First of all Happy Diwali to you and Your family friends. In the special day god fulfilling your all wishes.

Happy Diwali with lots of Love.

Diwali is a festival of lights.  On this festival of lights, the people of Odisha celebrate the festival elsewhere.  Like all the states, this too will see the new supernatural splendor of the lamp.  In a straight line, oil lamps, candles and colored lights shine like all the houses.  By decorating the door with flowers, it gives a high-quality feeling to its beauty.

The entire environment becomes beautified by the distinct smell of crackers.  All people distribution and handing out sweets from house to house.  This tradition is almost the same everywhere in India.  In this tradition, we light the path of the spirit of our ancestors by lighting a bundle of kanboriya wood and dedicate them to him.

All the members of the house gather in the evening near Tulasi Tree.  The sight of Rangoli in front of the house is strange.  Rangoli is made like a round.  Prasad is placed in the middle.  Along with Prasad, Deep Thali and juts of kanboriya wood can be seen.  The light is brought from the puja house and brought to the puja where everyone stands holding the bundle of Kanboriya wood.  Between the rangolis are kept the burning lights.  All the members of the family light their own Kanboriya wood and point to the sky to remember the ancestors man.


in odia “
Bada badua ho
Andhara re asi ujjala re jao
Baishi pahacha re gada gadau thao”

Saying this three times, we remain Then everyone celebrate with fired the crackers and makes him supernatural.

As in other regions, most people prefer to celebrate it at home, although family gatherings are also common  Daylight houses are brightly lit, with doors and windows open, our devotion and belief is that Lakshmi visits every house.  Similarly, in Odisha different types of Diwali celebrations are celebrated in every place.

So chhoti diwali are also observe a day before in different cities.

Let us know in the comments how Diwali festival is celebrated in your city or home.

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