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Bhagwan Ke Dwar

Yah Hindi Ki Roman Lipi Hai,
Kisi Jagah Galti Milta Hai Toh Sansodhan Karke Padhne Ki Krupa Karen.

Articles Ko Prarambh Karte Hain,

Shanti Ek Aisa Shabd Jisko Sab Hasil Karna To Chahte Hain Magar Kisko Milta Hai Toh Kisko Nahin. Haan Ek Kaam Hum Kar Sakte Hai Kuch Samay Keliye Kuchh Rakam Dekar Woh Bhi Kuchh Samay Keliye Shanti Ko Kharid Kar Hum Usko Nibha Sakte Hain.

Magar Woh Shanti Nahin Kaha Jata Hai Woh Toh Paise Ki Garmi Kaha Jata Hai. Shanti Hasil Karne Ka Jagah Kahin Aur Hai Aur Woh Hai Bhagwan Ke Dwar Mein.

Woh Kaise ?

Apni Byast Jiban Se Dur Ho Kar Kuch Samay Nikalen Aur Yah Samay Ko Apni Puja Ghar Mein Ya Najdiki Kisi Mandir Mein Jayen Aur Ush Anmol Samay Ko Bhagwan Ki Bhakti Mein Khudko Leen Kardein.

Apni Family Ke Saath Ho Ya Akele Hi Ish Samay Ko Apnayen, Jahan Apne Maan Mein Sirf Bhagwan Ke Prati Bhakti Ke Sivay Na Koi Chinta Na Koi Shak Sawal Apke Mann Mein Nahin Chalna Chahiye.

Jab App Bhagwan Ke Dwar Jate Ho Toh Khali Haat Mein Jayen, Tight Kapde Na Pahne,
Mobile Lekar Na Jaye,
Haan Agar Jate Ho Toh Befikar Hokar Kisiki Chinta Chhod Kar Mobile Ko Switch Off Or Flight Mode Mein Kar Ke Rakhein.

Agar App Kisi Jaruri Karya Mein Byast Rehte Hain Aur Usi Byast Samay Se Kuchh Samay Bhagwan Ke Dwar Mein Bitana Chahte Ho Toh Byast Se Dusra Rasta Nikal Kar Wahan Pahunche Or Kisi Aur Ko Ush Karya Ko Kuch Samay Keliye Sonp Kar Ayen.

Kyun Ki Jiban Mein Asli Shanti Toh Mobile Ke Bina Hi Sambhav Hai.

Khud Ko Unki Charan Mein Pura Samarpit Kardein. Dekhoge Shanti Ka Asli Rah Apko Yahi Milega Aur Mehsoos Bhi Karoge.

Bhagwan Ka Dwar Ek Aisi Jagah Hai Sab Kuch Yahan Milta Hai Aur Sab Yahan Aakar Dukh Jatate Hai Magar Dunia Ki Sabse Dukh Ki Baat Yah Bhi Hai.

Sab Dukhi Hone Ke Baad Yahan Apni Dukh Batane Aate Hain Magar Manushya Jab Khusi Mein Rehta Hai Tab Woh Bhagwan Ke Dwar Ko Kabhi Yaad Nahin Karte Hain.

Magar, Mein Ish Article Ka Lekhak Ke Roop Me Apse Binti Karta Huun Ki, Aap Khus Ho Ya Dukhi Ho, Mandir Kabhi Kabhi Jaya Karen.

Agar Aap Pratidin Jaate Ho Toh Apko Bahut Bahut Dhanyabad Magar Kabhi Kabhi Jate Ho Toh Apke Liye Yah Anurodh Hai Ki Mandir Jaya Karen Aur Shanti Ki Asli Anubhab Bhagwan Ke Dwar Hi Hota Hai.


