁଖରେ ରଙ୍ଗୋଲି ର ଦୃଶ୍ୟ ଅଜବ ଥାଏ । ଗୋଲ ଭଳି ରଙ୍ଗୋଲୀ କରାଯାଏ । ମଧ୍ୟ ଭାଗରେ ପ୍ରସାଦ ରଖାଯାଏ । ପ୍ରସାଦ ସହିତ ଦୀପ ଥାଳି ଏବଂ କାଉଁରିଆ କାଠ ର ଜଟ ଦେଖିବାକୁ ମିଳେ। ପୂଜା ଘରୁ ଆଲୋକ କୁ ଜନ୍ମ ଦେଇ ପୂଜା ପାଖକୁ ଅଣାଯାଏ ସେଠୀ ସମସ୍ତେ କାଉଁରିଆ କାଠ ର ଜଟ କୁ ଧରି ଠିଆ ହୋଇଥାନ୍ତି। ରଙ୍ଗୋଲି ମଧ୍ୟରେ ପ୍ରଜ୍ୱଳିତ ଆଲୋକ କୁ ରଖାଯାଏ । ପରିବାର ର ସମସ୍ତ ସଦସ୍ୟ ନିଜ ନିଜ କାଉଁରିଆ କାଠ କୁ ପ୍ରଜ୍ବଳିତ କରନ୍ତି ଆକାଶକୁ ଦେଖାଇ ପୁର୍ବ ପୁରୁଷ ଙ୍କୁ ସ୍ମରଣ କରନ୍ତି।

ବଡ ବାଡ଼ୁଅ ହୋ… ଅନ୍ଧାର ରେ ଆସି ଆଲୁଅରେ ଯାଅ…ବାଇଶି ପାହାଚ ରେ ଗଡ ଗଡାଉ ଥାଅ ହେ….(୩)

ଏମିତି ତିନି ଥର ଉଚ୍ଚାରଣ କରି ସମର୍ପଣ କରିଥାଉ। ତାପରେ ସମସ୍ତେ ବାଣ ଫୁଟାଇ ତାଙ୍କୁ ଅଲୌକିକ କରେଇ ଥାଉ।

ଅନ୍ୟାନ୍ୟ ଅଞ୍ଚଳ ପରି, ଅଧିକାଂଶ ଲୋକ ଏହାକୁ ନିଜ ଘରେ ପାଳନ କରିବାକୁ ପସନ୍ଦ କରନ୍ତି, ଯଦିଓ ପାରିବାରିକ ସମାବେଶ ମଧ୍ୟ ସାଧାରଣ ଅଟେ | ଦୀପାବଳି ଘରଗୁଡ଼ିକ ଉଜ୍ଜ୍ୱଳ ଆଲୋକିତ ହୋଇଥାଏ, କବାଟ ଏବଂ ଝରକା ଗୁଡ଼ିକ ଖୋଲା ଥିବାରୁ ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀ ପ୍ରତ୍ୟେକ ଘରକୁ ପରିଦର୍ଶନ କରନ୍ତି ବୋଲି ଆମର ଭକ୍ତି ଓ ବିଶ୍ୱାସ । ଏମିତି ଭାବେ ଓଡ଼ିଶାରେ ପ୍ରତ୍ୟେକ ସ୍ଥାନରେ ଅଲଗା ଅଲଗା ପ୍ରକାର ର ଦୀପାବଳୀ ଉତ୍ସବ ପାଳନ ହୁଏ।

ବିଭିନ୍ନ ସହର ରେ ଗୋଟିଏ ଦିନ ପୂର୍ବରୁ ଛୋଟ ଦୀପାବଳୀ ମଧ୍ୟ ମନେଇ ଥାଆନ୍ତି ।

ଆପଣଙ୍କ ସହର କିମ୍ୱା ଘରେ ଦୀପାବଳୀ ଉତ୍ସବ କେମିତି ପାଳନ ହୁଏ କମେଣ୍ଟ୍ ମାଧ୍ୟମରେ ଜଣାନ୍ତୁ।

Durga Maa

Durga Maa is revered as the foremost Mother. In Hindu tradition, she is worshiped as Shakti, Mother, Protector. Where there is more evil, the mother appears to restore the truth.

Once upon a time, Mahishasura, through his penance, sought a boon from Brahma ji to become immortal. But Brahma ji says, everyone will have to die one day.

Then Mahishasura asked for a boon that only a woman can kill me. Because the woman was considered powerless and weak. And no god can kill him.

Mahishasura took possession of Devlok as soon as he got the boon. Mahishasura’s wrath had increased more. In order to solve the problem of all god and kill Mahishasura, all the Gods made Durga Mata by providing their divine part and Mahishasura was killed.

This was the sacred legend about the mother.

If you liked this fact, then share it further.

Are you worried too?

• Don’t worry too much about the problem.

• Problems will come and in time the cure will come out.

• No matter how big the problems are, there is a solution somewhere for all problems.

• Don’t get discouraged by the problem.

• Don’t turn the problem into a thought, take it as a normal task.

• Will see that problem will also seem simple.

• So are you also facing such problems?

• Are you also unable to find the solution to the problem??

(So ​​follow my simple path and the problem may be solved.)

What to do??

1. If possible sit in your puja room or temple with a calm mind.

2. Close your eyes for a while and remember only the face of your God.

3. After some time devotion must be awakened in the mind.

4. Forget yourself, your family, your friends for a while.

5. This is only for a short time.

6. You will surely feel peaceful.

7. Do not open your eyes.

8. Now imagine that!!
How did the problem arise?
Did you get it wrong?
how did it happen
What would have been right?

9. Try to find the answers to all the questions.
Yes still not found solution.

10. So think about who is the companion, who is the teacher, who will have the solution!

11. Think about what to ask him!

12. I hope all your problems will be solved in that temple courtyard or puja room.

13. Now open your eyes, bow down to your God and feel to solve the problem.

14. Yes, if there is no temple near you, you must have a house of worship in your house!

15. You can sit in peace.

16. Do not keep mobile with you during that time. Will switch off if possible.

17. One thing to note is to forget your pride and arrogance while looking for a solution.

18. The irony of saying is that the problem could not be solved by you, but you are trying to find a way to solve it.

19. Hope this great post gives you some direction!

20. If you don’t have any such mentor then you can message me through contact form.

I hope from the above points will helps to came out your problem easily.

Thank you.


On a one day, Our batches completed two years of our job. Everyone wanted to celebrate that happiness. So we are 6 friends decided, let’s eat out or visit something special places today in a big hotel. And spend this day happily. As planned, we went out that morning for a walk around the near city. The city is about only 20-25 km from our camp. Everyone goes in bolero. All of them were wearing white adidas shoes and check formal shirts with jeans. Everyone’s get-up is the same and they all come out wearing the same perfume. Glasses were in the packet but no one was wearing them. That was just for style.

We are arrived at the market. We all sat in a small cafe and ate sweets with cold drinks. After eating sweets, one of them said, “Brother, we want to eat to our own dishes today.” Everyone was thinking that. How about going to the hotel? Thinking of asking someone, we asked a CRPF Jawans. He pointed us to a hotel and told us to go there, the rates will be a bit high but you will have peace of mind and food of all kinds. A friend called Chandra Shekhar. He said hey eat today no matter how much money it costs. But 2 people from our group were worried that what will happen if the food is not good if the rate is high. This thought was only in his mind. If you have come here to be happy, if you refuse, you will listen, you are stingy. Will you keep the money and take it graveyard? Hearing this, the two of them kept silent and went inside the hotel with everyone.
The decoration of the hotel is of high quality. The aroma of the food was also good. The waiter came and took us from behind and seated us at the big dining table and asked in a very low voice what we would like to have. We all stared at Chandra Shekhar. Because Chandra Shekhar said that today I will feed you a delicious meal no one needs to order anything, I am the incharge today . That’s why we kept quiet. Chandra Shekhar picked up the menu book and thought for 2 minutes and said. Rice, dal makhani, chicken khurma, and salad. The waiter thinks they are all new arrivals. He asked to us, will you take another water bottle???? All are replied yes!!  Today was a special day, no word could be heard from anyone’s mouth. Without delay, another waiter came and placed 6 bottles of water along with 3 plates and left. I got up saying, excuse me, have a pickle bowl and only 3 bottles. The two waiters looked at me suspiciously, thinking that we might be doing business, I gave a small smile, and they left. In the next moment, everyone was very nicely decorated with white round plates and forks and spoons.

  Everyone happily sat down with a fork in one hand and a  spoon in the other. Who knew it was only for a moment. Immediately the chicken khurma came and went. Seeing the chicken, everyone was worried. And quietly placed the spoons on the plate. Why!!  not eat chicken with a spoon? The rest of the ordered goods arrived moments later. Then everyone started eating without spoons and forks.

After everyone had eaten for 2-3 minutes, one asked the other. Hey, there is no bone in the chicken! Everyone said that. Hey, he gave the spoon, he gave it right. Well, let’s start eating with hands, what else should we eat with a spoon?? Everyone continued to eat. The people sitting next to us were staring at us. The waiter is also looking. It was embarrassing but we didn’t mind and continued to eat. Finished eating. The waiter put a small bowl and lemon to everyone.

The question in everyone’s mind is what to do with this. Chandra Shekhar was also worried. One of us squeezed a lemon and gulped down the water. Seeing one, everyone did the same. What did he actually give the lemon water for? What is the reason for that? Must include in the comments. Seeing this, the waiter smiled a little. But does not say anything. Without much delay, everyone got up, washed their hands and came back and sat up.
Reason for sitting will be tipped. Everyone was looking at each other’s faces. The total expenditure was close to Rs 2300. The waiter passed the tip
diary. Chandra Shekhar said that everyone should pay 50 rupees each for the tip, no one wanted to, but everyone together put 300 rupees in the tip diary. The waiter was happy and we came out.

After coming out of the hotel, one of us started to tell Chandra Shekhar that instead of 300, we would have given 200 or 100, Chandra Shekhar’s mouth was silent after hearing this. It has been given, what else will he say, if he does say something, how much more will he hear.

A man was selling bed sheets on the road side 50 meters away from the hotel. Chandra Shekhar said I will buy bed sheet, everyone was waiting for him. Bed sheet selected. Finally he requested to lower the rate. Bed seat shopkeeper said, “I am reducing 30 rupees after seeing the boys.” Because he already knew who we were after seeing our haircut !!! Even after reducing the rate, he agreed with Chandra Shekhar and said to reduce it by 10 rupees more. said a man selling bed sheets. I already reduced 30 rupees because I don’t discount 30 rupees to the other people. I discount to you 30 rupees because you are serving of our country. We felt a little proud after listening to him, but Chandra Shekhar’s words is that you reduce by 10 rupees more. And the conversation continued for about 5 minutes. Everyone is angry with Chandra Shekhar.

I woke up and said hey bro, you tipped 300 rupees at Hotel and here you fighting with shop keeper for 10 minutes for 10 rupees only?? Shame on you?? Everyone said yes…  After that we are gave 10 rupees to the bed seat shopkeeper and moved on. Everyone on the road is angry with Chandra Shekhar. Everyone said angrily. We are abused to Chandra Shekhar you are spoil our respect in this market on the front of Shop keeper. By the time the tip was given, Mercy was coming and your “Dabang Giri” was born on the road side. They all passed one by one to Chandra Shekhar. Came back to the room in the evening. In the evening, I talked about this with other friends in the room. Everyone laughed a lot about Chandra Shekhar’s words.

Everyone came up and drew through the time of flesh to the money for money.

So some moments were spent with my friends some years back. You must comment how it felt and what the lemon water was given for while eating.

Thank you

From Nilamadhab’s Stories…

Do or Don’t s with Mother Tulsi Devi !!

Tulsi Tree / Mata Tulsi / Maa Brundavati is given the form of a sacred tree in Hinduism. Mother Lakshmi resides in it. According to the scriptures, the grace of Mata Lakshmi remains forever on the family that pours water to Tulsi Mata every day.

It is true that Mata Lakshmi is very calm but it is also not impossible to say that Mata Lakshmi is very strict towards the family members who are against discipline.

What to do ?

• Do not keep any kind of shoes/sandals near Mata Tulsi Devi or never take off or put on shoes or keep a sandal stand near Mata Tulsi. It is bad for the family. Mother Tulsi Devi is very strict when bad things happen to him/her. The family of the abuser suffers from negative effects. (Wearing sandal even indoors is considered impolite in Hinduism.)
• Do not keep broom near Mother Tulsi Devi. Because we clean the garbage of the house through broom. As a result, we remove the bad substances through the broom and the effect of the results is also bad. So Mother Tulsi Devi is also very strict about it.
• One has to pay attention to direction before planting Mata Tulsi Devi. Do not place or plant Mata Tutsi Devi in ​​south direction. If you have planted and want to get happiness and prosperity of the house, then immediately change the direction and plant in the right direction.
• After sweeping the house, some people put the garbage in a corner or outside. Note that Tulsi Mata must not to placed nearby. Otherwise, there will be bad luck in all the person of the house and there is a high probability of repeated failures even after doing something.
• Mata Tulsi Devi is also recognized as Radha Queen so Radha Queen is playing the evening time. So never plough Tulsi leaves in the evening and on Sundays, 11th, 12th, 17th, 19th and 20th days of month of Sankranti. There will be a severe crisis in the family.
• Finally, do not plant other thorny shrubs or trees in the place where Mother Tulsi Devi resides, it gives influence to the family.

Adhere to such facts and discard the facts given above and earn the grace of Mata Lakshmi.

The author is not responsible for any incident based on its effect. This data is not based on any kind of material, calculation, constellation and reliability. A small attempt to convey information to you through hearing from other sources such as religious discourses and Puran readings. Readers are requested to take this as an informational form.

Don’t forget to comment if you like the information.

Thief.. Thief.. Thief…

The meeting organised in the village hall. Because the thief will be caught. Ramu Gaud’s goat has been stolen. A few days later, Ramu has been missing since two o’clock in the morning. Even after a long search that night, there was no sign of the goat. Finally, Ramu gave a notice to the village committee early in the morning that upcoming purnima is coming and before that one of my male goat has been stolen. Please help the village committee to find me that male goat.

The village committee encouraged Ramu and said that don’t worry you will get your goat. Ranjia Raul’s son Satish actually stole it. He is a criminal of this village like cock theft and goat theft sometimes he stole jwellery from locked houses etc. 

He does not listen to anyone in the village. If someone raises a finger at him, then the next day will surely be bad for him by satish, he doing something with that person like , his leg and hand broked etc. That is why no one goes against him.

At night, the village meeting was held and the village committee requested to Ramu asked him do you suspect anyone’s? We are with you. Ramu looked at everyone’s faces and finally he suspected to Satish but there was fear in his heart.
The village committee called Satish but he was drunk and not at home. The meeting was over and Ramu was given a praise that don’t fear we are with you and asked you are fear with satish ? Ramu , shake his head slowly and saying no but he was afraid. Committee again give a don’t worry we are with you. And meeting is over.

The next day, Satish came to Ramu. Threatened him and said. have you seen me At the time of taking your goat. Ramu was silent. Satish said to him, “Did you lie?” Now I will steal your real goat. And I will set fire to your cattles house. Do anything what is in your hand. Ramu also got scared and called the village committee for justice. The village meeting was organized but Satish did not come. All are immortal. Someone will force him. That is criminal typed person.

After 8 days Satish reached Ramu’s cattles house around 4 am. Satish arrived with his three drunken friends. He thought that I must steal three to four goats today, but the point is that if your sin bucket is full, then your bad time will surely come. Then, unknowingly, Satish’s leg slipped into the urinal hole in the corner of the room and his leg twisted and fell upright. In the state of intoxication, he does not feel pain. While tying to the shut up mouths of two goats, Ramu’s sleep is suddenly interrupted.

