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Do or Don’t s with Mother Tulsi Devi !!

Tulsi Tree / Mata Tulsi / Maa Brundavati is given the form of a sacred tree in Hinduism. Mother Lakshmi resides in it. According to the scriptures, the grace of Mata Lakshmi remains forever on the family that pours water to Tulsi Mata every day.

It is true that Mata Lakshmi is very calm but it is also not impossible to say that Mata Lakshmi is very strict towards the family members who are against discipline.

What to do ?

• Do not keep any kind of shoes/sandals near Mata Tulsi Devi or never take off or put on shoes or keep a sandal stand near Mata Tulsi. It is bad for the family. Mother Tulsi Devi is very strict when bad things happen to him/her. The family of the abuser suffers from negative effects. (Wearing sandal even indoors is considered impolite in Hinduism.)
• Do not keep broom near Mother Tulsi Devi. Because we clean the garbage of the house through broom. As a result, we remove the bad substances through the broom and the effect of the results is also bad. So Mother Tulsi Devi is also very strict about it.
• One has to pay attention to direction before planting Mata Tulsi Devi. Do not place or plant Mata Tutsi Devi in ​​south direction. If you have planted and want to get happiness and prosperity of the house, then immediately change the direction and plant in the right direction.
• After sweeping the house, some people put the garbage in a corner or outside. Note that Tulsi Mata must not to placed nearby. Otherwise, there will be bad luck in all the person of the house and there is a high probability of repeated failures even after doing something.
• Mata Tulsi Devi is also recognized as Radha Queen so Radha Queen is playing the evening time. So never plough Tulsi leaves in the evening and on Sundays, 11th, 12th, 17th, 19th and 20th days of month of Sankranti. There will be a severe crisis in the family.
• Finally, do not plant other thorny shrubs or trees in the place where Mother Tulsi Devi resides, it gives influence to the family.

Adhere to such facts and discard the facts given above and earn the grace of Mata Lakshmi.

The author is not responsible for any incident based on its effect. This data is not based on any kind of material, calculation, constellation and reliability. A small attempt to convey information to you through hearing from other sources such as religious discourses and Puran readings. Readers are requested to take this as an informational form.

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Some Psychology points!!!

Psychology says that if you know about the psychology very well more likely you are to have click 80 percent success in your life. And you can easily do the your pretty work as you like.

If you want to make your day good, then in the morning you should not start your day with worrying.

If a person more laughs that mean he also cries more.

One who loves from the heart, if any reason his/her love is broken because not his/her fault, then it is better to take the wrong step first than the right path.

If you cannot bow down a little for your love, then your love and your relationship will not long lasting.

People who overthink are more likely to have heart disease and migraines.

If a person is jealous of you, then he cannot be like you but he cannot become like you either.

Someone has built a better house and better property than you so that they can show you.  But the person spends his day drowning in worry for more time in the affair of showing.

No one is bigger than you but your ego starts killing you.  As much as you can limit the ego, it is beneficial for you.

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It’s a simple thought, it’s a small effort to alert you.

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