How do you start the day??

The answer of the above question will be different for everyone and you knows this better than me. If you do not know ?? then today I will give you through this message with some new habit and will also tell about the benefits of it. If you already know then it is good, if you do not know then today you will learn this habit.

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Yes it is effective or not you must tell me in the comment. You have to change some habits. You have to focus on some points below.

• If you do a job i.e. 9 to 5 duty and work in any government institutions, then it is very important for you to take time out and it is mandatory for you to improve these habits.
• This habit will help you even if you do not do a job and when you are looking to do it.
• Because you will be busy all day. But how you will start is up to you.
• The day starts from the morning itself and you have to pay attention to how many reasons you wake up in the morning.
• If you get up early in the morning then it is good. If you can’t get up, try to get up early from tomorrow.
• How many reasons to arise? In answer to this question, when you go to duty and go to study, then you have to manage your time properly. If your morning starts with tuition so you have to wake up 1 to 1.5 hours before and 3 to 4 hours early wake up for the job professional people.
• Some people are busy in useless work as soon as they wake up, like in the morning, some people start with their mobile and run on mobile till they go to duty and study.
• Students should also note that the use of mobile should be minimized.
• It falls into a wrong habit. Yes, if it is very important then you can behave for a few minutes and not for more hours !!
• Now coming to the real thing. Give some time to exercise and yoga as soon as you wake up in the morning.
• Do some exercise to keep the brain give some peace.
• Try to walk at least 10000 steps in the morning.
• Practice yoga for 30 to 40 minutes.
• Help with some household chores.
• Right now you must be thinking that everyone says all this and what new thing did you say.
• The point is absolutely right. But I do not mean to say that to give you the same knowledge.
• You think that I will start this from tomorrow, but whose sleep opens on the second day, then who does not, but some people also follow this thing.
• Actually its result will come to you as a result in your old age.
• i want to tell one more thing to you that you are feeling lazy so i have to be reminded again and again.
• You are very educated and you have a lot of power of understanding.
• I hope you don’t let the start of the morning go to waste.
• Don’t let this moment go to waste and old age make you more weak.
• If not today then tomorrow everyone’s old age will definitely come. And no one knows what this old age will be like.
• In old age your boys/son will ask you whether they will serve you or not, you do not know this or not. I will not be able to tell at all because I am not old yet. Got a little funny. No one, a little joke is also necessary and don’t keep it in your mind by keeping hope. Because when a person’s health deteriorates, everyone will run away. You will know this very well.
• Your thinking must have become a little high now. This was my attempt to prove it. If you have a good start, your body will be with you till old age.

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By. Nilamadhab Bhuyan

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