Dirty Tradition

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Dirty Tradition

One day I went to college, in the way I had a strange question in my mind. I wondered where to find the right answer to that question. I searched everywhere for the answer. But I couldn’t find the right answer. Someone said everyone is doing, I do too. Another said you do the same? because everyone doing the same. Another friend said, there is no such answer to your question that whoever wants to do in your suggestion. 

I reached out to more than 10 friends about this question but could not find the right answer. I reached again at my Colleges’ Oriya teacher.

He said “Babu, your question has encouraged me a lot,” he said. Really amazing question? I’ve had thinking this question many times, but I’ve never tried to find the right answer. The Oriya teacher said, “Babu, ask me this question again ??” I said, sir ?? I daily come to the college. On the way, we pass by the goddess temple in another village. I learn from the behavior of friends that they doing folded hands and devotion to the goddess during cycling and did not get off at that time. I think that means it is respect or devotion to the goddess? I have been doing the same every day, and I did the same today. But I wanted to know the answer to this question. If on the way during cycling we folded a single hand. Why don’t we get off from cycle there and bow down or folded hands and pray to the goddess for 10 seconds?

 The Odia teacher said, “Your words are correct and your thinking is great, but if our traditions and people’s way of thinking were similar to yours, then the deities of the village worshiped at home would also be respected. Everyone is busy with their own lifestyle today.  The teacher said you find the best answer here for that question? 

I was a little satisfied with the teacher’s answer, but in my mind, I am still searching for the answer to that question.

Is that the people too much busy with his lifestyle. This is not a tradition, this is called the dirty tradition of this age? How long has a man been busy with his lifestyle. he has not any time for the devotion or worship for god or goddess. The goddess or god create this world and they serving this creature to all living beings. Don’t be so busy in your daily life, you don’t have 10 seconds for God. Every day you will not be busy, if you want to do devotion and worship, then it is wrong to show off.

Will I really get the answer to my question ???
I am still looking for the answer to this question

Nilamadhab Bhuyan 
Solandi, Ganjam.

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