True Son

After a long time, the District Collector has come to visit the village. They went around all the houses and finally stopped at one house. Even though it was a solid house, the house was broke down with huge sad.

The District Collector entered the house without asking any questions. Assistant who was with him, said that sir, there was no complaint from the people of this house. The District collector  entered the house with a little smile. The interior of the house is very well decorated, but a person (Gaurahari Babu) was sleeping in a half-thick blanket. Suddenly, the younger son came from another room with a glass of water. Seeing the District Collector, he greeted him and gave him a chair to sit.

Suddenly Gaurahari Babu, who was sleeping on the bed, opened the blanket and saw his friend Vijay sitting beside him. Gaurahari suddenly woke up and said, Hey Vijay, you have come to my house, really I can’t believe it, your words seemed heavy. We have not been in contact since you got the job. I heard from Sitakant that you are working in the senior officer post. We thought that time, he got a higher post, will he remember us anymore of him? I can’t believe that you have come to my house today after a long time. Vijay Babu said, you have thought so much about me. Gaurahari Babu said, “No, my friend, I am asking you dont wrong for my feelings.” We will not thinking so, please forgive us. Vijay Babu said, No, I am having just for fun. I heard your son got a job and you are not feeling well and why did you quit your job??
Gaurhari said no friend im not quit my job, today i m not feeling well and i am avail at home rest with taking some days leave. My wife leave my hand for a years ago. After that Blood sugar and heart disease is attacked on my body. Elder son studied and got a job, but the youngest son said that he will not work on outside employment, I will stay in this village with you. This is look after my crops and my farming fields. And now he is became useless and unemployed

Vijay Babu said. How did this son of yours become unemployed or useless? This son is your true son, if he will be with you in your last days so that’s you are so lucky. If he is by your side and serving you, then you should consider yourself blessed. Gaurahari looked at his son and answered with a little sadness. You are right Vijay. If one son who remains serve to his father and mother is that called true son.

Vijay Babu said you should be happy that your son is with you. My son got married after his job and is living in another city. The days are passing but there is no happiness in my life. I was happy to see your son’s with you today.

Then they both got up and came out. Vijay Babu said if there is any problem you will call me. Gaurahari Babu say bye to Vijay Babu.


Gaurahari Babu thought of his friend’s words and felt guilty and after that he feeling happy. He came inside the house and hugged his son.

(True filial serve is seen where father and mother are served by the son selflessly in times of old age and his wrong time.)

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N Bhuyan…(Author)

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