How to become happiness

Forget your rights,

Adopt to the circumstances,

Adopt patience,

Serve other,

Speak less,

Walk in the open air for an hour in the morning,

Read or listen to good literature for an hour,

Restraint and tolerance,

Sleep early at night,

Listen more,

Don’t be angry with anyone,

Get up early in the morning,

Not even on yourself,

Do not have feelings of jealousy and hatred towards anyone,

By listening to the true knowledge every day,

Don’t insult anyone,

Don’t hurt anyone,

Try to fake laugh to loud every morning,

Yoga for Five minutes every morning,

It’s not easy but i know you must do it,

Thank you for your new day with new ideas.

Such a Friend

One a day my friend needed some money. She told me her problem and I helped her with the money I asked for to solve the problem quickly and it was solved in time.

As a promise, she said that I will return all your money next month.  I said not next month but pay after one month but I need full money because I had to buy some things after two months.

Two months passed by and I remembered to call the friend who had asked me to return the money.

I rang the phone to talk.  But it was only ringed and cut at the end.  I rang not once but more than 10 times but there was no answer.

After all i send a message on WhatsApp.  That too saw the message and remained silent without replying.  I was shocked as to what to do.  Meanwhile, I had to pay for some urgent work.  But that was not possible.

Always texting and she doesn’t respond to my messages.  It has been two years since two months.  But she did not want to return the money.  One day I saw her but at that time she was saddened and kept quiet.  And she told me again very soon I will return the money.

Then I remained silent as to what to say.  Nothing can be called a friend.  And I’m angry seeing her ignoring what should I do???

Tell me in the comments what steps should be taken for such a friend.

Difference between Current Account & Capital Account

Current Account(-)
1. Invisible
2. Visible

1.1. Services(+)
1.2. Income(-)
1.3. Transfer(+)

2.1. Goods(+)

1.2.1. Dividend
1.2.2. Interest
1.2.3. Profit

1.3.1. Gift
1.3.2. Donation
1.3.3. Remittance

Capital Account(+)

1. NRI Account(+)
2. Investment(+)
3. Loan (+)

1.1. Gift
1.2. Donation
1.3. Remittance

2.1. Sovereign
2.2. Commercial

3.1. FDI
3.2. FII / FPI

What is Cooperative Bank

@ Registered under the State Cooperative Societies Act, 1912.

@ It belongs to his customers (Who are the owners and customers of the bank at the same time).

@ Work under “No Profit No Loss” model.

@ Focuses mainly on lending for bank loans to agriculture and rural sectors customers.

@ Under the dual control of Registered of Co- operative Societies and RBI.

@ The Board of Members is elected with “One Member One Vote”.

@ Primary Financing Sector:

1. Agricultural activities,

2. Some small scale industries,

3. Self employed workers.

@ Works according to co – operative principles of mutual aid.
@ For short term loan.
@ Co- operative banks have a 3- tier structure:

1. Primary (Agricultural or Urban) Credit Societies.

2. District Central Cooperative Bank

3. At the apex level – State Cooperative Bank

@ Long Term Loans :

1. Land Development Bank.

2. Cooperative and Rural Development Bank.

Real story of life

Younger Age :

1. Lot of times ⌚⏱️⌛ “✅”

2. No Money 💰💸💲”❌”

3. More Strength. 🏋️💪🏋️‍♀️ “✅”

Middle Age :

1. No Times ⌚⏱️⌛”❌”

2. Lot of Money 💰💸💲 “✅”

3. More Strength. 🏋️💪🏋️‍♀️ “✅”

Old Age :

1. Lot of Time ⌚⏱️⌛”✅”

2. Lot of Money 💰💸💲 “✅”

3. But no Strength 🏋️💪🏋️‍♀️ “❌”

So comments please which age you performed now .

