If you are doing bad so results are always wrong

Harikrishna Babu is a very calm person. After his father’s renunciation, many properties were left for Harikrishna. Harikrishna Babu has also been a teacher for 35 years. He has accumulated a lot of wealth in his lifetime and there is no one to enjoy it. Luck has neither with him. His not have any son or any daughter. Maybe bad luck. At last, he thought that his brother’s son adopted him and make him a son. Even if nothing happens, he will stand with his last time. What happened? As the saying goes, If your bad luck means everything will be going wrong.

The day passed. After their retirement, Harikrishna Babu thought that his adopted son would stand with him. So what should I do with this property? Without thinking ahead, everything, property, and land all changed his ownership to his son’s name. What was going to happen slowly started showing results? The adopted son’s name Anant got married and create a plan with his wife and threw Harikrishna Babu and his wife out of the house.

Harikrishna Babu finally stayed old aged home. A few days passed. Harikrishna Babu came to know that. The adopted son’s wife has not guilty. It was the plan of his brother and adopted son. And today they have succeeded in that plan. After Harikrishna Babu came to know the truth, he went to the police station and wrote a report there, but no one listened to his grief. He came back empty-handed. As there was no way, he remained silent.
Days passed. Finally, Harikrishna Babu also left their greed for property and go to Vrindavan to take shelter from God.

It has been more than a year since he reached Vrindavan. He happily spent his days surrendering his life to God and forgot all the illusions of this world. But it is said that if a sin has been committed, it must be accounted for.

Meanwhile, years later, Anant’s wife succeeded in her plan and took all the properties in her name, and, went out with another young man. Here Anant and his family now become beggars. As the saying goes, ” Tit for Tat”

Anant’s wife is married to another young man and now she is living in a foreign country, but she will also be reckoned with, who cheats and earns wealth by lying, even that wealth cannot last long.

Harikrishna Babu surrendered his life to God, but Anant’s family now has to pay alms for two meals a day.

Two years passed by. One day, Anant learned that his wife had returned to her village. Without delay, he reached his father-in-law’s house to take revenge. But what he saw there was the opposite. There he saw that his wife did not even have a single bucks.

He found out that his wife had gone with the young man. After a few days, the young man forced her to work as a prostitute by putting all her wealth in his name, and after she refused to work as a prostitute, he was also forcibly forced to work as a prostitute. A year later, he left the young man’s wife in the village and went abroad.
No With inspection, and no dignity she did not even try to take recourse to the law. She thought that what I did was the result of my work and she wanted to spend his life alone. But seeing Anant, he got some courage.

But Ananta finally refused to accept his wife and went back to another state for labor work.

All the things written in the Puranas and scriptures have come true. Once again, I will say, if you are doing bad so results always wrong.”

Now, what do you think happened to that young man? There must be some punishment for that too. Time will tell but this story was just that. One message through this story was that if we disobey someone, it will surely reflect on us in the form of disobedience.

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