He ran and saw four people inside his cattles After shouting Ramu, thief, thief, thief, village people came up. Satish’s friends ran away after hearing the shouts of village’s people. Satish could not run. Because after twisting his leg and falling, his leg was broken.

Who knows that Satish’s leg is broken. Who took hand and who came together. Face to face cannot be seen in the dark night. All of them dragged him out of the cattles and started showering him on his back with sticks. Almost everyone knows that this is Satish, but no one had mercy on him and after beating him up, he reported to the police. There was a little delay in the arrival of the police, but when they came, they tied up Satish and took him to the police station. Since then, satish no longer visible, perhaps like he is a good person.

From a collection of stories by Nilamadhab Bhuyan..

ଜହ୍ନ ର ମନ୍ଦିର

ଏତିକି ଟିକିଏ ଜହ୍ନ ଟାରେ
ହଜାର ହଜାର ତାଜମହଲ,
ତୋଳା ହୋଇଥିବ ଦେଖିପାରୁଛ
ସେ ଜହ୍ନ ର ସଫେଦ ଆଲୁଅ ରେ
ଦେଖା ନ ଯାଉ ଆମ ସ୍ମୃତି ର ତାଜ୍
କେବଳ ଭଲପାଇବା ର
ନିଚ୍ଛୁକ୍ ପ୍ରତିଛବି ଥାଉ
ଆମ ହୃଦୟର ପ୍ରଶସ୍ତି ଜାଗା ଭିତରେ
ଛୋଟିଆ ମନ୍ଦିର ଟିଏ ହୋଇ
ଯେତେ ଝଡ ଝଞ୍ଜା ଖରା
ଯେତେ ବର୍ଷା ବସନ୍ତ ଗଲେବି
କଳଙ୍କି ନଲାଗୁ
ଆମ ଭଲ ପାଇବାର ମନ୍ଦିର ଉପରେ ।

ମନୋଜ କୁମାର ବେହେରା (ଲେଖକ)
ସୁବୁଦ୍ଧି ପଲ୍ଲୀ, ଗଞ୍ଜାମ ।

Waste of time

Starting your day with phone in the morning.

Worrying too much about other people.

Thinking too much about the happiness of other people.

Keep changing your dress and gait like other people.

Talking too much about useless topics.

Think more about your girlfriend and boyfriend.

Waiting for someone’s message.

Thinking to read but not studying, having mobile in hand at that time.

The reason for sleeping 6 to 7 hours is that you sleep more than 10 hours, this is what goes on in the mind, I sleep a little more.

Spending hours on Prime, Netflix and Hotstar and other web series applications.

Thinking more before sleeping.

Thinking about exercising but sleeping till the sun rises.

Listening to the song every moment.

Thinking of finding fault in everything.

Consider yourself great.

Thinking that I will not share my art and education with anyone.

Chatting till late at night and watching Facebook and Instagram.

The time you sit to study, remember your friends and talk with them for hours.

Keep on thinking that if I become rich then I will buy this and I will buy it.

Spending more time in PUBG and Free Fire.

Think more about how to impress my boyfriend and girlfriend.

Thinking of buying this and more without money.

Searching more in YouTube for motivation videos.

Watch more comedy videos.

You sit to study when you have to do some work.


Set a fixed time for exercise, study, work and sleep, no time will be wasted I’m sure.

Thanks for reading….

How to resolve your issues

Faith and believe arises in the mind when a temple or a mosque seen.

Have we really become so busy that we do not have time for pray?

For example, before reading an article, we see how long it is and how much time it will take this article.

Actually we are trying to convert our time into the smallest unit.

It is clear from here that we do not want to waste our time but keep on doing books.

Read this article till the last to get some good knowledge and some interesting facts.

So let’s go….

Busy is the key of life, it is necessary to be busy your life system.

But if we are too busy then there will be imbalance in our life.

Wrong things will happen.

People are misleading.

The option will not be left and in the end they start supporting the wrong.

Is there no way for us to pull us out of this useless moment?

Will we have to live by stumbling everywhere?

How many questions, how many answers, how many dreams in the mind, how many thoughts, can’t there be a solution to all the questions?


If we want it is possible.

Learn to change yourself

Don’t put your hopes on others.

What can you handle yourself?

find him

try to get him.

The struggle in life will never end.

But some dreams can be fulfilled by us?

He did it, I want to do it too!!

He has this thing, I don’t have that!!

I want to get that thing!!

You can solve all these things yourself.

how and why

no time to ask

If you ask a question, you will have to wait for the answer.

Find a solution as soon as possible.

Yes, I have the answer and the right way too.

if you follow that path

I will definitely tell you how to answer this

Before that, if you are intelligent then nothing is a problem for you.

Still you are spending your time in contemplation.
So request from my side. Don’t do that.

The more time you spend in contemplating thinking, the damage will be done.

In contemplation, people consume intoxicants and liquor.

And we do not hold back to spend 100 to 1000 and above.

The reason is only one, by drowning in this problem, you want to forget everything.

What actually happens? The problem goes away from the mind for a few moments, but the next day just like that and as it is.

1000 was spent for liquor but the solution is nothing.

Yes, I am appreciating money because this 1000 rupees is going to be of great use to you at the time of your need.
Think a little.

Yes, how will it be if instead of 1000, you can get a path of good knowledge for a few less rupees? And do it for sure.

Because nowadays one has to take 100,200,300 tickets for so many temples for one time seen your god nit for worship, then 100,200 will not make any difference for good knowledge.

So you hope to get all the questions and answers in one place, right??

I hope it will bring a good change in your life.

would you like to use it??

So without delay, only best thought have been written in the book “How to change yourself”  ( Hindi Language) and its written by me.

It is nothing in comparison to today’s rupee, but it will prove to be 100% effective in bringing about a change in your thinking.

Don’t waste your time get it now. Order now by going to the links below on Amazon and Flipkart.

I claim, after reading, you will definitely get the solution of many problems.

This book not for adult only, you can also order it for your child.

Even if he has become the accustomer of wrong things and if there is an imbalance in his mind.

So don’t be late. You have the means. Try to settle quickly.

When problems arise, people look for ways to solve them. If you are in problem then many such problems will continue to come in your family as well, there must be some way of solution, right??

So order now from the link given below….




How to change yourself (Hindi Version)

Thank you

True Son

After a long time, the District Collector has come to visit the village. They went around all the houses and finally stopped at one house. Even though it was a solid house, the house was broke down with huge sad.

The District Collector entered the house without asking any questions. Assistant who was with him, said that sir, there was no complaint from the people of this house. The District collector  entered the house with a little smile. The interior of the house is very well decorated, but a person (Gaurahari Babu) was sleeping in a half-thick blanket. Suddenly, the younger son came from another room with a glass of water. Seeing the District Collector, he greeted him and gave him a chair to sit.

Suddenly Gaurahari Babu, who was sleeping on the bed, opened the blanket and saw his friend Vijay sitting beside him. Gaurahari suddenly woke up and said, Hey Vijay, you have come to my house, really I can’t believe it, your words seemed heavy. We have not been in contact since you got the job. I heard from Sitakant that you are working in the senior officer post. We thought that time, he got a higher post, will he remember us anymore of him? I can’t believe that you have come to my house today after a long time. Vijay Babu said, you have thought so much about me. Gaurahari Babu said, “No, my friend, I am asking you dont wrong for my feelings.” We will not thinking so, please forgive us. Vijay Babu said, No, I am having just for fun. I heard your son got a job and you are not feeling well and why did you quit your job??
Gaurhari said no friend im not quit my job, today i m not feeling well and i am avail at home rest with taking some days leave. My wife leave my hand for a years ago. After that Blood sugar and heart disease is attacked on my body. Elder son studied and got a job, but the youngest son said that he will not work on outside employment, I will stay in this village with you. This is look after my crops and my farming fields. And now he is became useless and unemployed

Vijay Babu said. How did this son of yours become unemployed or useless? This son is your true son, if he will be with you in your last days so that’s you are so lucky. If he is by your side and serving you, then you should consider yourself blessed. Gaurahari looked at his son and answered with a little sadness. You are right Vijay. If one son who remains serve to his father and mother is that called true son.

Vijay Babu said you should be happy that your son is with you. My son got married after his job and is living in another city. The days are passing but there is no happiness in my life. I was happy to see your son’s with you today.

Then they both got up and came out. Vijay Babu said if there is any problem you will call me. Gaurahari Babu say bye to Vijay Babu.

Gaurahari Babu thought of his friend’s words and felt guilty and after that he feeling happy. He came inside the house and hugged his son.

(True filial serve is seen where father and mother are served by the son selflessly in times of old age and his wrong time.)

Comment must, if this story something changes in your mind.


N Bhuyan…(Author)

ନିଜର କିଏ

ଚାରି ଦିନ ଯଦି ନଜର ରୁ ଦୁରେ
ଭୂଲି ଯିବେ ପରା ମତେ
ହୃଦୟେ ତୁମକୁ ସାଇତି ରଖିଛି
ବିତି ଗଲା ଦିନ କେତେ…

କିଏ ଏଠି ନିଜର ଓ
କିଏ ବା ଏଠି ପର
ଦେଉ ଥିଲେ ସଭିଙ୍କୁ ମୁଁ
ସଭିୟେଁ ବୋଲିବେ ମତେ ମୋର…

ମନେ ପକାଇବା ତ ଦୂରର କଥା
କାହା ପାଖେ ସମୟ ନାହିଁ
ନିଜ ଭିତରେ ଇଶ୍ବର ନ ଖୋଜି
ବାବା ମାନଙ୍କୁ ରୁହନ୍ତି ଚାହିଁ…

ଖଣ୍ଡିଏ କାଠ ଦେବ ବୋଲି
ମନେ ଭାବେ ମୁ ନିତି ଏଠି
ମୁ ଜାଣେ ନି କେବେ ଆସିବ ସେଦିନ
ମୋ ଶେଷ ଦିନର ତିଥି…

ହଜି ଗଲା ସବୁ ସ୍ନେହ ସମ୍ପର୍କ
ହଜି ଗଲା ସେ ଦିନ
ପାଖେ ଥାଇ ବି ଦୂରେଇ ଗଲେ
ଭାବିଲେ ଲାଗୁ ଛି ହିନ…

ରହି ଥିଲୁ ଆମେ ଏକା ଏକା
ଜବାବ ଥିଲା ପକ୍କା
ସାହି ପଡିସା ଲୋକ କହୁଥିଲେ
ବୁଲୁଥିଲା ଫାଲତୁ ଟୋକା…

ଟଙ୍କା ପଛରେ ମଣିଷ ପାଗଳ
ବ୍ୟାଙ୍କ୍ ରେ କରିଛୁ ଆମେ ଲୋନ
ଟ୍ରାଫିକ ରୁଲ କୁ କିଏ ମାନୁ ନାହାନ୍ତି
ଜୀବନ ରେଡ୍ ଜୋନ…

ଆକାଶ ର ତାରା ଦିଶେ ଝିକିମିକି
ଦିଅନ୍ତି ଆଲୋକ ଆଶା
ନିଜର ବୋଲି ଥରେ କହିଦିଅ
କେହି ଏତିକି ଆମ୍ଭର ଆଶା…

By. Hrusikesh Kusulia (Writer)
Muniguda, Rayagada.

Order Now

Some Psychology points!!!

Psychology says that if you know about the psychology very well more likely you are to have click 80 percent success in your life. And you can easily do the your pretty work as you like.

If you want to make your day good, then in the morning you should not start your day with worrying.

If a person more laughs that mean he also cries more.

One who loves from the heart, if any reason his/her love is broken because not his/her fault, then it is better to take the wrong step first than the right path.

If you cannot bow down a little for your love, then your love and your relationship will not long lasting.

People who overthink are more likely to have heart disease and migraines.

If a person is jealous of you, then he cannot be like you but he cannot become like you either.

Someone has built a better house and better property than you so that they can show you.  But the person spends his day drowning in worry for more time in the affair of showing.

No one is bigger than you but your ego starts killing you.  As much as you can limit the ego, it is beneficial for you.

If you want more this type articles so please follow me.

It’s a simple thought, it’s a small effort to alert you.

By Author.

How do you start the day??

The answer of the above question will be different for everyone and you knows this better than me. If you do not know ?? then today I will give you through this message with some new habit and will also tell about the benefits of it. If you already know then it is good, if you do not know then today you will learn this habit.

Don’t go straight to the end read the whole article, its will take 1 minutes only.

Continue reading……

Yes it is effective or not you must tell me in the comment. You have to change some habits. You have to focus on some points below.

• If you do a job i.e. 9 to 5 duty and work in any government institutions, then it is very important for you to take time out and it is mandatory for you to improve these habits.
• This habit will help you even if you do not do a job and when you are looking to do it.
• Because you will be busy all day. But how you will start is up to you.
• The day starts from the morning itself and you have to pay attention to how many reasons you wake up in the morning.
• If you get up early in the morning then it is good. If you can’t get up, try to get up early from tomorrow.
• How many reasons to arise? In answer to this question, when you go to duty and go to study, then you have to manage your time properly. If your morning starts with tuition so you have to wake up 1 to 1.5 hours before and 3 to 4 hours early wake up for the job professional people.
• Some people are busy in useless work as soon as they wake up, like in the morning, some people start with their mobile and run on mobile till they go to duty and study.
• Students should also note that the use of mobile should be minimized.
• It falls into a wrong habit. Yes, if it is very important then you can behave for a few minutes and not for more hours !!
• Now coming to the real thing. Give some time to exercise and yoga as soon as you wake up in the morning.
• Do some exercise to keep the brain give some peace.
• Try to walk at least 10000 steps in the morning.
• Practice yoga for 30 to 40 minutes.
• Help with some household chores.
• Right now you must be thinking that everyone says all this and what new thing did you say.
• The point is absolutely right. But I do not mean to say that to give you the same knowledge.
• You think that I will start this from tomorrow, but whose sleep opens on the second day, then who does not, but some people also follow this thing.
• Actually its result will come to you as a result in your old age.
• i want to tell one more thing to you that you are feeling lazy so i have to be reminded again and again.
• You are very educated and you have a lot of power of understanding.
• I hope you don’t let the start of the morning go to waste.
• Don’t let this moment go to waste and old age make you more weak.
• If not today then tomorrow everyone’s old age will definitely come. And no one knows what this old age will be like.
• In old age your boys/son will ask you whether they will serve you or not, you do not know this or not. I will not be able to tell at all because I am not old yet. Got a little funny. No one, a little joke is also necessary and don’t keep it in your mind by keeping hope. Because when a person’s health deteriorates, everyone will run away. You will know this very well.
• Your thinking must have become a little high now. This was my attempt to prove it. If you have a good start, your body will be with you till old age.

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Thank you

By. Nilamadhab Bhuyan

Momos (Short Story)

Jay Babu is a police officer. He is currently holding the post of Habildar. One day during patrolling in the market, he saw that a new fast food shop had opened. Jay Babu is a picky eater. I don’t mean money eater!!! His first choice is to worship a full stomach. But do not eat at home. Because his wife is a Anganvadi member with Number one miser. Doesn’t feed them satisfied at home. They say if you eat too much you will get fat and I don’t like that. Disregarding a woman’s words is tantamount to inviting trouble. Then it would be better if the wife did not give me what happened. I m eating outside as my choice.

It was evening, Jai Babu’s nose was filled with the smell of momos. Once he went to Delhi to work as a any police case and he could not forget the smell of momos ever since he ate them. Seeing the momos in front of my eyes made my mouth water.

Sanjay, the owner of the fast food asked, what do you eat sir ?? Jai Babu pointed his finger at Momos. Sanjay served two plates momos. Jai Babu was so happy in his mind, indeed these momos are more delicious than Delhi momos and he happily came and paid as much money as he had. He also told Sanjay. I will not eat for free but treat me well. Sanjay is also happy.