If you are doing badly so results are always wrong

Harikrishna Babu is a very calm person. After his father’s renunciation, many properties were left for Harikrishna. Harikrishna Babu has also been a teacher for 35 years. He has accumulated a lot of wealth in his lifetime and there is no one to enjoy it. Luck has neither with him. His not have any son or any daughter. Maybe bad luck. At last, he thought that his brother’s son adopted him and make him a son. Even if nothing happens, he will stand with his last time. What happened? As the saying goes, If your bad luck means everything will be going wrong.

The day passed. After their retirement, Harikrishna Babu thought that his adopted son would stand with him. So what should I do with this property? Without thinking ahead, everything, property, and land all changed his ownership to his son’s name. What was going to happen slowly started showing results? The adopted son’s name Anant got married and create a plan with his wife and threw Harikrishna Babu and his wife out of the house.

Harikrishna Babu finally stayed old aged home. A few days passed. Harikrishna Babu came to know that. The adopted son’s wife has not guilty. It was the plan of his brother and adopted son. And today they have succeeded in that plan. After Harikrishna Babu came to know the truth, he went to the police station and wrote a report there, but no one listened to his grief. He came back empty-handed. As there was no way, he remained silent.
Days passed. Finally, Harikrishna Babu also left their greed for property and go to Vrindavan to take shelter from God.

It has been more than a year since he reached Vrindavan. He happily spent his days surrendering his life to God and forgot all the illusions of this world. But it is said that if a sin has been committed, it must be accounted for.

Meanwhile, years later, Anant’s wife succeeded in her plan and took all the properties in her name, and, went out with another young man. Here Anant and his family now become beggars. As the saying goes, ” Tit for Tat”

Anant’s wife is married to another young man and now she is living in a foreign country, but she will also be reckoned with, who cheats and earns wealth by lying, even that wealth cannot last long.

Harikrishna Babu surrendered his life to God, but Anant’s family now has to pay alms for two meals a day.

Two years passed by. One day, Anant learned that his wife had returned to her village. Without delay, he reached his father-in-law’s house to take revenge. But what he saw there was the opposite. There he saw that his wife did not even have a single bucks.

He found out that his wife had gone with the young man. After a few days, the young man forced her to work as a prostitute by putting all her wealth in his name, and after she refused to work as a prostitute, he was also forcibly forced to work as a prostitute. A year later, he left the young man’s wife in the village and went abroad.
No With inspection, and no dignity she did not even try to take recourse to the law. She thought that what I did was the result of my work and she wanted to spend his life alone. But seeing Anant, he got some courage.

But Ananta finally refused to accept his wife and went back to another state for labor work.

All the things written in the Puranas and scriptures have come true. Once again, I will say, if you are doing bad so results always wrong.”

Now, what do you think happened to that young man? There must be some punishment for that too. Time will tell but this story was just that. One message through this story was that if we disobey someone, it will surely reflect on us in the form of disobedience.

Then you must share how you liked the story by commenting.

Your favorite novelist Nilamadhab Bhuyan

Read in Odia

Ant Friends

One day an ant was floating in the river water. A bird sitting on a tree saw that the ant had to be saved. Without delay, he tore a leaf and threw it in the water, so that the ant took in the leaf and survived the river water by clinging to it, and the two became close friends. A few days later a hunter came and saw the bird and thought to kill it. As he was going to shoot the bird, suddenly the bird’s companion ant bit his leg so that the gunshot did not hit the bird and the bird survived.

I read this story from a textbook of the fifth grade at my school.

Similarly, sometimes very small friends also come in handy. That’s why the saying goes that even if you don’t find your equal, always creates ant friends . The ant friends will come in handy in times of trouble.

Do you have any ant friends like that? Someone who has helped you in times of trouble that you will never forget.

Be sure to let us know by commenting

Thank you

By Nilamadhab Bhuyan

Purity skin

Beauty is only skin colors.

When it dries up and the skin becomes rough and changes due to the touch of another skin.

Humans try to erase his old touch by putting as much color on his skin as possible.

Yes, they victory by covering the touches skins, but he cannot erase it from the mind. 

