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Importance of money

Kalia and Sumant met at a market nearby tiffin stall. In the evening, Sumant got a job as a Constable of the Odisha Police. After completing Training he is now on casual leave. But in the village Kalia trades in grain and other seasons.

Both income monthly salaries are the same, but the money appears with the govt. employer.

Every month or two months, the money comes into the account rather late. But how to sustain a home not ask anyone.

Just then, Kalia said, Hey, where is your party? Sumant said, “Let’s have a party, or shall we eat now evening breakfast?” Kalia answered yes let’s eat as much as you can give all money?? Sumant said hey eat, eat as much as you eat. On the other hand, it is true that

Sumant has only 50 rupee notes in his pocket. He thought. No problem, I m paid by phone pay or Google pay, if he eats more breakfasts.

Kalia is a picky eater, and if he gets free, he gets 2 to 5 plates. And there is no guarantee it will ever be finished once it is started talking. Kalia starts eating, meanwhile Sumant is standing after eating a plate of breakfast. Kalia ate and ate, ate 4 plates , and said bro, the party is left. When will the party be held?
Sumant says you spread the messages all our friends in a group and fixes it one day. Do it that day. Having said this, both of them said goodbye.

The next day early morning Kalia’s stomach ache started he was run to the toilet. Got up at 3 am and ran to the latrine continually. He holds his stomach and sits down on the bed. He remembered that last night I ate free breakfast and all the consequences. And most of all, he remembered that the chilies that I ate last night were coming out, and he was sitting on the bed from morning holding his stomach. After some time his wife came back from her village because today is Wednesday. After all, worship Laxmi puja on the next day.

Seeing Kalia, his wife, asked what happened to you? Kalia said that it happened because of greedy eating. The woman asked where had eaten at the restaurant. And your lust will not go away. After saying this, the wife went to the kitchen with ORS water in her hand.

It’s 10 o’clock. Then the question is like diarrhea. By that time, the latrine has run out of water 7 times. The condition is out of control. Finally, the uncle’s son took Kalia and went to the medical. There Kalia spoke the truth. The doctor said with a smile. Just feed a bottle here and everything will be fine. Finally, Kalia got a glucose bottle and two injections. Kalia comes out of the hospital slightly tired. Suddenly Sumant appeared. Sumant asked what happened to you again? What can I say, brother, yesterday’s evening breakfast with you became expensive today?

Please forgive me, brother. Today I have had a severe stomachache since morning due to four plates of breakfast. Now after coming here and feeding the glucose bottle, it’s a little bit better. Brother, let’s be honest, I know you feel bad while eating yesterday. But I apologize once again. Money is as important to you as it is to me, but it was not right for me to treat you like this.
So let’s go, from now on, if we want to eat something, then both of us will pay for it.

Sumant also smiled a little and said, come on, nothing, why should I think bad. Get ready and let’s have a good party.

They both laughed again, and went back to their respective homes.

So it was a few moments of Kalia and Sumanta. Please share if you like it. However, ignoring other people’s money sometimes costs us dearly.

Thank you

Money is important

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Where money is worth more, who asks for dignity??

Everyone ran after money. Is the stove going to be respected?

Sharing with you a short story that happened recently.

A few days ago, the husband and wife dreamed that we would become millionaires. It is impossible to become a rich man in the right way, so choose the wrong way and become a billionaires.

Because his wife is very beautiful to look at, with the full consent of their husbands, they choose such a way that they can come in contact with different people and feel heavenly happiness, that too in their own homes and in the presence of their husbands.

It sounds amazing after hearing it and it is absolutely true.
Can man really stoop so low? Do you think there are people like this in the world?

Not only that, some other women or girls were also given the joy of heavenly happiness as well as the means of earning.
This incident has been going on for about 5-6 years. Through online chatting, big leaders, policemen and officers of government and private companies are lured to their bed rooms and husbands record their misdeeds.

After the work was done, they were blackmailed through this recorded video and demanded lakhs of rupees from them and to hide such a situation someone was forced to pay money without fear of money but the house of the thief will not remain dark forever so after 5-6 years. A person has been subjected to such acts online and has become a victim of blackmail like everyone else. He gave some money but after more and more money was demanded, he told the truth to the police and requested them to investigate the matter. In the police investigation, it was found that this incident happened not only with one person but with many people. However, there are also people in the world where husbands are destroying the sacred relationship of their wives for money.
Respect is not important here, money is very important. In the current situation, due to poor work, the earned wealth has gone to waste and one has returned, another is in jail and the rest of the colleagues are hiding.

However, this story gives a good message that people want to adopt bad reforms and bad ways.

It is clear that money is more importance than respect or dignity in this era.

It is important to be aware.

This incident was taken from a local newspaper. Please take this article as a message of caution.