From that day forward whether Jai Babu is on duty or not. He performed duty at fast food shop every day. This went on for about 5 months. No matter how much the wife controlled his diet at home, Jay Babu continued to gain weight and started having stomach problems.

Suddenly, one day Jay Babu was on duty and started screaming loudly holding his stomach. All the staff in the police station were scared. Immediately the ambulance arrived. He was admitted to the medical center and the doctor told him why Jay Babu had such a bad stomach. It was found in the scan. Some food is stuck in your intestines. Jai Babu’s anxiety increased. He immediately remembered. Wasn’t it because of the momos?
Doctor Babu said. Tomorrow to do a little operation and remove all of dirty.
The operation was also successful and some more money was spent. Doctor Babu said that it will take a few months to fully recover. Doctor Babu said, Jay Babu again birth a new life. Doctor said Eat fast food but you don’t need to eat in limit but you eat momos every time for lunch and dinner and because of that you are in this condition today.

From then on Jay Babu also remained cautious. And broke up his love for Momos and started a new life. On the other hand, every day at home, the wife used some excuse or the other to approach the momos. Jay Babu was sitting with his hand on his head, what else should he say? You have to hear what you did wrong.

So you say that Jay Babu’s bad habits were fatal and aren’t you also a fast food lover?? If yes then be careful. Don’t get into trouble like Jay Babu.

Be careful….

This is an entertainment based story, we do not aim to promote and de – promote any food and fast food.

Thank you.

Three Friends need’s your life

When we are at the middle stage of our life then we make some mistakes. Problems create mores but sometimes that problem turns into a blunder there is no way to come out from this problem. So how to face this situation and solve this situation with proper knowledge and unfair knowledge, some friends should be with you and with you. for example,,,

First of all, there should be a friend who is well versed in computer and mobile. Because in today’s era sometimes some help is needed in the matter of computer. At that time we have to spend unnecessarily rupees somewhere. Yes, if you have good knowledge about computer and mobile then it is not necessary.

Secondly, there must be such a friend too. One who is of bad character for you but is ready to give his life for you. He will always prove to be effective in your times of bad. Well, one should have a clean heart.

Third: A friend who is also calm and clever. Everyone should be his contribution in the problem and he should have a good understanding about the world’s customs, good and bad. As if defeat must have a solution to a problem. Such friends should be with you.

If there should be any other friend in our life then you must tell in the comment.

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Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro

Many days later, Arjun Babu reached Delhi with his wife. Because his son works at Delhi. The vehicle was hired straight to Bhubaneswar railway station and from there towards to Delhi. After reaching Delhi, his son booked a ola car. Unfortunately, he could not come due to some urgent work of his son. He reached the room through Ola’s car. After 5 minutes the son came.
Son lives alone in Delhi. You can guess what the situation at home will be because someone who lives alone is not a little disciplined but completely different. The son keeps the house sparkling. Mother said, I thought all the way that he was created like bin in his bed, but my son has changed completely, mother hugged him. Everyone got up and went out for a tour before evening. Because the son has taken 10 days leave. When everyone reaches the metro station in the son’s car, they have to go further in the metro. While the son was parking the car under the metro station, Arjun saw Pan masala being sold in the stall. He said to his wife, I am bringing some pan masala. Wife said son will be angry if he found out, after he refused, Arjun Babu said hey he won’t know I will hide pan masala while movement. His wife nodded yes. Arjun Babu took his son before he arrived.

Then they are Sitting inside the metro, Arjun Babu’s mind is on the pan masala. On the other hand, while the son was talking on the phone, he hid it in his mouth. The metro experience was exciting. New city, new people. Someone officer and who is wearing a tie in a formal dress and a couple of boys and girls are walking in pairs and a couple of women are standing in groups wearing sarees. Who is well dressed and who is trying to show their body in small clothes. Arjun Babu looks at everyone with big eyes.

Here Arjun Babu’s wife said. Hey, why are you so big-eyed? Arjun Babu said, Look, the people of this city have no shame or discipline. How were they people?? Who is wearing a dress does not properly and wearing odd types and they don’t stop her for wearing this type of dress. At this the son woke up. Father, these are the wonders of the modern world. Don’t look at her and ignore her. How much better is our village than this city?? But Arjun Babu just shakes his head and says yes Son.

Son asked what happened father is there any problem?? Arjun shook his head no. The son came to know that his father was chewing a pan masala. asked father what are you eating?? Mother said pan masala?? The son looked at his father angrily. At this time two or three drops of pan masala came out of Arjun Babu’s mouth. Because it will be about 15 minutes above for chewing it continuosly and don’t spit out?? But there is no question of staying in the metro. He will spit. The son understood and there were 5 more stations left, the son took his father and got down at the next station.
He immediately reached the toilet. The upright boy said, wash your face and come quickly, we will go ahead.

Arjun Babu cleaned his mouth within 2 minutes. The father was looking at the son with anger. Within two minutes the metro came and everyone got out again. Mother said you are angry son. He asked me, I said yes, so he brought it. The son said, “Mom, how many times have I told you why you are bringing unknown diseases by eating all this?” The father stood with his head down. The metro reached the Central Secretariat station. He took an auto from there to see India Gate.

After reaching India Gate, it was dusk. The splendor of India Gate shone in the evening light. He was happy to see such a big monument of India. Arjun Babu’s eyes also fell on the sweet Pan masala. Sweet Pan masala are sold nearby. Suddenly, the son’s eyes caught his eye and the son said, “Do you want to pan again?” The father shook his head and refused but this time the son bought it himself and gave it to his father. Father’s heart is very happy. He wandered back towards the metro.

Arjun Babu is a disciplined person. He cannot stand the sight of injustice. It is almost 9 o’clock in the night. Sat again in the metro. Arjun Babu has not had a pan masala at this time. But he was sitting near his knees and in front of him stood a pair of lovers. The couple stood in such a way that Arjun was trying to touch the tide of Babu’s anger. Finally the lovers are started kissing each other.  but this time Arjun Babu’s patience broke. He screamed and said in Odia, “you don’t know, The discipline, Do you know how many people suffering your misbehavior is annoying here? Did your parents behave like this?”
The son said, “Dad, sit down, ignore this situation.”
Since then it has been heard from the lovers that
“What’s wrong with you? are you mad??”
The boy said to the lovers
“calm down mister”
The son said to his father, what is this, father?
Isn’t this our village?
This is city!
These are nothing!
People are going in metro together, everyone is watching who is not protesting,,, why you?
Because they see such type of situation every day.

Father, I request you, you sit quietly and ignore this situation or tell the CISF jawans and metro staff on duty in metro will be of some use. Telling them that is like putting penalties etc..  Arjun Babu also calmed down. And came out and reported to the metro staff. As a result, the couple was fined in the metro office.

After some time, Arjun Babu and mother reached the room. Arjun Babu also tried to change himself and calmed himself down by telling himself that “wherever he goes, he will eat the fruit and also have to take the profession”  After about two months, he wandered around the delhi and returned to his home.

What is in this story is seen in almost every city and if we look at the urban civilization, our tradition will soon be ground to dust. Don’t let your tradition sink in and protest where it seems unfair and bad but protest based on real rules.

Thank you

Written by Nilamadhav Bhuyan.


ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଆଉ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ଙ୍କ ପ୍ରେମ କାହାଣୀ ରେ ପୁରା କଲେଜ ରେ ଚହଳ ସୃଷ୍ଟି କରିଥିଲା । ହଁ ଦୁହିଙ୍କ ଜାତି ଏବଂ ଗୋତ୍ର ସମାନ ଥିଲେ ମଧ୍ୟ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଦେଖିବାକୁ ବହୁତ୍ ସୁନ୍ଦର ଥିଲେ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଠାରୁ ଟିକେ କମ୍ ସୁନ୍ଦର୍ । କିନ୍ତୁ ଦୁହେଁ ଦୁହିଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ହିଁ ଜନ୍ମ ନେଇଥିଲେ। 

କଲେଜ ସରିଲା ଘରେ କଥା ପଡ଼ିଲା ଏବଂ ଜ୍ୟୋତିଷ ନକ୍ଷତ୍ର ର କୁ-ପ୍ରଭାବ କହିବା ପରେ ଦୁହିଙ୍କ ପରିବାର ରେ ଚିନ୍ତା ଦେଖା ଗଲା।  ଦୁହେଁ ଦୁହିଁଙ୍କୁ ବହୁତ୍ ଭଲ ପାଆନ୍ତି।  କିଏ କାହାକୁ ଛାଡ଼ି ରହିବା ଅସମ୍ଭବ । ଏପଟେ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଘର ଲୋକେ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କୁ ବୁଝାଇବାରେ ଲାଗିବା ବେଳେ ସେପଟେ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କୁ । ଶେଷରେ ନିଷ୍କର୍ଷ ଏହା ଯେ, ଗ୍ରହ, ନକ୍ଷତ୍ର କୁ ଆମେ ମାନିବୁ ନାହିଁ।  ଯଦି ବିବାହ ନ କରିବ ତେବେ ଆମେ ଘରୁ ବାହାରି ଯିବୁ ଏବଂ ଆଇନ ଅନୁସାରେ ବିବାହ କରିବୁ । ଏତିକି ଶୁଣି ଘର ଲୋକେ ରାଜି ହୋଇଗଲେ।  କହିଲେ ଯଦି କିଛି ଅଘଟଣ ଘଟେ ସେଥିପାଇଁ ତୁମେ ଦୁହେଁ ଦାୟୀ ରହିବ। 

ରୀତି ନୀତିରେ ବିବାହ ହେଲା ସତ କିନ୍ତୁ କାହା ମନରେ ଖୁସି ନାହିଁ । ହେଉ ଦୁହିଁଙ୍କୁ ନିଜ ନିଜର ପ୍ରେମ ତ ମିଳିଗଲା । ସୁର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଆଇନ ପାଠ ପଢ଼ି ଥାଏ ତେଣୁ ସହର ରେ ରହି ଓକିଲାତି କରିବାର ସୁଯୋଗ ମିଳିଲା।  ତାହା ପୁଣି ଘର ଠାରୁ ୮୭ କିମି ଦୂରରେ । ଯିବା ଆସିବା ତ ଦୂରର କଥା । ସେଠୀ ଗୋଟିଏ ଘର ଭଡ଼ା ନେଇ ରହିଲେ । ଦେଖୁ ଦେଖୁ ଦୁଇ ବର୍ଷ ଭିତରେ ନିଜର ସୁନ୍ଦର୍ ଫ୍ଲାଟ୍ ଟିଏ ମଧ୍ୟ କିଣିଲେ କିନ୍ତୁ ସବୁ ଖୁସି ଥିଲେ ମଧ୍ୟ ଗୋଟିଏ ଖୁସି ପାଇଁ ଦୁହେଁ ବେଳେବେଳେ ବହୁତ୍ ଦୁଃଖୀ ହୋଇ ଯାଉଥିଲେ ।

ଦେଖୁ ଦେଖୁ ଚାରି ବର୍ଷ ବିତି ଗଲାଣି କିନ୍ତୁ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ର କୋଳ କୁ ଛୁଆଟିଏ ଆସିଲା ନାହିଁ । ଏହା ତାଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ସବୁଠୁ ବଡ ଦୁଃଖର କାରଣ । ଟଙ୍କା, ଗାଡି, ଘର ଥିଲେ ମଧ୍ୟ ମନରେ କେବେ ଖୁସି ନଥାଏ । ଏପଟେ ଛୁଆ ନ ହେବା ଫଳରେ ସମସ୍ତେ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କୁ ଦୋଷ ଦେବାରେ ଲାଗିଥିଲେ । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଏବଂ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ଘର ର କୌଣସି ସଦସ୍ୟ କୁ ଯଦି ଡାକନ୍ତି ତେବେ ସେ ସିଧା ସିଧା କୁହନ୍ତି ଯେବେ ତୋ କୋଳରେ ଛୁଆ ଟିଏ ଆସିବ ଆମେ ସେଦିନ ତୋର ଘରେ ପାଦ ରଖିବୁ । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ମଧ୍ୟ ଘର ଲୋକ ଙ୍କ କଥା ଶୁଣି ବହୁତ୍ ଦୁଃଖୀ ହୋଇ ଯାଉଥାଏ । ଦିନ ଗଡି ଚାଲି ଥାଏ ।

ଦିନେ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଅଫିସ୍ ଯିବା ସମୟରେ ଦେଖିଲା ଗୋଟିଏ ଅଜଣା ବୁଢ଼ୀ ଲୋକ ଟିଏ ତାଙ୍କ ବାରଣ୍ଡାରେ ଶୋଇ ରହିଛି । ବୟସ ପାଖା ପାଖି ୭୫ ହେବ ।  ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ତାଙ୍କୁ ଉଠେଇବାକୁ ଗଲା ବେଳେ ଜାଣିବାକୁ ପାଇଲା ଯେ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ଲୋକ ଟି ଜ୍ଵର ରେ ଥରୁଛି । ସେ ସଙ୍ଗେ ସଙ୍ଗେ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କୁ ଡାକି ତାକୁ ଦୁହେଁ ଘର ଭିତରକୁ ନେଲେ । ଡ଼ାକ୍ତର ବାବୁ ଆସି କିଛି ଔଷଧ ଦେଲେ । ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ଦୁଇ ଦିନ ମଧ୍ୟରେ ସୁସ୍ଥ ମଧ୍ୟ ହୋଇଗଲେ ।

ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ତାଙ୍କୁ ପଚାରିଲା ଯେ ମା ତୁମ ଘର କୋଉଠି ? ଏତିକି ପ୍ରଶ୍ନରେ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ଜଣଙ୍କ ସବୁ କଥା ଗୋଟି ଗୋଟି କରି କହିଦେଲା । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଏତକ ଶୁଣି କହିଲା । ମା ତମେ କୁଆଡେ ଯିବା ଦରକାର ନାହିଁ । ମୋତେ ନିଜ ପୁଅ ଭଳି ଭାବ । ତୁମ ଦୁଇ ପୁଅ ବିନୁ ଏବଂ ସାନୁ ର ସିନା ପଚାରିଲେ ନାହିଁ କିନ୍ତୁ ମୁଁ ତୁମର ସେବା କରିବି । ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା କହିଲେ, ନା ପୁଅ , ତୋର ପରିବାର ଅଛି । ମୁଁ କାହିଁକି ଏଠି ତୁମ ପାଇଁ କଣ୍ଟା ସାଜିବି । ମୋତେ ଗାଁ ବସ୍ ରେ ବସେଇ ଦିଅ ମୁଁ ଗାଁ କୁ ଚାଲିଯିବି ।
ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କହିଲା, ମା ତୁମେ କୁଆଡେ ଯିବା ଦରକାର ନାହିଁ । ଆମେ ଦୁହେଁ ତୁମର ଦୁଇଟି ଛୁଆ ବୋଲି ଭାବି ନିଅ । ଆମ ସେବାରେ ଯଦି ଅସନ୍ତୁଷ୍ଟ ହୁଅ ତେବେ ମୁଁ ତୁମକୁ ଗାଁ କୁ ଯିବାକୁ ଦେବୀ ।

ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ଙ୍କ କୌଣସି କଥା କୁ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଏବଂ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ଶୁଣିଲେ ନାହିଁ । ଦୁହେଁ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ଙ୍କ ସେବାରେ ଲାଗି ପଡ଼ିଲେ । କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ଗୋଟିଏ ଅତିଥି ରୂପରେ ନୂଆ ମା ଟିଏ ମିଳି ଯାଇଛି । ସେ ସବୁ ଦୁଃଖ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ସହିତ ବାଣ୍ଟେ । ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ମଧ୍ୟ ବହୁତ୍ ଭଲ । ସେ ସବୁବେଳେ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କୁ ବୁଝେଇ ଥାଏ । ଯେ ତୋର ସମୟ ମଧ୍ୟ ଆସିବ ଆଉ ସବୁ ଠିକ୍ ହୋଇଯିବ ।