He forgets the Skin contacts feelings. When he tries to hard more and keep distance the past incidents.

Then they keeps his dignity high and can forget the experience of skin contact then he feels purity.

Bad ideas result always wrong ( Short Story )

A man sat down under a banyan tree near a forest after walking a long distance.

A few minutes later, he feels calm in the shade of the tree. 

Sitting under the tree, he thought that if there was a bed there, he would sleep in peace. 

Thinking so much, suddenly a bed came from the sky. 

He thought again that it would be better if the bed came with a mattress and a pillow, and immediately mattress and pillow also fell from the sky.  The man was very happy. 

He again wondered if I could have some water. 

While thinking so much, suddenly a bucket of water came.

He thought to himself what do I expect is coming soon? 

Then he decided that What can be so impossible?  Because my wife is far away, would she come and care for me ?? 

While he was thinking so much, suddenly his wife came down from the sky and walked towards him. 

He was startled and thought that this all was magic.

This is probably a ghost.  

He is probably doing all this to eat me. 

Just after the judgment, his wife took the form of a ghost and ate the man.

The way we think is sometimes getting wrong. 

And the man who now lost his life was sitting under such a tree where all that man could wish for and immediately full fill his wishes. 

Therefore, man should always think of bad ideas.  And unfortunately, it’s happened.

Be you

Create your own Goals

Follow your own rules

Tide your own ideas

Tackle with your own good manners

You are the best other than you,

Because you are only one Piece of this world.

So why compare another ideas, colour, and working style etc.

You are the genuine

Don’t give up

And keep it up


Stop comparing yourself to others,

You are only on this planet to be “You”

Not someone else imitation of you.

I m a searock

Old Scooter 🛵

Today two or three people have come and reached home.  Because to buy Kalicharan Babu’s old scooter.  A few days ago, Kalicharan Babu’s son Ranu saw an advertisement on TV.  If you sell an old scooter in your house before 2000 manufacturing, some major companies will pay lakhs of rupees for the scooter.  Ranu informed them that the people of the major company have come today.

Meanwhile, Kalicharan Babu first looked at his son in anger and could not answer what to say to them because they have come a long way.  Kalicharan Babu sat on the chair lying on the porch and asked three other people to sit on the chair as guests.  Pinky and Ranu’s quarrel started inside the house.  Pinky says you don’t know what.  This scooter was given to my father by his father, our grandfather.  You are asking him ?? how to sell without asking.  Besides mother, Asha Devi said.  Don’t fight each other father will solve something.  Then all three of them stood at the corner of the door of the house and began to listen


said one of them.  Obligation We agree to pay you Rs.2 lakhs in exchange for this scooter.  What is your opinion?  Kalicharan Babu said.  A scooter is my father’s most valuable gift.  If you have come so far, I have no intention of sending you back.  You will forgive me, I will not sell this scooter. 

One of the guys who bought the scooter said why did your son ask us to come 500 km away??  We have reached here today by wasting our precious time.  Kalicharan did not speak once more.  I am asking you once again on behalf of my son that he will regret the mistake he has made.  But you can go now.


Ranu came and explained to Kalicharan Babu when the people who bought the scooter got up in anger and left.  Why are you refusing?  One of them stood up again.  Your son is right and you can take time to think we will wait.  Kalicharan babu said no sir you can go now, sorry I m not seel this scooter.


Finally, they returned.  Kalicharan Babu came inside the house and explained to Ranu.  That some things are worth more than real money.  I know that if I sell this scooter, the poverty of our household will be alleviated for a few days but then
we will not be happy anymore.  Hearing this, everyone in the house stood with their heads bowed.  Everyone obeyed the words of Kalicharan Babu.

Currently, he is lying as an unreal old guest in the house of Scooter Kalicharan Babu.  This scooter reminds me of Kalicharan Babu’s childhood days and some travel stories with his father on this scooter.
Kalicharan Babu says everything in the world is possible with money but holding on to the unique memories of your childhood and home is the most valuable asset.

