What is Cooperative Bank

@ Registered under the State Cooperative Societies Act, 1912.

@ It belongs to his customers (Who are the owners and customers of the bank at the same time).

@ Work under “No Profit No Loss” model.

@ Focuses mainly on lending for bank loans to agriculture and rural sectors customers.

@ Under the dual control of Registered of Co- operative Societies and RBI.

@ The Board of Members is elected with “One Member One Vote”.

@ Primary Financing Sector:

1. Agricultural activities,

2. Some small scale industries,

3. Self employed workers.

@ Works according to co – operative principles of mutual aid.
@ For short term loan.
@ Co- operative banks have a 3- tier structure:

1. Primary (Agricultural or Urban) Credit Societies.

2. District Central Cooperative Bank

3. At the apex level – State Cooperative Bank

@ Long Term Loans :

1. Land Development Bank.

2. Cooperative and Rural Development Bank.

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