ପରିବାର ରେ ଯେମିତି ଗୋଟିଏ ଖୁସି ଫେରି ଆସିଥିଲା । ଦେଖୁ ଦେଖୁ ୪ ମାସ ବିତିଗଲା । ଦିନେ ରାତି ୧୧.୪୦ ହେବ, ବେଡ୍ ରେ ବସି କଥା ହେଉଥାନ୍ତି । କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କହିଲା ଜାଣିଛ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଏହି ମାସର ମୋ ପିରିଆଡ୍ ହୋଇନି । ଗୋଟିଏ ମାସ ପୁରୀ ୧୦ ଦିନ ଗଡ଼ି ଗଲାଣି । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କହିଲା, ଏମିତି ରେ ତୁମର ଗୋଟିଏ ମାସ  ପୂର୍ବରୁ ହୋଇ ଯାଏ।  କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କହିଲା, ବୋଧେ ଲେଟ୍ ହେବ । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଆଲମାରୀ ରୁ  ପ୍ରେଗନାନ୍ସି କିଟ୍ କୁ ଆଣି କହିଲା ଥରେ ଚେକ୍ କର କାଳେ କିଛି ଶୁଭ ଖବର ଆସି ଥାଏ । କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କହିଲା, ରଖ ସେ କିଟ୍, ଏହି କିଟ୍ କୁ ଦେଖି ଦେଖି ବୋର୍ ଲାଗିଲାଣି । ଚାଲ ଶୋଇବା । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କହିଲା ଆଜି ପୁଣି ଥରେ ଚେକ୍ କର । କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କହିଲା । ନା ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ମୋତେ ବାଧ୍ୟ କର ନାହିଁ । କିଛି ବାହାରିବ ନାହିଁ ଏବଂ ଆଜି ପୁଣି କାନ୍ଦି କାନ୍ଦି ଶୋଇବି । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କହିଲା, ହଉ ତମେ ଦୁଃଖୀ ହେଲେ ମୁଁ ମନେଇ ଦେଵୀ । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ର ବାଧ୍ୟ କୁ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କାଟି ପାରିଲା ନାହିଁ । ବାଥ ରୁମ୍ କୁ ଯାଇ ଚେକ୍ କରି ଆସି କିଟ୍ ଟିକୁ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ହାତରେ ଧରେଇ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ଶୋଇବାକୁ ଚାଲିଗଲା । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କିଟ୍ କୁ ଅନେଇ ରହିଥାଏ ।

ଭାଗ୍ୟ ର ଲିଖନ କେ କରିବ ଆନ । ଆଜି ପୁଣି ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଆଖିରେ ଲୁହ ଆସିଗଲା ଏବଂ ସେ କାନ୍ଦିବାକୁ ଲାଗିଲା।  ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟର କାନ୍ଦ ଦେଖି କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ଦଉଡ଼ି ଆସି ଦେଖିଲା ବେଳକୁ କିଟ୍ ରେ ପୋଜିଟିଭ ଆସିଛି । କିଟ୍ କୁ ଦେଖି କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ମଧ୍ୟ ନିଜ କାନ୍ଦ କୁ ରୋକି ପାରିଲା ନାହିଁ ।



ଭାଗ – ୧

ଦୁହେଁ କୁଣ୍ଢେଇ ହୋଇ କାନ୍ଦିଲେ । ଏହା ଦୁଃଖ ର କାନ୍ଦ ନଥିଲା । ଏହା ଥିଲା ଦୁହିଁଙ୍କ ଖୁସିର କାନ୍ଦ । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କୁ କୋଳକୁ ଉଠେଇ ନେଇ ବେଡ୍ ରେ ଶୁଆଇ ଦେଇ କହିଲା ଆଜିଠୁ ତମେ କିଛି କାମ କରିବ ନାହିଁ।  ସବୁ ମୁଁ ଆଉ ମା କରିବୁ । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଦଉଡ଼ି ଯାଇ ଫ୍ରିଜ୍ ରୁ ମିଠା ଗୋଟିଏ ଆଣି କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କୁ ଖୁଆଇ ଦେଲା । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କହିଲା ଜାଣିଛ ଏ ସବୁ କାହା ପାଇଁ ହୋଇଛି।  ଏହା ହେଉଛି ଆମ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ଙ୍କ ଆଶୀର୍ବାଦ ରୁ ହୋଇଛି।  ଚାଲ ତାଙ୍କୁ ମିଠା ଖୁଆଇ ଦେବା ।

କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କହିଲା, ନା ନା, ମା ଙ୍କ ଦେହ ଖରାପ ଥିଲା ସେ ମେଡ଼ିସିନ୍ ଖାଇ ଶୋଇଛନ୍ତି। କାଲି ସକାଳୁ ସକାଳୁ ତାଙ୍କୁ ଯାଇ ଏହି ଖୁସି ଖବର ଟା ଦେବା । ସେ ମଧ୍ୟ ଖୁସି ହେବେ । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କହିଲା , ହଁ ଠିକ୍ କଥା । ତାପରେ ଦୁହେଁ ଖୁସିରେ ନାଚିବାକୁ ଲାଗିଲେ । କିଛି ସମୟ ପରେ ଦୁହେଁ ଶୋଇବାକୁ ଗଲେ ।

ତା ପର ଦିନ ସକାଳୁ ସକାଳୁ ଦୁହେଁ ଗାଧୋଇ ନୂଆ ଡ୍ରେସ ପିନ୍ଧି।  ମିଠା ସହିତ ମା ଙ୍କ ପାଖକୁ ଯିବାକୁ ବାହାରିଲେ । ଦୁହେଁ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ପାଖରେ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲେ।  ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କହିଲା । ମା ଦେଖ ଗୋଟିଏ ନୂଆ ଉପହାର। ଏତିକି ପରେ ବୁଢୀମା କିଛି ଉତ୍ତର ଦେଲେ ନାହିଁ । ଦିନ ଆସି ୭ ଟା ବାଜିଲାଣି । ମା ତ ଉଠି ଯିବା କଥା।  କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ଙ୍କୁ ହଲେଇ ଉଠେଇବାକୁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରିଲା ବେଳକୁ ଜଣା ପଡ଼ିଲା ଯେ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ଆଉ ନାହାନ୍ତି । ସେ ତାଙ୍କ ଦୁଇ ଜଣଙ୍କୁ ବିଦାୟ ଦେଇ ଏ ଦୁନିଆରୁ ଚାଲି ଯାଇଥିଲେ। ଖୁସିର ସମୟ ପୁଣି ଥରେ ଦୁଃଖରେ ପରିଣତ ହୋଇ ଗଲା।  ଦୁହେଁ କେତେ ଆଶା ନେଇ ଆସିଥିଲେ । କିନ୍ତୁ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ସେ ଦୁଇ ଜଣ ଙ୍କୁ ଖୁସି କରି ନିଜେ ଲୀନ ହୋଇଗଲେ ଏ ଭବ ସାଗରରୁ।

ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ମା ବୋଲି ମାନିଥିଲା । ସେଥିପାଇଁ ସେ ତାଙ୍କ କର୍ତ୍ତବ୍ୟ କରିଲେ। ପ୍ରଥା ଅନୁସାରେ ଆଗାମୀ ୧୨ ଦିନ ପର୍ଯ୍ୟନ୍ତ ସବୁ ରୀତି ନୀତି ପାଳିଲେ ଏବଂ ଏହି ୧୨ ଦିନରେ ଦୁହିଙ୍କ ପରିବାର ମଧ୍ୟ ସାମିଲ ହୋଇଥିଲେ । ସାମିଲ ହେବାର କାରଣ ମଧ୍ୟ ଏହା ଯେ ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ବିଶ୍ୱାସ ବୁଢୀମା ଙ୍କ ବଦଳରେ ଗୋଟିଏ ନୂଆ ଅତିଥି ଙ୍କ ଆଗମନ ତାଙ୍କ ପରିବାର କୁ ଆସିଲା । ଏଥିରେ ପରିବାର ଲୋକେ କୌଣସି ପ୍ରକାର ର ଆରୋପ କରିଲେ ନାହିଁ। ହଁ ବୁଢ଼ିମା ଙ୍କ ଜୀବନ ଥିଲା ସମୟରେ ବହୁତ୍ ଥର ତାଙ୍କ ପୁଅ ବୋହୁ ବିଷୟରେ ପଚାରିଥିଲେ । ସେ କେବଳ ତାଙ୍କ ପୁଅ ଙ୍କ ଡାକ ନାମ ଜାଣିଥିଲେ। ଭଲ ନାଁ ଜାଣି ନଥିଲେ। କ୍ୱାର୍ଟର/ଘର କୋଉଠି ?? ତାହା ମଧ୍ୟ ମନେ ନଥିଲା । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କିଛି ନ ବୁଝି ପୁତ୍ର ର ସବୁ କାର୍ଯ୍ୟ ପାଳନ କରିଥିଲେ। ସବୁ ଠିକ୍ ଠାକ୍ ରେ ସରିଲା।

ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ର ପରିବାର ରେ ନୂଆ ଅତିଥି ଆଗମନ କୁ ସମସ୍ତେ ଆତୁର ଭାବେ ଅପେକ୍ଷା ରତ ଥିଲେ । କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ର ମା ଆସି ଝିଅ ର ସେବା କରୁଥିଲେ। ଦେଖୁ ଦେଖୁ ୯ ମାସ ପରେ ଗୋଟିଏ ସୁନ୍ଦର୍ ଗୁଲୁଗୁଲିଆ ଝିଅ ଟିଏ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଏବଂ କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ ର ପରିବାର ରେ ଜନ୍ମ ନେଲା।

ସୌନ୍ଦର୍ଯ୍ୟ ରେ ଭରପୁର, ପୁରା ବୁଢ଼ିମା ଭଳି ଚେହେରା। ସମସ୍ତେ ଖୁସି ଥିଲେ। ଏହି ଖୁସି ର ଉତ୍ସବ ରେ ତାଙ୍କ ଓକିଲ ଷ୍ଟାଫ୍ ମାନଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ମିଠା ନେଇ ପହଞ୍ଚିଥିଲା । ମିଠା ବାଣ୍ଟିବା ସମୟରେ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ର ସ୍କୁଲ ସାଙ୍ଗ ବିନୋଦ ସହିତ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ର ଦେଖା ହେଲା । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ବିନୋଦ କୁ ଚିହ୍ନି ପାରିଲା ନାହିଁ କିନ୍ତୁ ବିନୋଦ ଭଲ ଭାବରେ ଚିହ୍ନି ପାରିଲା । କାରଣ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ସ୍କୁଲ ରେ ପ୍ରଥମ ସ୍ଥାନ ଅଧିକାର କରୁଥିଲା। ଏମିତି ରେ ପ୍ରଥମ ସ୍ଥାନରେ ଯିଏ ରହେ ତାଙ୍କୁ ସବୁ ବହୁତ୍ ଶୀଘ୍ର ଚିହ୍ନି ପାରନ୍ତି । ସେ ସୁର୍ଯ୍ୟ ପାଖକୁ ଆସି ନିଜ ପରିଚୟ ଦେଲା । ଏବଂ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ମଧ୍ୟ ଜାଣି ତାକୁ ପଚାରିଲା, ଆରେ ଭାଇ ମୋର ଝିଅ ଟିଏ ହୋଇଛି ନେ ମିଠା ଟିଏ ଖା । ମିଠା ଖାଇବା ପରେ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ପଚାରିଲା ଆରେ କଣ ଖବର ବହୁତ୍ ଦିନ ପରେ ଦେଖା ହେଲା ଚାଲ ସର୍ବତ ପିଇବା । ବିନୋଦ କହିଲା , ନା ରେ ସାଙ୍ଗ ମୁଁ ଗୋଟିଏ ଅସୁବିଧା ରେ ପଡ଼ି ଯାଇଛି ।

ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ପଚାରିଲା, କହ କଣ, ଆଉ ସମସ୍ୟା ର ସମାଧାନ ପାଇଁ ତ ଆମେ ଅଛୁ । ବିନୋଦ କହିଲା, ଗତ ବର୍ଷେ ହେଲା ମୋ ମା, ମୋ ପାଖରେ ରହୁଥିଲା । ଗୋଟିଏ ମାସ ପୁରା ହୋଇଗଲା ପରେ ତାକୁ ଆମେ ମୋ ସାନ ଭାଇ ସରୋଜ ପାଖରେ ଛାଡ଼ି ଆସିଲି କିନ୍ତୁ ସରୋଜ ର ସ୍ତ୍ରୀ ସହିତ ମୋର କଥା ଯୁଦ୍ଧ ହୋଇଥିବା ଯୋଗୁଁ ମୁଁ ତାଙ୍କ ଘର ଠାରୁ କିଛି ଦୂରରେ ଛାଡ଼ି ଆସିଥିଲି। ମୁଁ ସରୋଜ କୁ ଫୋନ୍ କରି ଜଣାଇଲି ସେ କହିଲା ମୁଁ ଏବେ ବାହାରେ ଅଛି ତମେ ମା ଙ୍କୁ ନେଇ ଯାଅ । ମୁଁ ଭାବିଲି ସରୋଜ ମିଛ କହୁଥିବ ବୋଲି ମୁଁ ଏତେ ଧ୍ୟାନ ଦେଲି ନାହିଁ । କିନ୍ତୁ ତା ପର ଠାରୁ ମା ଙ୍କର କିଛି ଖବର ନାହିଁ । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ପଚାରିଲା ତମେ ସରୋଜ କୁ ଆଉ ପଚାରିଲ ନାହିଁ କି ?? ବିନୋଦ କହିଲା ମୁଁ ୨ ମାସ ପରେ ପଚାରିଲି ଏବଂ ସେତେବେଳେ ସରୋଜ କହିଲା ଯେ ମା ତ ଆମ ଘରକୁ ଆସି ନାହାନ୍ତି । ଦୁହେଁ ଚିନ୍ତାରେ ପଡିଲୁ , ଖବର କାଗଜ ରେ ଫଟୋ ଛାଡିଲୁ କିନ୍ତୁ କିଛି ଖୋଜ ଖବର ମିଳିଲା ନାହିଁ ବର୍ଷେ ପୁରୀ ବାକୁ ଲାଗିଲାଣି । ସରୋଜ କହିଲା ସମ୍ପତି ଭାଗ କରିବାକୁ ପଡ଼ିବ ଏବଂ ସେଥିପାଇଁ ମା ଙ୍କ ମୃତ୍ୟୁ ପ୍ରମାଣ ପତ୍ର ଦରକାର । ମୁଁ ବୁଝି ପାରୁନି କଣ କରିବି । ମୃତ୍ୟୁ ପ୍ରମାଣ ପତ୍ର କେମିତି ଯୋଗାଡ କରିବି କିଛି ଉପାୟ ଦିଅ ।



