Acronyms of CBRN

CBRN: Chemical Biological Radiology/Radiation Nuclear

SI Unit: System International Unit

MKS: Meter Kilo Second

CGS: Centimeter Gram Second

CPS: Count Per Second

Bq: Becquerel


HVL: Half Value Layer

TVL: Tenth Value Layer

NP: Neutron Proton

TDS: Time Distance and Shielding

BARC: Bhaba Atomic Research Centre

ALARA: As Low AS Reasonable Achievable

PM Tube: Photomultiplier Tube

GM Tube: Geiger Muller Tube

DRD: Direct Reading Dosimeter

TLD: Thermo Luminescent Dosimeter

ALSCINE Monitor: Alpha Scintillation Monitor

DPS: Disintegration Per Second

SSB: Single Strand Breaks

DSB: Double Strand Breaks

RBC: Red Blood Cells

WBC: White Blood Cells

AERB: Atomic Energy Regulatory Board

HSSE: Health Safety Security Environment

RDD: Radiological Dispersal Devices

AGSS: Ariel Gamma Spectrometers System

NAVIK: Navigation with Indian constellation

IRNSS: Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

MAPS: Madras Atomic Power Station

TAPS: Tarapur Atomic Power Station

RAPS : Rajasthan Atomic Power Station

NAPS: Narora Atomic Power Station

KAPS: Kakrapur Atomic Power Station

KAIGA: Kaiga Atomic Power Station

TREM: Transport Emergency Card

DAE: Department of Atomic Energy

ERT: Emergency Response Team

NCMP: National Crisis Management Plan

CMG: Crisis Management Group

NMTE: Nuclear Material Transport Energy

RAM: Radio Active Material

TNT: Trinitrotoluene

IND: Improvised Nuclear Devices

PDA: Portable Decontamination Apparatus

PPE: Personal Protective Equipments

BTT: Break Through Time

HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Aerosol

SCBA: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency

NSG: Nuclear Supplier Group

Decon. : Decontamination

IPE: Individual Protective Equipments

MOPP: Mission Oriented Protective Posture

CAR: Contaminate Assembly Area

PPDU: Portable Personal Decontamination Unit

BWA: Biological Warfare Agent

CDCP: Centre’s for disease Control & Prevention

EHF: Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever

DRDO: Defense Research Development Organization

NCN: Nitrogen Cyanide

EPS: Electron Magnetic Pulse

OPCW: Organization for prohibition of chemical weapons

PPM: Particulate Per Million

CRDA: Cellular Respiration Damaging Agents

TCDP: Three Color Detection Paper

PDK: Process Design Kit

CUWA: Contaminate Unit Waiting Area

DUWA: De-Contaminate Unit Waiting Area

DRDE: Defence Research Development Establishment

MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet

DS2: De-contamination Solution 2

RVD Kit: Residual Vapor Detection Kit

LEL: Low Explosive Limit

WPDK: Water Poison Detection Kit

PASS: Press/Pull the safety pin Aim the nozzle and base of the fire Squeeze the lever swipe the fire

REM: Roentgen Equivalent man

RAD: Radiation Absorbed Dose

NAPS: Nerve Agent Pre-Treatment Set

EV: Electron Volt

ERC: Emergency Response Centre

ERT: Emergency Response Team

RMT: Radiation Monitoring Team

RIT: Radiation Identification Team

AST: Aerial Survey Team

SRT: Source Recovery Team

AAT: Assembly and Advisory Team

MST: Medical Support Team

BIT: Bioassay Team

RPT: Radio pathology Team

BDT: Biodosimetry Team

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