Indication For Help

It’s an evening in December 2018 and the ground is a little wet due to light rain. It will be 6 o’clock in the evening. I was coming from Balipadar to Buguda after doing some household work. The sky was completely dark, like a new moon night. Bike was running at 70-80 speed.
I saw after 5 km. On the side of the road, two lights like a glass can be seen. Like the glow of radium. Fear arose in my mind but I gathered courage and started to slow down the bike. I felt like someone was waiting. I slowed down the bike and reached him. I saw a wolf. Even so, wolves stay away from humans.
But even after I put the bike next to her, he did not jump and stood still. As if he wanted to say something. Before getting down from the bike and approaching her, she left. A question arose in my mind. People say that it is good to see a fox on the side of the road. But there were many questions in my mind why.
In this case, if any question arises in my mind, then that question goes around in my mind until I get the answer. There was 5 km left to reach Buguda, I thought I would take the left side road from Sohalmaili and flee to my village. I did the same but what is it? 50 meters left turn suddenly a cat crossed the road. And that cat also stood in the middle of the road looking at my bike for 5 seconds and then it went away.
I moved the bike back and stopped the bike and brought 2 water pouches from the pan shop on the side. Washed face and drank water, stood for 5 Minutes. A great fear arose in my mind. Nothing will happen with me today? , this matter kept popping up in my mind. Bike turned back and walked straight towards Buguda.

Started walking towards Buguda, suddenly a man asked me for help! He said, “Brother, if you are going to Buguda? Will you give me a lift?” Seeing his face, I felt a little pity and said to him, “Brother, I am not going to Buguda, but if you want to go, give me a lift till big bridge” He said yes, take me to that place.
I will run away. Having said this, after going some distance, I saw that two people had an accident on the south side of the road. One was unconscious and the other was talking a little. Some people are watching there and saying ah.. ah.. and some people are taking photos with video on their mobile phones. One of them was completely unconscious, he seemed to be a labor. Another well-known gentleman of Buguda. I don’t know his name, but he is probably a staff member of the medical center.

Some of the family members of the laborers are lying on the road and some of the daily wages. The accident was caused by a collision between Cycle and Bike. The bicycle is falling on the road. And the gentleman’s bike is lying on the side of the road. It seems from the assumption that the incident happened due to the LED light and the people are guessing. But not a single person wanted to pick them up and take them to the medical center. Everyone was talking to themselves that if the ambulance was called, it would be too late. Hearing the people talking, i was angry and wanted to chant some verses but controlled himself and went to the laborer very serious and tried to wake him up. The brother who gave the lift also helped. I saw that his ear was bleeding profusely. Seeing the blood, my hair stood on end, but I took courage and picked him up.
But he was unconscious, saying to some idiots in the audience, “Brothers help me!! what are you seeing???” Then two people came and sided his bicycle and picked up his belongings items and put them in a bag. And at that time, there were two College Students, both of them Sports Players, both of them are students of Peoples College, Buguda. When they both were on their way to Buguda, seeing this incident, he came together and helped to pick up his man. And took him and started sitting on his Scooty.
I said to the person who gave us a lift before that, “Brother, you will give us a little support and we will take you to Buguda Medical Center on the bike, and he did.” But since these two students had a Scooty, they said to him, “Brother, we will take you on the Scooty. You have the sports bike. It will be difficult to seat in it. They went to the medical center on Scooty.
After reaching the big bridge, the man said to the man, brother, leave me here, I will run away. But my mind understood and told him that there is nothing brother, let’s go, I will go to the medical center and leave you at the bus stand.
We left him at the bus stand and went to the medical center where we talked to the doctor and got him admitted.

We contacted his family members from the mobile phone of the laborer brother. Another gentleman’s condition was not so bad but his leg and hand were bruised but he was able to talk and he called his own family and went with him to the medical center.

After some time, the worker’s brother’s family came. After questioning, it was found that he works as a carpenter.
I consoled his family and his family thanked me and those brothers. The doctor referred him to Brahampur Medical Center as his brother’s condition was critical.

Due to late night, calls are coming from my house frequently. I told the family that it will take some time. I told those brothers that I am coming, they were very happy and introduced themselves and also gave them my identity. They were happy and said, brother, it is necessary to help like this. And those brothers also said that I have helped many people in such accident cases.
I was very happy to hear this and I felt proud to hear the words of those brothers. I thought that not all people in the world are selfish. It is because of such people that the accident victims are getting help. Once again I shook hands with them and thanked them and came out of the medical center. Outside the medical center, some journalist brothers were also happy to see me and said brother, well done, you brought him to the medical center on time. Thank you very much. I thanked him and returned to the village.

On the way back to the village, I thought that the sign of the fox and the cat crossing the road was actually giving me a sign to save a person’s life or not??? Because of that cat and the cat, the time spent probably came in handy to help the laboring brother.
I thought those codes weren’t ugly. That’s why some codes can even help save someone’s life.

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