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Momos (Short Story)

Jay Babu is a police officer. He is currently holding the post of Habildar. One day during patrolling in the market, he saw that a new fast food shop had opened. Jay Babu is a picky eater. I don’t mean money eater!!! His first choice is to worship a full stomach. But do not eat at home. Because his wife is a Anganvadi member with Number one miser. Doesn’t feed them satisfied at home. They say if you eat too much you will get fat and I don’t like that. Disregarding a woman’s words is tantamount to inviting trouble. Then it would be better if the wife did not give me what happened. I m eating outside as my choice.

It was evening, Jai Babu’s nose was filled with the smell of momos. Once he went to Delhi to work as a any police case and he could not forget the smell of momos ever since he ate them. Seeing the momos in front of my eyes made my mouth water.

Sanjay, the owner of the fast food asked, what do you eat sir ?? Jai Babu pointed his finger at Momos. Sanjay served two plates momos. Jai Babu was so happy in his mind, indeed these momos are more delicious than Delhi momos and he happily came and paid as much money as he had. He also told Sanjay. I will not eat for free but treat me well. Sanjay is also happy.

From that day forward whether Jai Babu is on duty or not. He performed duty at fast food shop every day. This went on for about 5 months. No matter how much the wife controlled his diet at home, Jay Babu continued to gain weight and started having stomach problems.

Suddenly, one day Jay Babu was on duty and started screaming loudly holding his stomach. All the staff in the police station were scared. Immediately the ambulance arrived. He was admitted to the medical center and the doctor told him why Jay Babu had such a bad stomach. It was found in the scan. Some food is stuck in your intestines. Jai Babu’s anxiety increased. He immediately remembered. Wasn’t it because of the momos?
Doctor Babu said. Tomorrow to do a little operation and remove all of dirty.
The operation was also successful and some more money was spent. Doctor Babu said that it will take a few months to fully recover. Doctor Babu said, Jay Babu again birth a new life. Doctor said Eat fast food but you don’t need to eat in limit but you eat momos every time for lunch and dinner and because of that you are in this condition today.

From then on Jay Babu also remained cautious. And broke up his love for Momos and started a new life. On the other hand, every day at home, the wife used some excuse or the other to approach the momos. Jay Babu was sitting with his hand on his head, what else should he say? You have to hear what you did wrong.

So you say that Jay Babu’s bad habits were fatal and aren’t you also a fast food lover?? If yes then be careful. Don’t get into trouble like Jay Babu.

Be careful….

This is an entertainment based story, we do not aim to promote and de – promote any food and fast food.

Thank you.