ଭାଗ – ୨

ଏବଂ ଆଇନ ଅନୁସାରେ କିଛି ଏଫିଡାଭିଟ ଭଳି କିଛି କାଗଜ ପତ୍ର କରିଲେ କାଳେ ଏ ସମସ୍ୟା ର ସମାଧାନ ହୋଇ ପାରିବ ବୋଲି ମୁଁ ଆଶା ନେଇ ଆସିଛି ଏଠି।   ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କୁ କିଛି କିଛି ଆଭାସ ହେଉଥିଲା । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ପଚାରିଲା ତମ ମା ଙ୍କ କିଛି ଫଟୋ ଅଛି କି ?? ବିନୋଦ ସଙ୍ଗେ ସଙ୍ଗେ ଫଟୋ ବାହାର କରି ଦେଖେଇଲା।  ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଫଟୋ ଦେଖି ଚମକି ପଡ଼ିଲା ଏବଂ ତା ପାଦ ତଳୁ ମାଟି ଖସିବାର ଅନୁଭବ ହେଉଥିଲା । ସେ ଥିଲା ତା ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା।  ଯିଏ କି ଅତିଥି ରୂପେ ଆସି ତା ଘର ପରିପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ କରି ଦେଇ ଚାଲିଗଲେ।  ସେଭଳି ମା ଙ୍କୁ ଏହି ଦୁଇ ପୁଅ ବୋହୁ ଅନାଦର କରିଥିଲେ ଭାବି ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ମନରେ ରାଗ ଆସିଲା କିନ୍ତୁ ରାଗ କୁ ଚାପି କହିଲା ତମେ କାଲି ଆସ, ଆଜି କିଛି ମୋର ଜରୁରୀ କାମ ଅଛି । ଏତିକି ପରେ ବିନୋଦ ଫେରିଗଲା ।

ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଘରକୁ ଆସି କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କୁ ସବୁ କଥା କହିଲା।  କାଦମ୍ବିନୀ କହିଲା, ରୋକ୍ ଠୋକ୍ ମନା କରି ଦିଅ।  ସେଭଳି ଲୋକକୁ ସାହାଯ୍ୟ କରନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ । ଯିଏ ନିଜ ମା ଙ୍କୁ  ମୁଠାଏ ଖାଇବାକୁ ଦେବାର ସମ୍ବଳ ନାହିଁ । ରାତିରେ ବାହାରେ ଶୋଇବାକୁ ଯିଏ ବାଧ୍ୟ କରୁଥାଏ ଏବଂ ଯାହାର ସ୍ତ୍ରୀ ଲାତ ଗୋଇଠା ମାରି ଘରୁ ତଡ଼ି ଦେଇଛି ସେଭଳି ଲୋକକୁ ସାହାଯ୍ୟ କର ନାହିଁ । ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ କହିଲା । ଏଭଳି ଲୋକକୁ ଜେଲ ପଠେଇବା ଦରକାର । ଜେଲ ପଠେଇ କାହିଁକି ଆମେ ଦୋଷୀ ହେବା । ସେମାନଙ୍କୁ ସେମିତି ରହିବାକୁ ଦିଅ କିନ୍ତୁ ତାଙ୍କ କାମ କର ନାହିଁ କି କିଛି ସାହାଯ୍ୟ କର ନାହିଁ ଏବଂ ତୁମ ସବୁ ସାଙ୍ଗ ମାନଙ୍କ ମଧ୍ୟ ମନା କରି ଦିଅ । ଯେ ଏଭଳି ଲୋକକୁ ସାହାଯ୍ୟ କର ନାହିଁ ବୋଲି। 

ତା ପର ଦିନ , ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଆସି ସମସ୍ତ ଓକିଲ ସାଙ୍ଗ ମାନଙ୍କୁ କହିବା ପରେ ସମସ୍ତେ କହିଲେ । ଏଭଳି ଲୋକକୁ ଆମେ କଦାପି ସାହାଯ୍ୟ କରିବୁ ନାହିଁ । କିଛି ସମୟ ପରେ ବିନୋଦ ଆସିଲା ଏବଂ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଜାଣିଶୁଣି ମନା କରିଦେଲା । ଏଭଳି କେସ କେବେ ମୁଁ କେବେ ହାଣ୍ଡଲ କରିନି ତମେ ଆଉ କୋଉ ଓକିଲ ସହିତ ପରାମର୍ଶ କର । ବିନୋଦ ବାକି ଓକିଲ ପାଖକୁ ଯାଇ ଅନୁରୋଧ କରିଲା। ସମସ୍ତେ ସେମିତି କହିଲେ। ସେ ନିରୁପାୟ ହୋଇ ଫେରିଗଲା।  ପ୍ରାୟ ୫-୧୦ ଥର ଆସି ସେ ଏମିତି ଅନୁରୋଧ କରୁଥାଏ ମାତ୍ର କେହି ତାକୁ ସାହାଯ୍ୟ କରୁ ନଥିଲେ । କିଛି ଦିନ ପରେ ସେ ଆଉ ଆସିଲା ନାହିଁ ।

ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ମନେ ଭାବିଲା , ଏମିତି ଲୋକକୁ ଦୁନିଆରେ କୌଣସି ଲୋକ ମଧ୍ୟ ସାହାଯ୍ୟ ନ କରିଲେ ଭଲ ।

ନୂଆ ନାମ ରଖାଗଲା (ଗୁଡ୍ଡି) ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ର ଝିଅ, ଦେଖିବାକୁ ବହୁତ୍ ସୁନ୍ଦର। ସେ ଠିକ୍ ବୁଢୀମା ଭଳି ଚେହେରା ନେଇ ନୂଆ ଅତିଥି ରୂପରେ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ର ପରିବାର ରେ ଜନ୍ମ ନେଇଥିଲା ଏବଂ ତାଙ୍କ ପରିବାର ରେ ଯେଉଁ ଖୁସି ପାଇଁ ଆଶା ରଖିଥିଲେ ତାହା ପରିପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ ହୋଇଗଲା।  ଘର ଲୋକ ମଧ୍ୟ ଯିବା ଆସିବା ଆରମ୍ଭ କରିଦେଲେ । ପରିବାର ରେ ନୂଆ ମୋଡ଼ ନେଇ ଖୁସିରେ ଚାଲିବାକୁ ଲାଗିଲା ।

ପ୍ରକୃତରେ ବୁଢ଼ୀ ମା ସହିତ ଘଟିଥିବା ଏମିତି ଘଟଣା ଦୁନିଆରେ ପ୍ରାୟତଃ ସ୍ଥାନରେ ଦେଖିବାକୁ ମିଳୁଛି । କେତେ ଜଣା ପଡୁଛି ତ ଆଉ କେତେ ପୁତ୍ର ବଧୂ ମୋହରେ ଲୁଚି ଯାଉଛି । ଯଦି ଏମିତି କିଛି ଘଟଣା ଆପଣଙ୍କ ଆଖ ପାଖରେ ଘଟୁଛି ତେବେ ବିରୋଧ କରନ୍ତୁ ଏବଂ ବୃଦ୍ଧ ଦମ୍ପତି କିମ୍ବା ବୃଦ୍ଧା ମାନଙ୍କୁ ସାହାଯ୍ୟ କରନ୍ତୁ ।

ଏମିତି କିଛି ଘଟଣା ବଳି ଆପଣଙ୍କ ପାଖରେ ଅଛି ତେବେ ମୋତେ Contact Form ଜରିଆରେ ଜଣାନ୍ତୁ । ମୁଁ ଆପଣଙ୍କୁ Contact କରିବି  ଏବଂ ଏହି ବ୍ଲଗ୍ ମାଧ୍ୟମରେ ଦୁନିଆ ସାମ୍ନାରେ ଉଜାଗର କରିବି ।

ଯଦି କାହାଣୀ ଟି ମନକୁ ଛୁଇଁ ଥିବ ତେବେ କମେଣ୍ଟ୍ ଏବଂ ସେୟାର ତଥା ଲାଇକ କରିବାକୁ ଭୁଲିବେ ନାହିଁ ।


ନୀଳମାଧବ ଭୂୟାଁ (ଗାଳ୍ପିକ)

ଭାଗ – ୧

ବିୟୁଟି ପାର୍ଲର ର ଠିକଣା !!!

make up, bhubaneswar parlour, parlour, makeupparlour, kabita, poem, odiakabita, odia, oriya
Beauty parlour

ମୋ ମନ ଅଗଣାରେ
ବଇନା ଦେଇ ଚାଲି ଯାଇଛି
ଏକ ଅଜଣା ପଥିକ ଟିଏ
ହାତରେ ଠିକଣାର କାଗଜ ଟିଏ ଧରି !!

କାହିଁକି କେଜାଣି 
ସେ କୁହୁକ ଭରା କଣ୍ଠକୁ
ଶୁଣି ଆଜି ବିଭୋର ହୋଇଗଲି ।

ଜବାବ ଦେବାକୁ ବାଧ୍ୟ ହେଲି
କାରଣ ମନ ଟି ଅଟକି ଯାଇଥିଲା
ତାର ସେ କଳାଜାଇ ଉପରେ !!
ତାର ଗୋଲାପି ଓଠ ପାଖେ ଥାଇ
ସୌନ୍ଦର୍ଯ୍ୟ ର ପରିଚୟ ଦେଉଥିଲା। 

ଇଚ୍ଛା ହେଉଥିଲା ଚାହିଁ ରହେ ସେ 
ସୌନ୍ଦର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଭରା କଳାଜାଇ ର ଚେହେରା କୁ !!

କିନ୍ତୁ ସମୟ ବିଡମ୍ବନା ରେ “ମୁଁ ଜାଣିନି” ବୋଲି 
ଶବ୍ଦ ଶୁଣିବା ପରେ ସେ ଚାଲିଗଲା 
ଅନ୍ୟ ଏକ ପ୍ରଶ୍ନୋତ୍ତର ବ୍ୟକ୍ତି ପାଖକୁ। 

ଇଚ୍ଛା ଥିଲା ପୁଣି ବାହାନା କରି ଡାକିବି
ଜାଣିଛି ବୋଲି କହିବା ପାଇଁ,,,
କିନ୍ତୁ ତାହା ଥିଲା ମୋ
ଏକ୍ସ ଗାର୍ଲଫ୍ରେଣ୍ଡ ର 
ବିଉଟି ପାର୍ଲର ର ଠିକଣା !!!!

ନୀଳମାଧବ ଭୂୟାଁ ଙ୍କ କଲମରୁ….

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ଦିଲ୍ଲୀ ମେଟ୍ରୋ

Delhi Metro
Delhi Metro

ବହୁତ୍ ଦିନ ପରେ ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ନିଜର ସ୍ତ୍ରୀ କୁ ନେଇ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲେ ଦିଲ୍ଲୀ ରେ । କାରଣ ଦିଲ୍ଲୀ ରେ ତାଙ୍କ ପୁଅ ଚାକିରୀ କରନ୍ତି। ଗାଡି ଭଡ଼ା ହୋଇଥିଲା ସିଧା ପହଞ୍ଚିଲେ ଭୁବନେଶ୍ୱର ରେଳ ଷ୍ଟେସନ ରେ ଏବଂ ସେଠୁ ରାଜଧାନୀ ରେ ସିଧା ଦିଲ୍ଲୀ। ଦିଲ୍ଲୀ ରେ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲା ପରେ ସେଠୀ ପୁଅ ଓଲା କାର୍ ବୁକ୍ କରିଥିଲା । ଦୁଃଖ ର କାରଣ ପୁଅ ର କିଛି ଅର୍ଜେଣ୍ଟ କାମ ଯୋଗୁ ସେ ଆସି ପାରି ନଥିଲା। ଓଲା କାର ମାଧ୍ୟମରେ ସେ ରୁମ୍ ରେ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲେ । 5 ମିନିଟ ପରେ ପୁଅ ଆସି ପହଁଚିଲା । ପୁଅ ଦିଲ୍ଲୀ ରେ ଏକା ରହେ। ଘର ର ଅବସ୍ଥା କେମିତି ହୋଇଥିବ ଆପଣ ଗେସ କରି ପାରୁଥିବେ କାରଣ ଯିଏ ଏକା ରହେ ସେ ଟିକେ ଅନୁଶାସନ ରେ ରହେ ନାହିଁ ମାତ୍ର ସେଠୀ ପୁରା ଅଲଗା। ପୁଅ ଘର କୁ ଚମକେଇ ରଖିଛି ।

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ମା କହି ଉଠିଲେ, ମୁଁ ରାସ୍ତା ସାରା ଭାବୁଥିଲି ତାର କୋଉ ସାମାନ କୋଉଠି ପଡ଼ିଥିବ କିନ୍ତୁ ମୋ ପୁଅ ପୁରା ବଦଳି ଯାଇଛି କହି ମା ପୁଅ କୁ କୁଣ୍ଢେଇ ନେଲେ। ସମସ୍ତେ ଲଞ୍ଚ କରି ଶୋଇ ସନ୍ଧ୍ୟା ପୂର୍ବରୁ ବୁଲିବାକୁ ବାହାରିଲେ  । କାରଣ ପୁଅ 10 ଦିନର ଛୁଟି ନେଇଛି। ପୁଅ ର କାର ରେ ସମସ୍ତେ ମେଟ୍ରୋ ଷ୍ଟେସନ ପର୍ଯ୍ୟନ୍ତ ଆସିଗଲେ ସେଠୁ ମେଟ୍ରୋ ରେ ଆଗକୁ ଯିବାକୁ ପଡିବ।  ମେଟ୍ରୋ ଷ୍ଟେସନ ତଳେ ପୁଅ ଗାଡି ପାର୍କ କରୁଥିବା ସମୟରେ ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ପାଖ ଷ୍ଟଲ୍ ରେ ଦେଖିଲେ ପାନ ବିକ୍ରୀ ହେଉଛି । ସେ ସ୍ତ୍ରୀ କୁ କହିଲେ ମୁଁ ପାନ ଟିକେ ଆଣୁଛି।  ସ୍ତ୍ରୀ କହିଲେ ପୁଅ ଜାଣିଲେ ରାଗିବ, ସେ ତମକୁ ମନା କରିଥିଲା ପରା, ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ କହିଲେ ଆରେ ସେ ଜାଣିବ ନାହିଁ ମୁଁ ଲୁଚେଇ ରଖିିବି ବୁଲିବା ସମୟରେ ଟିକେ ଚୋବେଇବା। ସ୍ତ୍ରୀ ମୁଣ୍ଡ ହଲେଇ ହଁ କରିଦେଲେ।  ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ପୁଅ ଆସିବା ପୂର୍ବରୁ ନେଇ ଆସିଲେ ।

ମେଟ୍ରୋ ଭିତରେ ବସିଲେ, ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ଙ୍କ ମନ ଟା ପାନ ଉପରେ ଥାଏ । ସେପଟେ ପୁଅ ଫୋନ୍ ରେ କଥା ହେବା ସମୟରେ ସେ ଲୁଚେଇ ପାଟିରେ ପକେଇ ଦେଲେ l ମେଟ୍ରୋ ର ଅନୁଭୂତି ରୋମାଞ୍ଚ ମୟ ଥିଲା । ନୂଆ ସହର , ନୂଆ ଲୋକ । କିଏ ଅଫିସର୍ ତ କିଏ ଫର୍ମଲ ଡ୍ରେସ ରେ ଟାଇ ପକେଇ ଛନ୍ତି ଆଉ କୋଉଠି ପୁଅ ଝିଅ ଯୋଡ଼ି ଯୋଡ଼ି ହୋଇ ବୁଲୁଛନ୍ତି ତ ଆଉ କୋଉଠି ମହିଳା ମାନେ ଶାଢ଼ୀ ପିନ୍ଧି ଗ୍ରୁପ୍ ହୋଇ ଛିଡା ହୋଇ ଛନ୍ତି । କିଏ ଭଲ ପିନ୍ଧିଛି ତ କିଏ ଛୋଟ କପଡା ରେ ନିଜ ଦେହକୁ ଦେଖାଇବାକୁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରୁଛି। ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ଜଣ ଜଣ କରି ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କୁ ବଡ ବଡ ଆଖିରେ ଅନେଇ ରହିଥାନ୍ତି ।

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ଏଠି ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ଙ୍କ ସ୍ତ୍ରୀ କହିଲେ। ଆରେ ତମେ ଏତେ ବଡ଼ ବଡ଼ ଆଖି କରି କାହିଁକି ଅନେଇ ରହିଛ । ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ କହିଲେ ଦେଖୁନ, ଲାଜ ଶରମ ନାହିଁ ଏ ସହର ର ଲୋକ ମାନଙ୍କୁ। କେମିତି ଲୋକ କେଜାଣି ?? କିଏ କେମିତି ଡ୍ରେସ୍ ପିନ୍ଧି ବୁଲୁଛନ୍ତି ତାଙ୍କୁ ବାରଣ କରୁ ନାହାନ୍ତି। ଏତିକିରେ ପୁଅ କହି ଉଠିଲା । ବାପା ଏସବୁ ଆଧୁନିକ ଦୁନିଆ ର କମାଲ । ଆପଣ ତାଙ୍କୁ ଅଣଦେଖା କରନ୍ତୁ । ଏ ସହର ଅପେକ୍ଷା ଆମ ଗାଁ କେତେ ଭଲ ନା ?? କିନ୍ତୁ ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ କେବଳ ମୁଣ୍ଡ ହଲେଇ ହଁ କରୁଥାନ୍ତି। ପୁଅ ପଚାରିଲେ କଣ ହେଲା ବାପା କିଛି ଅସୁବିଧା ହେଉଛି କି ?? ଅର୍ଜୁନ ମୁଣ୍ଡ ହଲେଇ ନାହିଁ କରିଲେ । ପୁଅ ଜାଣି ଗଲା ଯେ ବାପା କଣ ଗୋଟିଏ ଚୋବେଇ ବାରେ ଲାଗିଛନ୍ତି। ବାପା କୁ ପଚାରିଲେ କଣ ଖାଉଛ?? ମା କହି ଉଠିଲେ ପାନ??

