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Are you damaging your mobile yourself??

It is wrong to say that no one has a mobile in today’s world, I.e. Android and Apple etc.
Because in today’s world, if you don’t have a mobile, you don’t have anything.

So according to the title we need to know what to focus on mobile. A few points to note. If you don’t pay then you are likely to lose your mobile soon as possible. So refer to the below points.
• Charge the mobile-only in its original charger.
• Do not charge with any other charger available in the market.
• Do not use battery saver apps and fast-charge apps. Because nowadays all mobiles have battery saver option, go to settings and turn it on.
• Don’t wait for mobile 2% & 3% charge and don’t charge again after 90% charge.
• many friends sleep with their mobiles charged throughout the night. Because you can’t guess how many hits he is taking when his mobile charges overnight.
• Do not charge the nearby refrigerator. Because it emits heat and the effect of the electric wave is higher.
• Do not charge in a very cold AC room.
• Charge the mobile in a place where the temperature is constant.
• Use a power bank only in case of emergency. Because using too much power bank affects the battery of your mobile.
• Do not bury hardback covers, Because the mobile cannot find a proper way to dissipate its heat. So you cannot always remove the cover and charge. So do not install the hardcover and any metal material attached to the cover. Because the magnetic energy in the mobile is exchanged, resulting in a slow network and charging problems.
• If your mobile has a low battery then turn off the network and other applications after using the mobile and activate the battery saver.
• Most friends put their mobile phones under their pillows and go to sleep at night. Don’t do it at all. You know very well what happens when it gets too hot.

So it is important to take care of the mobile, occasionally clean it with a little sanitiser and clean the cover with a separate hand wash.

Do not sleep with your mobile close to your head at night. Try to sleep at least 1 meter away.

So these were some cautionary messages that must help you extend the life of your battery.

If you do not pay attention to all these things, your mobile may deteriorate quickly.

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Are you worried too?

• Don’t worry too much about the problem.

• Problems will come and in time the cure will come out.

• No matter how big the problems are, there is a solution somewhere for all problems.

• Don’t get discouraged by the problem.

• Don’t turn the problem into a thought, take it as a normal task.

• Will see that problem will also seem simple.

• So are you also facing such problems?

• Are you also unable to find the solution to the problem??

(So ​​follow my simple path and the problem may be solved.)

What to do??

1. If possible sit in your puja room or temple with a calm mind.

2. Close your eyes for a while and remember only the face of your God.

3. After some time devotion must be awakened in the mind.

4. Forget yourself, your family, your friends for a while.

5. This is only for a short time.

6. You will surely feel peaceful.

7. Do not open your eyes.

8. Now imagine that!!
How did the problem arise?
Did you get it wrong?
how did it happen
What would have been right?

9. Try to find the answers to all the questions.
Yes still not found solution.

10. So think about who is the companion, who is the teacher, who will have the solution!

11. Think about what to ask him!

12. I hope all your problems will be solved in that temple courtyard or puja room.

13. Now open your eyes, bow down to your God and feel to solve the problem.

14. Yes, if there is no temple near you, you must have a house of worship in your house!

15. You can sit in peace.

16. Do not keep mobile with you during that time. Will switch off if possible.

17. One thing to note is to forget your pride and arrogance while looking for a solution.

18. The irony of saying is that the problem could not be solved by you, but you are trying to find a way to solve it.

19. Hope this great post gives you some direction!

20. If you don’t have any such mentor then you can message me through contact form.

I hope from the above points will helps to came out your problem easily.

Thank you.

Do or Don’t s with Mother Tulsi Devi !!

Tulsi Tree / Mata Tulsi / Maa Brundavati is given the form of a sacred tree in Hinduism. Mother Lakshmi resides in it. According to the scriptures, the grace of Mata Lakshmi remains forever on the family that pours water to Tulsi Mata every day.

It is true that Mata Lakshmi is very calm but it is also not impossible to say that Mata Lakshmi is very strict towards the family members who are against discipline.

What to do ?

• Do not keep any kind of shoes/sandals near Mata Tulsi Devi or never take off or put on shoes or keep a sandal stand near Mata Tulsi. It is bad for the family. Mother Tulsi Devi is very strict when bad things happen to him/her. The family of the abuser suffers from negative effects. (Wearing sandal even indoors is considered impolite in Hinduism.)
• Do not keep broom near Mother Tulsi Devi. Because we clean the garbage of the house through broom. As a result, we remove the bad substances through the broom and the effect of the results is also bad. So Mother Tulsi Devi is also very strict about it.
• One has to pay attention to direction before planting Mata Tulsi Devi. Do not place or plant Mata Tutsi Devi in ​​south direction. If you have planted and want to get happiness and prosperity of the house, then immediately change the direction and plant in the right direction.
• After sweeping the house, some people put the garbage in a corner or outside. Note that Tulsi Mata must not to placed nearby. Otherwise, there will be bad luck in all the person of the house and there is a high probability of repeated failures even after doing something.
• Mata Tulsi Devi is also recognized as Radha Queen so Radha Queen is playing the evening time. So never plough Tulsi leaves in the evening and on Sundays, 11th, 12th, 17th, 19th and 20th days of month of Sankranti. There will be a severe crisis in the family.
• Finally, do not plant other thorny shrubs or trees in the place where Mother Tulsi Devi resides, it gives influence to the family.

Adhere to such facts and discard the facts given above and earn the grace of Mata Lakshmi.

The author is not responsible for any incident based on its effect. This data is not based on any kind of material, calculation, constellation and reliability. A small attempt to convey information to you through hearing from other sources such as religious discourses and Puran readings. Readers are requested to take this as an informational form.

