Half of the day
We are futile in worries.
Because anxiety is such a disease
Which gives more importance to the words of others than their own.

It is not really a mistake to think.
You are not wrong either.
You are not wrong in your own mind.
So whose fault is it?
The mistake is our complacency
Which we always are
We have high hopes.

Too much hope always leads to unhappiness
We don’t want to know that
How much satisfaction do we need?
And how satisfied we are with ourselves
Consider it appropriate.

The reason for all this is written below!

Hope first
Expectations must be limited
Second lust
Lust should not be exaggerated
The third is more wishes
Be it to others or to any thing
It is very important to stay away from Wishes.

And these three mean only one thing
That is our unhappy mind
It is the way to satisfy your mind
It should be our main motto.

So what are you thinking again?
What you have
That is satisfying
Because God loves you
Two times and two fist are available for eating,
Isn’t that satisfying?
Because making a difference??
Be it a cold winter or a rainy night
By which road is a beggar sleeping hungry and torn themselves in rags
How is the night spent by covering
Only he himself knows that sorrow.


But even the beggar is satisfied
Because he thinks
That was it more for me today.

And more hope is futile for him.
Then you got it right.

Limit your indulgence
The solution to all problems
It will become easier by itself.

Thank you

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Thank you once again.

Written by Nilamadhab Bhuyan…

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