Three Friends need’s your life

When we are at the middle stage of our life then we make some mistakes. Problems create mores but sometimes that problem turns into a blunder there is no way to come out from this problem. So how to face this situation and solve this situation with proper knowledge and unfair knowledge, some friends should be with you and with you. for example,,,

First of all, there should be a friend who is well versed in computer and mobile. Because in today’s era sometimes some help is needed in the matter of computer. At that time we have to spend unnecessarily rupees somewhere. Yes, if you have good knowledge about computer and mobile then it is not necessary.

Secondly, there must be such a friend too. One who is of bad character for you but is ready to give his life for you. He will always prove to be effective in your times of bad. Well, one should have a clean heart.

Third: A friend who is also calm and clever. Everyone should be his contribution in the problem and he should have a good understanding about the world’s customs, good and bad. As if defeat must have a solution to a problem. Such friends should be with you.

If there should be any other friend in our life then you must tell in the comment.

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2 thoughts on “Three Friends need’s your life”

  1. Everyone needs a friend they can be themselves with. That friend knows your good and bad but still accepts you completely, without judgement. 😁👍🏼

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