ପୁଅ ରାଗରେ ବାପା ଆଡ଼କୁ ଚାହିଁ ରହିଲା । ଏତିକି ବେଳେ ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ଙ୍କ ପାଟିରୁ ଦୁଇ ତିନି ଟୋପା ପାନ ବାହାରିଗଲା । କାରଣ ପ୍ରାୟ ୧୫ ମିନିଟ ହେବ । ଚୋବେଇ ବାରେ ଲାଗିଛନ୍ତି କିନ୍ତୁ ଛେପ ପକେଇବାକୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ପଡ଼ିବ ନା ?? କିନ୍ତୁ ମେଟ୍ରୋ ତ ରହିବାର ପ୍ରଶ୍ନ ନେଉନି । ସେ ଛେପ କୋଉଠି ପକେଇବେ । ପୁଅ ବୁଝିଗଲା ଏବଂ ଆଉ ୫ ଟି ଷ୍ଟେସନ ବାକି ଥିଲା, ବାପା ଙ୍କୁ ନେଇ ପୁଅ ଓହ୍ଲେଇ ଗଲେ ଆଗ ଷ୍ଟେସନ ରେ । ସେଠୀ ସେ ଟଏଲେଟ୍ ରେ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲେ। ସେଠୀ ପୁଅ କହିଲା ମୁହଁ ଧୋଇ ଆସ ଶୀଘ୍ର, ଆମେ ଆଗକୁ ଯିବା ।

ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ୨ ମିନିଟ ଭିତରେ ପାଟି ସଫା କରି ଆସିଲେ । ବାପା ମୁହଁକୁ ପୁଅ ରାଗରେ ଚାହିଁ ରହିଥିଲା। ଦୁଇ ମିନିଟ ଭିତରେ ମେଟ୍ରୋ ଆସିଲା ସମସ୍ତେ ପୁଣି ଆଗକୁ ବାହାରିଲେ । ମା କହିଲେ ତୁ ରାଗେନି ପୁଅ । ସେ ମୋତେ ପଚାରିଲେ , ମୁଁ ହଁ କରିବାରୁ ସେ ଆଣିଥିଲେ । ପୁଅ କହିଲା, ମା ମୁଁ ତୁମକୁ କେତେ ଥର କହିଛି ଏସବୁ ଖାଇ ଅଜଣା ରୋଗ କୁ କାହିଁକି ଡାକି ଆଣୁଛ। ବାପା ମୁଣ୍ଡ ତଳକୁ କରି ଠିଆ ହୋଇଥିଲେ । ମେଟ୍ରୋ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲା କେନ୍ଦ୍ରୀୟ ସଚିବାଳୟ ଷ୍ଟେସନ ରେ । ସେ ସେଠୁ ଅଟୋ ନେଇ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲେ ଇଣ୍ଡିଆ ଗେଟ୍ ଦେଖିବା ପାଇଁ ।

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ଇଣ୍ଡିଆ ଗେଟ୍ ରେ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲା ପରେ ସେଠୀ ସଂଧ୍ୟା ହୋଇ ଯାଇଥିଲା । ସଂଧ୍ୟା ର ଲାଇଟ୍ ରେ ଯେମିତି ଚମକି ଉଠିଥିଲା ଇଣ୍ଡିଆ ଗେଟ୍ ର ଶୋଭା । ଏତେ ବଡ ସ୍ମାରକ କୁ ଦେଖି ସେ ଖୁସି ହେଲେ । ସେଠୀ ମଧ୍ୟ ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁଙ୍କ ନଜର ଯାଇ ପଡ଼ିଲା ମିଠା ପାନ ଉପରେ । ପାଖରେ ମିଠା ପାନ ବିକ୍ରୀ ହେଉଥାଏ। ହଠାତ୍ ପୁଅ ର ନଜର ପଡ଼ିଲା ଏବଂ ପୁଅ କହିଲା କଣ ପୁଣି ପାନ ଖାଇବାକୁ ଇଚ୍ଛା ହେଲାଣି କି? ବାପା ମୁଣ୍ଡ ହଲେଇ ମନା କରିଲେ କିନ୍ତୁ ଏଥର ପୁଅ ନିଜେ କିଣି ଆଣି ବାପାଙ୍କୁ ଦେଲେ । ବାପା ଙ୍କ ମନ ପୁରା ଖୁସି। ବୁଲାବୁଲି କରି ପୁଣି ଫେରିବାକୁ ଲାଗିଲେ ମେଟ୍ରୋ ଅଭିମୁଖେ ।

ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ଅନୁଶାସନ ରେ ରହିବା ଲୋକ। ସେ ଅନ୍ୟାୟ କୁ ଦେଖି ରହି ପାରନ୍ତି ନାହିଁ । ରାତି ପ୍ରାୟ ୯ ଟା ବାଜିଲାଣି । ମେଟ୍ରୋ ରେ ପୁଣି ବସିଲେ । ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ଏଥର ପାନ ଖାଇ ନାହାନ୍ତି। କିନ୍ତୁ ସେ ଯୋଉଠି ବସିଥିଲେ ତାଙ୍କ ସାମ୍ନାରେ ଗୋଟିଏ ପ୍ରେମୀ ଯୁଗଳ ପାଖା ପାଖି ହୋଇ ଛିଡ଼ା ହୋଇଥିଲେ । ସେ ପ୍ରେମୀ ଯୁଗଳ ଏମିତି ଭାବେ ଠିଆ ହୋଇଥିଲେ ଯେ ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ଙ୍କ ରାଗ ର ଜୁଆର କୁଳ ଛୁଇଁ ବାକୁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରୁଥିଲା । ଶେଷରେ ସେ ପ୍ରେମୀ ଯୁଗଳ ଦୁହେଁ ଦୁହିଁଙ୍କୁ ଚୁମ୍ବନ କରିବାକୁ ଲାଗିଲେ କିନ୍ତୁ ଏଥର ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ଙ୍କ ଧର୍ଯ୍ୟ ଭାଙ୍ଗିଗଲା । ସେ ଚିତ୍କାର କରି ଓଡ଼ିଆ ରେ କହି ଉଠିଲେ ” ଭଦ୍ରାମି ଜଣା ନାହିଁ ତୁମକୁ, ଏଠି ସର୍ବ ସାଧାରଣ ରେ ତୁମର ଅସଦାଚରଣ କେତେ ଲୋକକୁ ବିରକ୍ତି ପ୍ରଦାନ କରୁଛି ତୁମେ ଜାଣିଛ? କଣ ତୁମ ବାପା ମା ଏମିତି ଶିଷ୍ଟାଚାର ଦେଇଛନ୍ତି??”
ପୁଅ କହିଲା, ବାପା ତୁମେ ବସ, ଏଭଳି ସ୍ଥିତି କୁ ଅଣଦେଖା କରନ୍ତୁ ।
ସେପଟୁ ପ୍ରେମୀ ଯୁଗଳ ଙ୍କ ଠାରୁ ଶୁଣିବାକୁ ମିଳିଲା ଯେ
” What’s wrong with you ? are you mad ?? ”
ପୁଅ ସେ ପ୍ରେମୀ ଯୁଗଳ ଙ୍କୁ କହିଲେ
” calm down mister ”
ପୁଅ ବାପା ଙ୍କୁ କହିଲେ ଏସବୁ କଣ ବାପା ?
ଏଇଟା ଆମ ଗାଁ ନୁହଁ ?
ଏଇଟା ସହର !
ଏଠି ଏଗୁଡ଼ିକ କିଛି ନୁହେଁ !
ସହ ସହ ଲୋକ ଏଇ ମେଟ୍ରୋ ରେ ଯାଉଛନ୍ତି, ସମସ୍ତେ ଦେଖୁଛନ୍ତି କିଏ ପ୍ରତିବାଦ କରୁନାହାନ୍ତି ଆପଣ କାହିଁକି ?
କାରଣ ସେମାନେ ଏଭଳି ସ୍ଥିତି କୁ ପ୍ରତିଦିନ ଦେଖୁଛନ୍ତି ।

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ବାପା ମୁଁ ତୁମକୁ ଅନୁରୋଧ କରୁଛି, ତୁମେ ଶାନ୍ତିରେ ବସ ଏବଂ ଏଗୁଡ଼ିକ ସ୍ଥିତି କୁ ଅଣଦେଖା କରନ୍ତୁ ଅଥବା ମେଟ୍ରୋ ରେ ଡ଼ିଉଟି କରୁଥିବା CISF ଯବାନ ତଥା ମେଟ୍ରୋ ଷ୍ଟାଫ୍ କୁ କହିଲେ କିଛି ଲାଭ ହେବ। ଏମାନଙ୍କୁ କହିବା ଯାହା ହାତୀ କୁ ପ୍ୟାଣ୍ଟ୍ ପିନ୍ଧେଇବା ସହ ସମାନ । ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ନିଜକୁ ଶାନ୍ତ କରିଲେ । ଏବଂ ବାହାରକୁ ଆସି ମେଟ୍ରୋ ଷ୍ଟାଫ୍ କୁ ରିପୋର୍ଟ କରିଲେ । ଯାହା ଫଳରେ ସେ ପ୍ରେମୀ ଯୁଗଳ ଙ୍କୁ ମେଟ୍ରୋ ଅଫିସ ରେ ତାଙ୍କୁ ଫାଇନ କରାଗଲା ।

କିଛି ସମୟ ପରେ ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ଏବଂ ମା ପୁଅ ରୁମ୍ ରେ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲେ । ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ନିଜ କୁ ବଦଳେଇ ବାକୁ ଚେଷ୍ଟା କରିଲେ ଏବଂ ନିଜକୁ କହି ଶାନ୍ତ କରିଲେ ଯେ ” ଯେଉଁ ଦେଶେ ଯିବ ସେ ଫଳ ଖାଇବ ଏବଂ ସେଠୀ ବେଶ ଭୂଷା ମଧ୍ୟ ଆପଣେଇବାକୁ ପଡେ ” ତା ପର ଠାରୁ ଅର୍ଜୁନ ବାବୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ପ୍ରତିଦିନ ବୁଲାବୁଲି କରିଲେ କିନ୍ତୁ ନିଜକୁ ବଦଳେଇ ଦେଲେ । ପ୍ରାୟ ଦୁଇ ମାସ ପରେ ସେ ବୁଲା ବୁଲି କରି ନିଜ ଘରକୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ଫେରି ଆସିଲେ।

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ଏହି କାହାଣୀ ରେ ଯାହା ଅଛି ତାହା ପ୍ରାୟ ସବୁ ସହର ରେ ଦେଖା ଗଲାଣି ଏବଂ ଆମେ ଯଦି ସହରୀ ସଭ୍ୟତା କୁ ଦେଖିବା ତେବେ ଆମ ପରମ୍ପରା ବହୁତ୍ ଶୀଘ୍ର ମାଟିରେ ମିଶିଯିବ । ନିଜ ପରମ୍ପରା କୁ ଲିନ ହେବାକୁ ପ୍ରଶୟ ଦିଅ ନାହିଁ ଏବଂ ଯେଉଁଠି ଅନ୍ୟାୟ ଏବଂ ଖରାପ ଦେଖାଯାଏ ସେଠୀ ବିରୋଧ କରନ୍ତୁ କିନ୍ତୁ ପ୍ରକୃତ ନିୟମ କୁ ଭିତ୍ତି କରି ବିରୋଧ କରନ୍ତୁ ।


ନୀଳମାଧବ ଭୂୟାଁ ଙ୍କ ଲେଖନୀରୁ…

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ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଦେବୀ ପାଖରେ କଣ କଣ ରଖିଲେ ଅଶୁଭ ହୁଏ ??

ତୁଳସୀ ଗଛ/ ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ/ ମା ବୃନ୍ଦାବତୀ ଙ୍କୁ ହିନ୍ଦୁ ଧର୍ମରେ ପବିତ୍ର ଗଛ ର ରୂପ ଦିଆ ଯାଇଛି । କୁହନ୍ତି ଏଥିରେ ମାତା ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀ ବାସ କରନ୍ତି । ଶାସ୍ତ୍ର ଅନୁସାରେ ଯେଉଁ ପରିବାର ତୁଳସୀ ମାତା ଙ୍କୁ ପ୍ରତିଦିନ ଜଳ ଚଢ଼ାନ୍ତି ସେ ପରିବାର ଉପରେ ମାତା ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀ ଙ୍କ କୃପା ସଦା ସର୍ବଦା ରହିଥାଏ ।

ଏହା ସତ୍ୟ ଯେ ମାତା ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀ ବହୁତ୍ ଶାନ୍ତ କିନ୍ତୁ କହିବା ଅସମ୍ଭବ ମଧ୍ୟ ନୁହେଁ ଯେ ମାତା ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀ ଅନୁଶାସନ ବିରୁଦ୍ଧରେ ଥିବା ପରିବାର ପ୍ରତି ବହୁତ୍ କଠୋର ହୁଅନ୍ତି ।

