What to do your boring time ?

Some new news today!!!

What do you do when you feel bored?? Must comment in comment box.

So I’ve given you new ideas on what to do in those annoying situations.

Follow and after using this idea you can also join your people.


Let’s begin.

• Your favorite film from childhood that makes you happy to watch. Look at him. Now how you ask? You can watch that on YouTube and other OTT platforms.
• Go to play store, new application is available, download it and enjoy it.
• Backup your valuable data from your phone. Save to Your online Drive(google drive, dropbox etc.) or save to your laptop.
• Write a letter or diary to yourself as you see yourself in the future. Write your goals and hopes in it. Date and time must also be given.
• If you want to paint, then try to make some paint with the help of Water Color.
• Call someone who you consider to be a role model or a good guider and take some advice from him but try to talk to your guider first with proper available of time and permission.
• Change your mail or phone password.
• View old photo albums if not necessary so delete it or took it secret so hide it your safe place.
• Read a joke or some story book or follow to online Story platform (I.e. https://bhuyansblog.in/englishstory/)
• Unsubscribe the active in appropriate sites in your mail id. with delete old mail.
• Plan something for your upcoming Birthday or upcoming occasions.
• Determine the location for the walk and new place.
• Do something like surprise your loved one.
• Remove old items from the closet or your box and replace them with new items.
• Check the old toothbrush, if it is old, replace it with a new one.

There is so much work. So its little example for you. So, out of these points, you must follow the point and comment and if you do something new, then write to me and share it.

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