Credit card

This is such an organisation which is neither yours nor fully connected with any bank.

Yes, they give you money at the time of your need. That much is the truth.

But before using it, it is necessary to pay attention to some things.

It will hook you. Will not give a chance to be free.

Keeping a credit card outstanding or due is equal to not utilising the money properly.

If you are not using it, then it is considered right to close it soon.

Credit cards should be taken when your monthly income is more than thirty thousand.

Never take loan unnecessarily on credit card.

Never take my advice also but,

If there is more need then take a loan with the help of another bank even to purchase your own house and for your studies.

The less you use the credit card, the more tension free you will be.
Never sacrifice your credit card for a friend.


Think 100 times before choosing the EMI option, it would be better to make full payment and not choose EMI.

Try to deposit the full amount instead of the minimum due for this month.

Never be happy to see the credit card limit.

Because more limit creates the thought of spending more.

Don’t depend on credit cards to bail you out of bad times.

The time will come in such a way that it will drown you. No one else will support.

For a small credit card, the rest of the loan company may refuse to give you the loan at the time of your need.

Think of making your payment on time, delay will lead to your worst time.

If you do not earn, then never take a credit card even by mistake.

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