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How to convert multiple images to PDF without using any other application.

Method : 1

1. Open the folder on your PC/Laptop
2. Select the image or multiple image, you can use “Ctrl+A” or click one by one.
3. Right click on your mouse and choose option “Print”
4.  Print Pictures dialogue box opened and click the printer addres “Microsoft print to PDF” and Click Print.
5. Save as the file name on name box.

Method : 2

1. Choose the image and right click and “Copy” the image
2. go to Desktop , right click on your mouse and click New and open “Microsoft Word Document” .
3. Give the file name and double press enter button.
4. click the image inside the document.
5. click upper tab “Picture Format”
6. Choose “wrap Text” image
7. Click “In front of Text” or in “Behind Text”
8. The the image free for your hand and zoom out or Zoom in as your wish.
9. Place the proper style as you want and click F12 or click “Save as” 
10. Put the name and open the the save as type list and find the PDF.
11. Choose “PDF”
12. Then save the file.

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