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दिन का शुरुवात कैसे करें ??

ऊपर दिए गए सवाल का जवाब सबका अलग अलग होगा और यह चीज से आप से बेहतर कौन जानता है । अगर आप नहीं जानते हैं तो आज कुछ नया आदत आपको सिखाऊंगा और उससे होने वाले फायदे के बारे में भी बताऊंगा । आप पहले से जानते हो तो बढ़िया है नहीं जानते हो तो आज जान लीजिए ।

सीधे अंत तक मत जाइए पूरा आर्टिकल पढ़े क्यों यह केबल 1 से 1.5 मिनट लगेगा ।

पढ़ना जारी रखें……

हां यह कारगर है या नहीं आप मुझे कमेंट में जरूर बताने की कष्ट करें। कुछ आदतों को आपको सुधारना होगा  । निचे कुछ पॉइंट्स के ऊपर आपके ध्यान केंद्रित करना होगा ।

• आप जॉब करते हैं यानी 9 से 5  ड्यूटी  और किसी सरकारी संस्थानों में कार्य करते हैं तो आपको समय निकालना अति जरूरी है और यह आदतें में सुधार आपको करना अनिवार्य है ।
• अगर आप जॉब नहीं करते हैं और जब करने की खोज में हो तो भी यह आदत आपको मदद करेगा ।
• क्यों की आप पूरे दिन ब्यस्थ रहते होंगे । मगर शुरुवात आप कैसे करते होंगे आपके ऊपर निर्भर है ।
• शुरुवात का सीधा अर्थ है आरंभ ! यानी दिन का आरंभ सुबह से ही होता है और सुबह आप कितने वजह उठते हो यह ध्यान देना होगा ।
• अगर आप पहले से सुबह जल्दी उठ जाते हो तो बढ़िया है । यदि नहीं उठ पाते हो तो उठने की कोशिश करें ।
• कितने वजह उठें ? इस सवाल का जवाब में कहूंगा आप जब ड्यूटी जाते हो और पढाई करने जाते हो तो समय सही इस्तेमाल करना होगा । पढ़ाई करने वाले केलिए सुबह का ट्यूशन के साथ आरंभ होता है तो उनके लिए 1 से 1.5 घंटे और जॉब करने वाले  3 से 4 घंटे पहले उठना होगा।
• उठते ही कुछ लोग बेकार कार्य में व्यस्त रहते हैं जैसे सुबह सुबह कुछ लोगों का आरंभ मोबाइल से शुरू होता है और ड्यूटी जाते तक मोबाइल में ही चलता है ।
• पढ़ाई करने वाले भी ध्यान दें मोबाइल का यूज़ कम से कम करें ।
• यह एक गलत आदत में आता है । हां अगर अति जरूरी है तो थोड़ा मिनट केलिए व्यवहार कर सकते हो ना की घंटो तक !!
• अभी असली बात पर आते हैं । सुबह उठते ही व्यायाम और योग में कुछ समय दीजिए ।
• मन को शांति रखने की कुछ व्यायाम करें ।
• मिनिमम सुबह सुबह 10000 कदम चलने की कोशिश करें ।
• 30 से 40 मिनट का योग अभ्यास करें ।
• घर की कुछ कार्य में सहयोग करें। 
• अभी आप सोच रहें होंगे यह सब तो सब बोलते हैं आप और क्या नया चीज बोल दिए ।
• बात तो बिलकुल सही है । मगर मेरे बोलने का मतलब यह नहीं है कि आपको बही ज्ञान देना ।
• आप तो सोचते हो की में यह में कल से शुरुवात कर लूंगा मगर दूसरे दिन किसका नींद खुलता है तो किसका नहीं मगर कुछ लोग यह चीज को फॉलो भी करते हैं ।
• असल में इसका परिणाम आपको आपके बुढ़ापे में परिणाम बनकर आपके पास आयेगा ।
• और एक चीज बताऊं आप ना हनुमान हो आपको बार बार याद दिलाना पड़ रहा है ।
• आप बहुत शिक्षित हो और आप सूझ बूझ करने की शक्ति आप में बहुत है ।
• आशा करता हूं की आप सुबह का शुरुवात बेकार में जाने ना दें । ऐसा ना हो की यह पल को बेकार में जाने दे रहे हो और बुढ़ापे आपको और कमजोर बना दें ।
• आज नहीं तो कल सबकी बुढ़ापा जरूर आयेगा । और यह बुढ़ापा कैसा होगा किसीको नहीं पता ।
• बुढ़ापे में आपके लड़के आपको पूछेंगे या नहीं आपकी सेवा करेंगे या नहीं यह ना आप जानते हो ना में । में तो बिलकुल नहीं बता पाऊंगा क्यों की में अभी बूढ़ा नहीं हुआ हूं । थोड़ा मजाक हो गया । कोई नहीं थोड़ा बहुत मजाक भी जरूरी है और उम्मीद बिठा कर मन में मत रखें । क्यों की जब आदमी की तबियत खराब होता है ना सब दूर भाग जायेंगे । यह आपको भली भांति पता होगा ।
• अभी आप की सोच थोड़ा ऊंचा हो गया होगा।  यह साबित करने केलिए मेरा यह प्रयास था । आपकी शुरुवात अगर अच्छी हो तो बुढ़ापे तक आपकी शरीर आपके साथ रहेगा ।

अगर यह आर्टिकल आपको अच्छा लगा हो तो शेयर करना ना भूलें ।


By. Nilamadhab Bhuyan