Respect or Money

People will say that…

A person feels inferior when someone equal to him is promoted to a higher position or a job.

Then he feels so weak that he does not hesitate to die.

You know the worst feeling is when your partner repeatedly talks about your necklace in front of you.

And they don’t hesitate to speak up in front of you. Life is an examination.
It is not true that everyone will win. We cannot survive from such types of people.

That’s always the same case. Sometimes you want to go and give him two slaps on the cheek, but the conscience gets up and says, Hey brother, people will say that, and that’s his job.

If not say so. So what can he do? But they cannot struggle like you.

The world cannot bet on itself to achieve victory like you.

Because those who are lazy and lazy will never do or allow anyone to do or will never want to see others happy.

A person is lost till then and decides to make a mistake, but the dawn of hope gives him the courage to climb the ladder of victory again.

And once again he starts praying from the beginning.
So if you are also lost then try to climb the stairs again.

You too can taste the taste of victory. Never give up on yourself. Once again my best wishes that you can show the world.

Don’t feel weak. Because if a man loses once, he loses in all situations of the world.

Wake up again. Prepare yourself and wake up once again to face the world.

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Are you suffering the same !!!

Some relationships are “showy” in front of people, but not in private and intimate relationships.

Is it true that!!! 80 percent of married couples spend their days like this??? So this question was asked me by a close friend of mine.

He asked me a few days before this question and I said to him give me a few days I will find out all your answers

Then I took about 10 days and in these 10 days, I called more than 17 friends and asked them whether their marriage is just a showy or a good relationship.

I got my answer and gave it to my friend but the answer was that…

In my question, 3 of my friends to a companion that we are very happy with our marriage and are respected, and have a sense of self-worth.

No problem whatsoever.

5 friends said that yes we are fine, but they are sad. They are not happy.

And 10 people said that yes, brother, if there is a relationship, there is no respect from the wife, and not only that, there is no respect for their family.

Do you know why this is happening?

A person makes a mistake and he makes a mistake for some reason and he holds the reason of the mistake to his relatives and his life partner and keeps saying that thing again and again throughout his life.

One day half of it goes away but if you say that every day then it will create a rift in the relationship and with that, the relationship will also deteriorate. The entire dust becomes seven.

So some people choose the solution of such problems very quickly.

And how many live like this for the rest of their lives. They say that if not today, tomorrow will be fixed, but it can’t be.

And some people do not hesitate to lose their lives. So what should be done?

You need to find a solution soon and you need to be happy like those three friends if you don’t find a solution, you will spend your whole life holding on to one mistake.

So what do you think, time is precious. The more you delay, the more the problem can be. Some problems are solved gradually and some are never solved.

To find a solution as soon as possible without wasting your time.

thank you

FB Friends

How many friends are you connected with on your own Facebook ID? At least more than 500 and some 1000.
Tell me that despite having so many friends, how many friends are there for you in your time of need.

What is the reason why there are so many friends??

• It can only see your activities. You can take reports from time to time wherever you go.

• How many friends ask you about your condition? Not a single one according to me.

• Neither will try to ask you about your problem.

• Even if you tell your problem, they ignore you by looking at it.

• Actually it is a pretend friends.

• Friends are not there to help you at the time of your need, but to turn away with a smile at the time of your need.

• There are some friends who will ask for your help, but they will only ask about your well-being, after knowing your real problem, they will go offline from there.

• And there are some friends who will call you as soon as they see your problem on the post, but they will talk for a couple of minutes just to shed tears, just to feel your sorrow and not to help you.

• So what’s the point of having so many friends who don’t even stand by you.
• It is better to keep a good friend in life than a friend of show off, who would be an equal sharer in your sorrows and happiness.
• This is an article, this article was meant to show the importance of friends in the world.
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