କେମିତି କଣ ଚାଲନ୍ତୁ ଆଗକୁ ପଢ଼ିବା ।

• ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଦେବୀ ଙ୍କ ପାଖରେ କୌଣସି ପ୍ରକାର ର ଜୋତା ଚପଲ ରଖନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ କିମ୍ବା ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଙ୍କ ପାଖରେ କେବେ ଜୋତା ବାହାର କରିବା କିମ୍ବା ପିନ୍ଧନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ ଏବଂ ଚପଲ ଷ୍ଟାଣ୍ଡ ମଧ୍ୟ ରଖନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ । ପରିବାର ପ୍ରତି ଅଶୁଭ ହୋଇଥାଏ । ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଦେବୀ ଙ୍କ ପାଖରେ ଖରାପ ଜିନିଷ ରହିଲେ ସେ ବହୁତ୍ କଠୋର ରହିଥାନ୍ତି ।  ବ୍ୟବହାର କରୁଥିବା ପରିବାର କୁ କୁପ୍ରଭାବ ର ଶିକାର ହେବାକୁ ପଡ଼େ। ( ଘର ଭିତରେ ମଧ୍ୟ ଚପଲ ବ୍ୟବହାର କରିବା ହିନ୍ଦୁ ଧର୍ମରେ ଅଶୁଭ ଅଟେ)
• ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଦେବୀ ଙ୍କ ପାଖରେ ଝାଡୁ ରଖନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ । କାରଣ ଝାଡୁ ମାଧ୍ୟମରେ ଆମେ ଘର ର ଅଳିଆ ଆବର୍ଜନା କୁ ସଫା କରନ୍ତି । ଯାହା ଫଳରେ ଖରାପ ତତ୍ତ୍ଵ କୁ ଆମେ ଝାଡୁ ଦ୍ଵାରା ବାହାର କରିଥାଉ ଏବଂ ଝାଡୁ ର ପ୍ରଭାବ ମଧ୍ୟ ଖରାପ ହୋଇଥାଏ।  ତେଣୁ ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଦେବୀ ମଧ୍ୟ ଏହା ପ୍ରତି ଅତି କଠୋର ରହିଥାନ୍ତି ।
• ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଦେବୀ ଙ୍କୁ ଲଗେଇବା ପୂର୍ବରୁ ଦିଗ ପ୍ରତି ଧ୍ୟାନ ଦେବାକୁ ପଡିଥାଏ।  ଦକ୍ଷିଣ ଦିଗରେ ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଦେବୀ ଙ୍କୁ ରଖନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ କିମ୍ବା ଲଗାନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ । ଯଦି ଲଗାଇଛନ୍ତି ଏବଂ ଘର ର ସୁଖ ସମୃଦ୍ଧି ପାଇବାକୁ ଚାହୁଁଛନ୍ତି ତେବେ ତୁରନ୍ତ ଦିଗ ବଦଳେଇ ଠିକ୍ ଦିଗରେ ଲଗାନ୍ତୁ ।
• ଘର ଝାଡୁ କରିବା ପରେ କିଛି ଲୋକ ଅଳିଆ କୁ ଗୋଟିଏ କୋଣେ କିମ୍ବା ବାହାରେ ରଖି ଦିଅନ୍ତି। ଧ୍ୟାନ ଦେବେ ଏହି କୋଣରେ ତୁଳସୀ ମାତା ଙ୍କ ବାସ ନ ହୋଇଥିବା ଦରକାର । ନହେଲେ ଘର ର ସବୁ କାର୍ଯ୍ୟରେ ଅମଙ୍ଗଳ ଦେଖା ଯିବ ଏବଂ କୌଣସି କାର୍ଯ୍ୟ କରିଲା ପରେ ମଧ୍ୟ ବାରମ୍ବାର ବିଫଳ ହେବାର ଅତ୍ୟଧିକ ସମ୍ଭାବନା ରହିଥାଏ ।
• ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଦେବୀ ଙ୍କୁ ରାଧା ରାଣୀ ରୂପରେ ମଧ୍ୟ ମାନ୍ୟତା ଅଛି ତେଣୁ ରାଧା ରାଣୀ ସନ୍ଧ୍ୟା ସମୟରେ ଲୀଳା ରତ ଅବସ୍ଥାରେ ରହିଥାନ୍ତି । ତେଣୁ ସନ୍ଧ୍ୟା ସମୟରେ ଏବଂ ରବିବାର, ଏକାଦଶୀ, ଦ୍ଵାଦଶୀ, ଗ୍ରହଣ ଦିନ ଏବଂ ସଂକ୍ରାନ୍ତି ଦିନରେ କେବେ ମଧ୍ୟ ତୁଳସୀ ପତ୍ର ଙ୍କୁ ତୋଳନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ । ପରିବାର ରେ ଘୋର ସଙ୍କଟ ମାଡ଼ି ଆସିବ ।
• ଶେଷରେ ମାତା ତୁଳସୀ ଦେବୀ ଯେଉଁଠି ବାସ କରୁଥିବେ ସେ ସ୍ଥାନରେ ଅନ୍ୟ କଣ୍ଟା ଜାତୀୟ ଗୁଳ୍ମ କିମ୍ବା ଗଛ ଲଗାନ୍ତୁ ନାହିଁ ଏହା ପରିବାର କୁ ପ୍ରଭାବ କୁ ପ୍ରଦାନ କରି ଥାଏ ।

ଏମିତି କିଛି ତଥ୍ୟ କୁ ଅବଲମ୍ବନ କରନ୍ତୁ ଏବଂ ଉପରେ ଦିଆ ଯାଇଥିବା ତଥ୍ୟ କୁ ବର୍ଜିତ କରନ୍ତୁ ଏବଂ ମାତା ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀ ଙ୍କ ଠାରୁ କୃପା ଅର୍ଜନ କରନ୍ତୁ ।

ଏହା ର ପ୍ରଭାବ ଭିତ୍ତିକ କୌଣସି ଘଟଣା ବଳି ଉପରେ ଲେଖକ ଦାୟୀ ନୁହନ୍ତି । ଏହି ତଥ୍ୟ କୌଣସି ପ୍ରକାର ର ବିଷୟ ବସ୍ତୁ, ଗଣନା, ନକ୍ଷତ୍ର ତଥା ବିଶ୍ୱସନୀୟତା ଉପରେ ଆଧାରିତ ନୁହେଁ । ଅନ୍ୟ ସୂତ୍ରରୁ ଯେମିତି ଧର୍ମ ଭିତ୍ତିକ ପ୍ରବଚନ ତଥା ପୁରାଣ ପଠନ ରୁ ଶ୍ରବଣ କରି ସୂଚନା ମାଧ୍ୟମରେ ଆପଣଙ୍କ ପାଖରେ ପହଞ୍ଚାଇବାର ଛୋଟ ପ୍ରୟାସ । ପାଠକ ବନ୍ଧୁ ମାନଙ୍କୁ ଏହା ଗୋଟିଏ ସୂଚନା ଭିତ୍ତିକ ରୂପରେ ଗ୍ରହଣ କରିବାକୁ ଅନୁରୋଧ ।

ତଥ୍ୟ ଟି ଭଲ ଲାଗିଥାଏ ତେବେ କମେଣ୍ଟ କରିବାକୁ ଭୁଲିବେ ନାହିଁ ।

दिन का शुरुवात कैसे करें ??

ऊपर दिए गए सवाल का जवाब सबका अलग अलग होगा और यह चीज से आप से बेहतर कौन जानता है । अगर आप नहीं जानते हैं तो आज कुछ नया आदत आपको सिखाऊंगा और उससे होने वाले फायदे के बारे में भी बताऊंगा । आप पहले से जानते हो तो बढ़िया है नहीं जानते हो तो आज जान लीजिए ।

सीधे अंत तक मत जाइए पूरा आर्टिकल पढ़े क्यों यह केबल 1 से 1.5 मिनट लगेगा ।

पढ़ना जारी रखें……

हां यह कारगर है या नहीं आप मुझे कमेंट में जरूर बताने की कष्ट करें। कुछ आदतों को आपको सुधारना होगा  । निचे कुछ पॉइंट्स के ऊपर आपके ध्यान केंद्रित करना होगा ।

• आप जॉब करते हैं यानी 9 से 5  ड्यूटी  और किसी सरकारी संस्थानों में कार्य करते हैं तो आपको समय निकालना अति जरूरी है और यह आदतें में सुधार आपको करना अनिवार्य है ।
• अगर आप जॉब नहीं करते हैं और जब करने की खोज में हो तो भी यह आदत आपको मदद करेगा ।
• क्यों की आप पूरे दिन ब्यस्थ रहते होंगे । मगर शुरुवात आप कैसे करते होंगे आपके ऊपर निर्भर है ।
• शुरुवात का सीधा अर्थ है आरंभ ! यानी दिन का आरंभ सुबह से ही होता है और सुबह आप कितने वजह उठते हो यह ध्यान देना होगा ।
• अगर आप पहले से सुबह जल्दी उठ जाते हो तो बढ़िया है । यदि नहीं उठ पाते हो तो उठने की कोशिश करें ।
• कितने वजह उठें ? इस सवाल का जवाब में कहूंगा आप जब ड्यूटी जाते हो और पढाई करने जाते हो तो समय सही इस्तेमाल करना होगा । पढ़ाई करने वाले केलिए सुबह का ट्यूशन के साथ आरंभ होता है तो उनके लिए 1 से 1.5 घंटे और जॉब करने वाले  3 से 4 घंटे पहले उठना होगा।
• उठते ही कुछ लोग बेकार कार्य में व्यस्त रहते हैं जैसे सुबह सुबह कुछ लोगों का आरंभ मोबाइल से शुरू होता है और ड्यूटी जाते तक मोबाइल में ही चलता है ।
• पढ़ाई करने वाले भी ध्यान दें मोबाइल का यूज़ कम से कम करें ।
• यह एक गलत आदत में आता है । हां अगर अति जरूरी है तो थोड़ा मिनट केलिए व्यवहार कर सकते हो ना की घंटो तक !!
• अभी असली बात पर आते हैं । सुबह उठते ही व्यायाम और योग में कुछ समय दीजिए ।
• मन को शांति रखने की कुछ व्यायाम करें ।
• मिनिमम सुबह सुबह 10000 कदम चलने की कोशिश करें ।
• 30 से 40 मिनट का योग अभ्यास करें ।
• घर की कुछ कार्य में सहयोग करें। 
• अभी आप सोच रहें होंगे यह सब तो सब बोलते हैं आप और क्या नया चीज बोल दिए ।
• बात तो बिलकुल सही है । मगर मेरे बोलने का मतलब यह नहीं है कि आपको बही ज्ञान देना ।
• आप तो सोचते हो की में यह में कल से शुरुवात कर लूंगा मगर दूसरे दिन किसका नींद खुलता है तो किसका नहीं मगर कुछ लोग यह चीज को फॉलो भी करते हैं ।
• असल में इसका परिणाम आपको आपके बुढ़ापे में परिणाम बनकर आपके पास आयेगा ।
• और एक चीज बताऊं आप ना हनुमान हो आपको बार बार याद दिलाना पड़ रहा है ।
• आप बहुत शिक्षित हो और आप सूझ बूझ करने की शक्ति आप में बहुत है ।
• आशा करता हूं की आप सुबह का शुरुवात बेकार में जाने ना दें । ऐसा ना हो की यह पल को बेकार में जाने दे रहे हो और बुढ़ापे आपको और कमजोर बना दें ।
• आज नहीं तो कल सबकी बुढ़ापा जरूर आयेगा । और यह बुढ़ापा कैसा होगा किसीको नहीं पता ।
• बुढ़ापे में आपके लड़के आपको पूछेंगे या नहीं आपकी सेवा करेंगे या नहीं यह ना आप जानते हो ना में । में तो बिलकुल नहीं बता पाऊंगा क्यों की में अभी बूढ़ा नहीं हुआ हूं । थोड़ा मजाक हो गया । कोई नहीं थोड़ा बहुत मजाक भी जरूरी है और उम्मीद बिठा कर मन में मत रखें । क्यों की जब आदमी की तबियत खराब होता है ना सब दूर भाग जायेंगे । यह आपको भली भांति पता होगा ।
• अभी आप की सोच थोड़ा ऊंचा हो गया होगा।  यह साबित करने केलिए मेरा यह प्रयास था । आपकी शुरुवात अगर अच्छी हो तो बुढ़ापे तक आपकी शरीर आपके साथ रहेगा ।

अगर यह आर्टिकल आपको अच्छा लगा हो तो शेयर करना ना भूलें ।


By. Nilamadhab Bhuyan



ଏହି ଖବର ପାଇ, ମିନୁ କୁ ଦେଖିବାକୁ ଆସିଥିବା ପୁଅ ଘର ଲୋକେ ଆସି ପହଁଚିଲେ। ମିନୁ ର ବାପା ଙ୍କୁ ଦେଖି ସେମାନେ ମଧ୍ୟ ଦୁଃଖୀ ହେଲେ ଏବଂ କହିଲେ ଆମ ପୁଅ ସହର ର ଭଲ ମେଡିକାଲ ରେ ରହୁଛି । ଆପଣ ସେଠୀ ଚାଲନ୍ତୁ। ସେଠୀ ଆପଣ ଠିକ୍ ହୋଇଯିବେ । ଏତିକି କଥାରେ ମିନୁ ମନରେ ଅଳ୍ପ ଆଶା ଜାଗ୍ରତ ହେଲା। ସେଦିନ ଠିକ୍ କିଛି ସମୟରେ ମିନୁ ର ମାମୁଁ ଆସି ପହଁଚିଲେ । ମାମୁ ଜଣେ ରାଜନୀତି ଲୋକ। ମାମୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ଠିକ୍ ସେମିତି କହିଲେ। ସମସ୍ତେ ସେହି ଆଶା ଦେଇ ଚାଲିଲେ। ଶେଷରେ ମିନୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ରାଜି ହେଲା। ସହର ରେ ଉପଚାର ଆରମ୍ଭ ହେଲା ଏବଂ କିଛି ଦିନ ପରେ ଠିକ୍ ହୋଇଗଲେ । ମାତ୍ର ଡାକ୍ତର ବାବୁ କହିଲେ ଯେ, ଯଦି ବେଶୀ ଚିନ୍ତା ରେ ରହିବେ ତେବେ ପୁଣି ଆପଣଙ୍କ ମୁଣ୍ଡ ବ୍ୟଥା ହୋଇ ପାରେ କାରଣ ଆପଣଙ୍କ ଗୋଟିଏ ଶିରା ରେ କିଛି ବ୍ଲକ ହୋଇଛି।

ପ୍ରାୟ ୬ ଦିନ ର ଚିକିତ୍ସା ପରେ ବାପା ଘରକୁ ଆସିଲେ । ମିନୁ ର ପାଠ ପଢା ସବୁ ଧୀରେ ଧୀରେ ଲୋପ ପାଇବାକୁ ଲାଗିଲା। ଶେଷରେ ବାପା ମଧ୍ୟ ମୁଣ୍ଡରେ ହାତ ରଖି କହିଦେଲେ, ଝିଅ ମୋର ଗୋଟିଏ କଥା ରଖିବୁ । ମିନୁ ହଁ କରି ପଚାରିଲା। ବାପା କହିଲେ ତୁ ସେ ପୁଅ କି ବିବାହ କର । ସେ ବହୁତ୍ ଭଲ। ସେ ବହୁତ୍ ଶିକ୍ଷିତ। ଡାକ୍ତର ପାଇଁ ପାଠ ପଢ଼ିଛନ୍ତି ଏବେ ସେ ଶିଖୁଛନ୍ତି। ଯେତେଦିନ ମୁଁ ରହିଲି , ତୁ ତ ଦେଖିଛୁ ନା, ସେ ସବୁବେଳେ ମୋ ପାଖେ ପାଖେ ରହୁଥିଲା ଆଉ ସବୁଠୁ ବଡ କଥା ହେଲା ମୋ ଶିକ୍ଷକତା ର ଅବସର ପରେ ଯେତେ ଟଙ୍କା ରଖିଥିଲି ସବୁ ସରିବାକୁ ଲାଗିଥିଲା । କିନ୍ତୁ ସେ ପୁଅ ଯୋଗୁ ମୋର ଚିକିତ୍ସା ଖର୍ଚ୍ଚରେ ସେ ବହୁତ୍ ସାହାଯ୍ୟ କରିଛନ୍ତି। ଆପଣଙ୍କୁ ସେ ଫ୍ରି ରେ ଚିକିତ୍ସା ବୋଲି କହିଥିବେ। ମିନୁ ହଁ କରିଲା, ହଁ ଆମକୁ ତ କହିଲେ , ଏ ସବୁ ଚିକିତ୍ସା ଫ୍ରି ରେ ହେଉଛି। ବାପା ହସି କହିଲେ, ସେ ଭଲ ଭାବରେ ଜାଣିଛି ଯେ ତୋର ଏହି ବାହାଘର ପାଇଁ ଇଚ୍ଛା ନାହିଁ ବୋଲି। କାରଣ ସେଦିନ ଦେଖାରେ ତୋର ସେମିତି ପ୍ରଶ୍ନ ରୁ ସେ ଜାଣି ସାରିଥିଲେ। ମୋତେ ମଧ୍ୟ କହିଲେ ଆପଣଙ୍କ ଝିଅ ମୋତେ ପସନ୍ଦ କରୁ ନାହାନ୍ତି କିନ୍ତୁ ଆପଣ ମୋ ବାପା ସମାନ । ଆପଣ ସେମିତି କିଛି ଭାବିବେ ନାହିଁ ଯେ ଏଠି ମୋର କିଛି ସ୍ୱାର୍ଥ ଅଛି । କିନ୍ତୁ ତଥାପି ସେ ମୋତେ ବିନା ସ୍ବାର୍ଥ ରେ ସେବା ଏବଂ ନିଜ ଟଙ୍କା ଖର୍ଚ୍ଚ କରି ମୋତେ ଚିକିତ୍ସା ପାଇଁ ସାହାଯ୍ୟ କରିଛି।

