Are You Happy With Your Daily Life??

Are you happy with your daily life??
I know you can answer my question with YES or NO.
We all know what is the real truth?

The truth is that longing never ends in human life.

I will also say that some people are very happy with their daily lifes Because they have already found a way to live their daily lives.
If you are also happy, then I pray to God that you will always be this happy.
But some people are very sad There are some people who become very sad after seeing a happy person. If you are living a happy life then some people must be jealous after seeing you.

One reason for this is “Greed”.

This craving has become a part of our life Along with the organs, it has become a habit of our daily life.

In this greedy life, people become sad instead of happy when they see others.
They spend their days in worry.
Like thinking about how much they will earn. The biggest concern is how much to spend.

The reason for this concern is “money”.
Because we have to save some money for our future
And by saving money, we strive to live happily with our future

But we cannot find happiness.
Can’t you be happy with what you are earning today???
I would say you can be happy and stay happy but some people cannot experience this happiness

I would say if you have little money then try to be happy with that little money.
Still you are looking for happiness, so I can’t say when you will find this happiness?

But I would say again that you can go ahead with the money you have now and find ways to be happy with that little wealth.
Abandon envy and lust.

I would say you can definitely feel the happiness.

Try to incorporate this rule into your lifestyle and you will surely feel happy

Thank you….
By Nilamadhab…

9 thoughts on “Are You Happy With Your Daily Life??”

  1. True happiness comes from within.

    Yes, many people are resentful toward others when they do not possess the same or similar material things, attributes/character traits, way of life/ lifestyle, and so on.

    Success and happiness are many things to different people. What is happiness or success to one person may not be identical to another. They may find happiness or success within something completely different.

    Jealousy, lust, and greed are very negative energies and become toxic to those who continually obsess over them and cannot break free from their clutches.

    When one is truly happy inside nothing in the world will be able to take that contentment away because that happiness is not derived from the fleeting insignificant things of the world.

    Money is something we need to live with due to the organization of this society whereas we need to pay our bills, purchase groceries and other things- we need money to maintain a proper living arrangement.

    However, in no way does money create true happiness or success.

    True happiness and success comes from love, self-value, fulfillment in what truly matters that brings true wisdom and growth of knowing there is more to life than this present time we are living in.

    Nothing in this world is permanent it is all temporary but love and our spirits/soul is eternal. When we focus on the reality we will remain in true contentment even when things around us are not good because we will not be affected by it.

    When we focus on our creator (God and things that are spiritual) and not on the things that are created happiness will manifest in ways foreign to what others expect or are accustomed to.

    Great post! You have a wonderful day! ❤

    1. Really, salute to you bcoz your precious lines really motivated me again, ur the great, ever than me, really your word inspired, thanks a lot for your valuable comments…

      1. You are so very welcome.

        And, I really wish you continued true happiness in your life and in your endeavors whatever that means for you as a unique individual.

        Remember that you deserve the best, God loves you very much!

        Many wonderful blessings to you, but most of all I wish you love and peace.

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