If the earth is moving why don’t we feel it???

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Hello friends…

This question has arisen in your mind once and for all. Because that’s the question?? So I am going to address these reasons and questions. I know some people know about this but some people don’t.

You must know that in 365 days, the entire earth moves around Sun and comes back to that place.

But have you ever realized that we are rotating with the earth at 30 kilometres per second??

After knowing this reason again another question that comes to your mind that is?? If we are moving at 30 km per second then how can our house, city, school and college stay permanently in one place?

And how is the flight arriving from Delhi and landing at Bhubaneswar Airport on time and safely? Where else would it have moved?

How do we jump up from one place and get back to that place?

So many questions raise your mind???

I am going to answer all your questions in this article and I request you to visit my blog daily to read such new information and stories.
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So let’s dive into the world of weird facts!!!

Going to explain to you in simple and pure language.

Now the earth rotates on its axis from west to east at a speed of 1610 km per hour, which means it completes one full circle in 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds, i.e. 24 hours. If you are worried again, the good thing is that you will understand everything further.

Now you don’t even feel that you are also walking with the earth. Don’t worry you’re not going to stay where you are.

Until now some readers may be thinking that this is impossible!!! If we are walking we need to change every moment. Are you feeling the same?? Let me explain with some examples.

As you know the earth rotates on its axis in 24 hours not only the earth but other planets also rotate on their axis according to their time.

It is not clear that the one who gives us solar power, Sun is also moving on his axis. It takes around 365 days for Sun to rotate around its axis.


Let’s compare our planet with a Japanese bullet train running at 4800 km per hour. You must get some information from them.

Our earth is rotating on its axis at a certain speed and the whole environment is moving with us. In other words, the bullet train of Japan should be compared. You are sitting in a train running at 4800 km per hour, with an LED TV in front of you and a DJ song playing and you are enjoying a Japanese soup. You will not feel for a moment that you have reached another city from Tokyo in Japan within a few minutes. I mean, you don’t realize you’re sitting on a moving train until you look outside.

The same situation is with our earth. Think of our earth as a bullet train and you are travelling on this earth bullet train and now you are reading my article on mobile. Do you feel anything?? Not.
But you might be wondering what percentage of network data is left, what new Instagram reel to watch and what new comedy video to watch. Sorry to make a bit of a joke but the truth is we don’t realize that we are now on a bullet train(earth) moving from west to east.

Unless we see the bullet train(earth) outside, how can we know its speed?? You have to go to space to see the movement of the Earth, to our moon uncle. I don’t have a ticket to go straight but if you have then you can go. Astronauts who go to the Moon can indeed see the Earth rotating.

Just as we are standing on the train platform and seeing the feeling and view of the speed train passing by the platform, they can see the earth exactly on the moon.

Another thing you might do is throw a football or a normal cricket ball straight up with your hand on a train or a bus and the ball will land in your hand. Because it happened!! You are sitting on a bus or a train. The atmosphere inside the bus or train, the environment and the people sitting next to you are in motion, so you forget the outside environment at that time. Now you are sitting with the mobile in your hand and your earth bullet train is rotating on its axis at its speed just like you feel the environment inside the bus or train.

So another question must be coming to your mind. That we need to feel less?? Are you feeling the same??
You must have felt one thing while you were sitting on the train. It was at night, Everyone sleeps on the train and you feel at home inside the train. Because what?? Because the train moves at the same speed at night. They move at a fixed speed, be it 100 or 70 speed.
Then we don’t feel it because the outside world is completely dark and we don’t see anything outside and we don’t feel the speed either. Just imagine that the earth is completely dark outside the bullet train and you can’t feel anything outside. So how do you feel the speed of the earth train???

This speed in the train is not only at night. Daylight also moves at a fixed speed but during the day we can see and feel everything.

Let’s solve another question. You must have felt that when there is a brake in a train or a bus, we feel a shock and we move a little from our place. But the earth train has never had a break or will ever have?? I don’t know either. Because the speed of the earth is the same and will continue to be so. Yes, if there is ever a break, I must tell you, but trust me, there will never be a break.

Last question. I have a solution for that too. You must have got off the train or bus, then the bus and train leave you and go to his uncle’s village. You may have alighted from a bus or train but have never got off a moving train or bus. Some people must have done it, but doing dangerous. The reason I say that is that when we leave the earth in a rocket or supersonic jet from this earth train, we will feel just like that, and the earth will leave you and start spinning on its axis, and the four people in space who are looking at the earth on the moon. The earth is then known to be moving.

Then I have no more questions.

Then you can get answers to almost all questions. But still, you are waiting for answers to some questions and if you don’t understand then read this article again.

If you still have questions, you can ask me.

If you find something new in this article, share it with others. And now for yourself and share with others.

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  1. Thanks for the clarification Bhuyan. Honestly, I thought about this question some years back. I found the answer when I got into high school. Thanks for sharing!

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