ମିନୁ ର ଇଚ୍ଛା ନଥାଇ ମଧ୍ୟ ବାପାଙ୍କ ପ୍ରମିସ୍ କୁ ରଖି ହଁ ମାରିଲା ଏବଂ ପଢା ପଢ଼ି ସବୁ ଭୁଲି , ବିବାହ ପାଇଁ ପ୍ରସ୍ତୁତି ଆରମ୍ଭ ହେଲା। ଏପଟେ ମିନୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ସେ ପୁଅ କୁ ପସନ୍ଦ କରିବାରେ ଲାଗିଲା। କଥା ବାର୍ତ୍ତା ଆରମ୍ଭ ମଧ୍ୟ ହୋଇଗଲା। ଧିରେ ଧିରେ ଭଲ ପାଇବା ରେ ପରିଣତ ମଧ୍ୟ ହେଲା। ଠିକ୍ ୧୦ ଦିନ ପରେ ନିର୍ବନ୍ଧ ପାଇଁ ତିଥି ଠିକ୍ କରା ଗଲା। ନିବନ୍ଧ ଦିନ ପାଖେଇ ଆସୁଥାଏ। ସବୁ କିଛି ଠିକ୍ ଥିଲା। କିନ୍ତୁ… ସବୁ କିଛି ଓଲଟ ପାଲଟ ହୋଇଗଲା ।

୩ ଦିନ ପରେ ନିର୍ବନ୍ଧ ହେବ। ହଠାତ୍ ମିନୁ ର ଫୋନ୍ କୁ କଲ୍ ଆସିଲା ଯେ। ଆପଣ ରାକେଶ ଙ୍କ ର କଣ ହେବେ । ମୁଁ ବଡ ମେଡିକାଲ ରୁ କହୁଛି। ମିନୁ କହିଲା, ହଁ କୁହନ୍ତୁ। ସେପଟୁ ଉତ୍ତର ଆସିଲା, ଯେ ଆପଣ ଯଥା ଶୀଘ୍ର ମେଡିକାଲ କୁ ଆସନ୍ତୁ। ମିନୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ବିଳମ୍ବ ନ କରି ମେଡିକାଲ ରେ ପହଞ୍ଚିଲା । ମେଡ଼ିକାଲ ର ଗୋଟିଏ ୱାର୍ଡ ସାମ୍ନାରେ ଧଳା ଚାଦର ରେ ଢଙ୍କା ହୋଇଥିବା ଷ୍ଟ୍ରେଚର୍ ଉପରେ ଶୋଇ ରହିଥିଲା ରାକେଶ। ମିନୁ ସହିତ ମା ଆସିଥାନ୍ତି। ରାକେଶ କୁ ଦେଖି ମିନୁ ଯେମିତି ଅଚେତ୍ ହୋଇଗଲା । କିଛି ସମୟ ପରେ ସମସ୍ତେ ସେଠୀ ଆସି ପହଁଚିଲେ। କାରଣ ଜାଣି ବାକୁ ପାଇଲେ ଯେ ମୋବାଇଲ୍ କଥା ହୋଇ ରୋଡ କ୍ରସ କରୁଥିଲେ। ଏବଂ ଗୋଟିଏ କାର ସହିତ ଧକ୍କା ରେ ଏମିତି ଘଟଣା ଘଟିଛି ବୋଲି କୁହନ୍ତି। ପୋଲିସ ମଧ୍ୟ ଆସି ସେଠୀ ପହଁଚିଲା । ଏବଂ କହିଲେ ଯେ ୧୧.୫୪ ସମୟରେ, ମୋବାଇଲ୍ ରେ କଥା ହୋଇ ଆସୁଥିଲେ ଏବଂ ତାପରେ ଏହି ଦୁର୍ଘଟଣା ଘଟିଛି। ମିନୁ ର ମନେ ପଡ଼ିଗଲା ଯେ ୧୧.୪୦ ରୁ ସେ କଥା ହୋଇ ଆସୁଥିଲା ଏବଂ ହଠାତ୍ ୧୧.୫୪ ରେ ରାକେଶ ର ଫୋନ୍ କଟିଗଲା। ମିନୁ ଭାବିଲା ଯେ କିଏ ଆସିଥିବ ସେଥିପାଇଁ ଫୋନ୍ କାଟି ଦେଇଥିବେ। କିନ୍ତୁ ସେ ଜାଣି ନଥିଲା ଯେ ରାକେଶ ର ମୃତ୍ୟୁ ର କାରଣ ସେ ନିଜେ।

ମୋବାଇଲ୍ ତ ନଥିଲା କିନ୍ତୁ ରାସ୍ତା ରେ ଅନ୍ୟ ଜଣେ ଯୁବକ, ଘଟଣା ପରେ ରାକେଶ କୁ ନେଇ ବଡ ମେଡ଼ିକାଲ କୁ ପହଞ୍ଚି ଥିଲା ଏବଂ ପର୍ସ ରେ ମିନୁ ର ନମ୍ବର୍ ଦେଖି କଲ୍ କରି ଜଣେଇ ଥିଲା ।

ରାକେଶ ଆଉ ଏହି ଦୁନିଆରେ ନ ଥିଲା । କିନ୍ତୁ କିଛି ଅବହେଳା ଯୋଗୁ ଗୋଟିଏ ଜୀବନ ଚାଲିଗଲା । ଏଠି ପ୍ରକୃତରେ କାହାର ଭୁଲ ? ମିନୁ ର ନା ରାକେଶ ର? ନା ସମୟ ର? କାହାକୁ ଦୋଷ ଦେଲେ କିଛି ଲାଭ ନାହିଁ କାରଣ ଜୀବନ ଚାଲି ଗଲା ପରେ ସବୁ ଅନ୍ୟ କୁ ଦୋଷ ଦେବାରେ ଲାଗିଛନ୍ତି।

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ଆଉ ଆଜି ସେମିତି ଘଟିଛି । ରାକେଶ ଘର ଲୋକେ ମିନୁ କୁ ଦୋଷୀ ର ରୂପ ଦେଇ କଳଙ୍କ ସାଜି ଦେଲେ। ମିନୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ନିଜକୁ କଳଙ୍କିନି ର ଆଖ୍ୟା ନେବାକୁ ମଧ୍ୟ ରାଜି ହୋଇଗଲା। ସେ ନିଜେ ମଧ୍ୟ ଜାଣି ନଥିଲା। ମୁଁ ଠିକ୍ କରୁଛି ନା ଭୁଲ ??

ଲାଗୁଥିଲା ଏହି କିଛି ଦିନ ତଳ ର ସମ୍ପର୍କ ଥିଲା। ଆଉ ବଡ ଅଘଟଣ ରୁପ ନେଇ ସବୁ କିଛି ବଦଳେଇ ଦେଲା। ସତରେ ସମୟ କେତେ ନିଷ୍ଠୁର ନା ?

ଆଜି ମିନୁ ପୁଣି ବାହାରିଛି ସହରକୁ ଯିବା ପାଇଁ ?? ପାଠ ପଢ଼ିବାର ଆଶା ନେଇ । ହଁ ଦୁଇଟି କାରଣ ଲୋକେ ସବୁବେଳେ କୁହନ୍ତି ଯେ ଗୋଟିଏ ଭଲ ପୁଅ ଟିକୁ ତ ମାରି ଖାଇଲୁ। ଟାହି ଟାପରା ଶୁଣିବା ଠାରୁ ଭଲ। ପୁଣି ଥରେ ନିଜ କ୍ୟାରିୟର କୁ ଧ୍ୟାନ ଦେବୀ !!

ଆଜି ପୁଣି ପହଞ୍ଚି ଯାଇଛି ସହର ରେ , ସେ ନିଜ ପାଠ ପଢା ଆରମ୍ଭ କରି କିଛି କରିବାର ଆଶାରେ। କଣ ହେବ ମିନୁ ର ସେ ନିଜେ ମଧ୍ୟ ଜାଣିନି !!!

Nilamadhab Bhuyan (Writer)

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यह खबर सुनते ही मीनू को देखने आए हुए लड़के के परिजन आ गए। मीनू के पिता को देखकर वे भी दुखी हुए और कहा कि हमारा बेटा शहर के एक अच्छे मेडिकल सेंटर में रह रहा है। तुम जल्द ही ठीक हो जाओगे मीनू के मन में कितनी आशा जगी थी। उस दिन मीनू के मामा आ गए। मामा राजनीति वाले लोग में से थे। मामा ने वही सलाह दी की शहर ले जाओ। सब उस उम्मीद पर खरे उतरे। अंत में मीनू भी मान गई। शहर में इलाज शुरू हुआ और कुछ दिन बाद वह ठीक हो गए। लेकिन डाक्टर बाबू ने कहा कि अगर आप ज्यादा चिंता करते हैं तो आपको फिर से सिरदर्द हो सकता है क्योंकि आपकी एक नस में रक्त प्रवाह में दिक्कत है।

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करीब 6 दिन के इलाज के बाद पिता घर आ गए। मीनू की पढ़ाई भी धीरे-धीरे सब कुछ गायब होने लगा। अंत में, पिता ने उसके सिर पर हाथ रखा और कहा, लड़की, मैं तुम्हें एक बात बताता हूँ। मीनू ने हाँ पापा बोलो। पिता ने कहा कि तुम उनके बेटे से शादी करलो वह बहुत अच्छा लड़का है। वह बहुत पढ़े-लिखे हैं। उसने एक डॉक्टर के लिए पढ़ाई की और अब वह पढ़ रहा है। जब तक में बीमार रहा, वह हमेशा मेरे आश पास रहता था और सबसे बुरी बात यह थी कि मेरे सेवानिवृत्त होने के बाद, मेरे द्वारा बचाए गए सारे पैसे खत्म होने लगे थे। लेकिन मेरे बेटे जैसे उन्होंने मेरे सारे मेडिकल खर्च में मेरी बहुत मदद की है। हो सकता है उसने आपको फ्री इलाज कहा हो। मीनू ने कहा हां, उन्होंने हमें बताया कि ये सभी इलाज फ्री का हैं। पिताजी हँसे और बोले, वह अच्छी तरह जानते हैं कि तुम्हें यह सब पसंद नहीं है ।

क्योंकि तुम्हारे सवालों से वह पहला दिन से ही जानता था। उसने मुझ से यह भी कहा कि तुम्हारी बेटी मुझे पसंद नहीं करती लेकिन तुम मेरे पिता की तरह हो। यह मत सोचो कि मुझे यहाँ कोई दिलचस्पी है। लेकिन फिर भी उन्होंने निस्वार्थ भाव से मेरी सेवा की है और मेरे इलाज में मेरी मदद करने के लिए अपना पैसा खर्च किया है।

मीनू की अनिच्छा के बावजूद उसने अपने पिता का वादा निभाया और कहा की आपकी बात से में सहमत हूं । सब कुछ भूलकर शादी की तैयारी शुरू कर दी। इसी बीच मीनू भी उस लड़के को धीरे धीरे पसंद करने लगी। बातचीत शुरू हुई। यह धीरे-धीरे प्यार में बदल गया। ठीक 10 दिन बाद सगाई की तारीख तय की गई। सगाई का दिन नजदीक आ रहा है। सब कुछ ठीक था। लेकिन…सब कुछ बिगड़ जायेगा यह कोई नहीं सोचा था ।

3 दिन बाद सगाई होगा। अचानक मीनू के फोन पर कॉल आई। आप राकेश को जानते हो ?? मैं एक बड़े मेडिकल से बोल रहा हूं। मीनू ने कहा हां। फिर जवाब आया कि आप जल्द से जल्द मेडिकल में आ जाएं। मीनू भी बिना देर किए मेडिकल सेंटर पहुंच गई।

मीनू जब मेडिकल पहुंची तो नर्स ने उसे इशारा करके के स्ट्रेचर की और दिखाई।

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राकेश एक वार्ड के सामने सफेद चादर से ढके स्ट्रेचर पर लेटा हुआ था। मीनू और उसकी मां साथ आते है। राकेश की चेहरे देखकर मीनू की पेरो तले जमीन खिसक गई । दंग हो कर नीचे बैठ गई ।  अचानक दोनो की रोने की आवाज आने लगे । डाक्टर ने उन्हें मृत घोषित कर दिया और कहा की बह मोबाइल पर बात करते हुए सड़क पार कर रहा था और एक कार से टक्कर से यह सब घटना हुई है. पुलिस भी मौके पर पहुंच गई। और कहा कि 11.54 बजे वह किसी से मोबाइल पर बात कर रहा था और तभी यह हादसा हो गया। मीनू को याद आया कि वह 11.40 से बात कर रही थी और अचानक राकेश का फोन 11.54 बजे कट गया था। मीनू सोचने लगी थी कि कोई आया होगा इसलिए उसने फोन काट दिया होगा। लेकिन उसे नहीं पता था कि राकेश की मौत का कारण वह खुद थी ।

हादसा होने के बाद मोबाइल उसके पास नहीं था लेकिन सड़क पर एक अन्य युवक घटना के बाद राकेश को बड़े चिकित्सा केंद्र ले आया था और उसके पर्स में मीनू का नंबर देखकर उसे फोन किया.

राकेश इस दुनिया में नहीं रहे। लेकिन कुछ लापरवाही के कारण एक जान चली गई। यह वास्तव में किसका दोष है? मीनू की या राकेश की? या समय का? किसी पर दोषारोपण करने का कोई फायदा नहीं है क्योंकि जीवन के अंत के बाद हर कोई दूसरों को दोष देता रहेगा ।

और यह बात ही हुआ। राकेश के घरवालों ने मीनू को अपराधी बना दिया। मीनू भी कलंकिनी की उपाधि लेने को तैयार भी हो गई। वह खुद नहीं जानता था। क्या मैं इसे सही या गलत कर रहा हूँ ?? उसको खुदको पता नहीं चल रहा था।

ऐसा लग रहा था कि कुछ दिनों की रिश्ता जैसे अचानक एक गहरी समुद्र में लीन हो गया और सब कुछ बदल कर रख दिया। समय वास्तव में कितना क्रूर है ना?

मीनू आज फिर शहर जाने के लिए निकली पड़ी है?? पढ़ाई करने की आशा के साथ। हाँ, दो कारण लोग हमेशा कहते हैं कि एक अच्छे लड़के को मार कर खा गई। लोगों की बातें सुनने से बेहतर है। एक बार फिर अपने करियर पर ध्यान दें !!

आज वापस शहर में पहुंचकर, उन्होंने अपना पढ़ाई फिर से शुरू किया और कुछ करने की उम्मीद में। मीनू का क्या होगा उसे खुद भी नहीं पता!!!

नीलमाधब भुयां (लेखक)

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