Coromandel Express (English Story)

As a job holder, I am not able to avail more than leave on sanctioned leave. So I shall move on my way and go out of my house. That time I Little bit of tears in my eyes but I can’t go back, where father and mother also gave a blessing for traveling safely and when you reach so call us. And the other hand my wife she crying more but not showing in her eyes, her eyes say don’t go, please stay some more days. But I can release her hand and come to the verandah and wear my shoes and my son wants to go with me but my bike has started and my mother was lifting my hand from my son’s hand. He crying and telling please let me go, but I can’t move back and told him that my nephew let’s race the bike.

Let my tears slowly dry and I came to the bus stop and sit on the bus. After two hours I reached Berhampur railway station at around 8.30 pm. I m waiting for my train but the train time is also 1200 am at night. I m open my mobile and opened YouTube and started seeing the education-related video. It’s about crossed 2 hours. So my train came soon on platform no 2.
Then I checked the running train it shows your train is also half an hour late so I m decided it’s one hour more so why not I try light sleep. So on the bench, I lay down but the mosquito army came and disturbed me. So I m change the place but there will be the same. The mosquito again disturbed me.

Now It’s 5 minutes due for coming to the train. I m feeling bored. Then a train reached platform number one and its coromandel express. When I listened to the announcement, I m shocked and I think my train is coming to another platform. And I m ready to move the platform number one. My carry bag was too much weightage because some important items were carried with me. And as such as I run towards the train. Finally, I m reached platform number one but the train was moved on. But my sense of mind was seen by TTE and he stopped the train and I m boarded the train but another coach. Where TTE asked me which number of coaches?? I m taking a long breath and told him B2. Then TTE said ok Relax, calm down, and take a rest for 2 minutes after u showed your ticket. I m again take a continuous high breath. And the train started Nd its speed also 120/km per hour. After 2 minutes TTE again asked to show me your ticket. And I m shown him my ticket and TTE was shocked. And tell are you a fool !! And are you traveling first time on a train?? I m wandering and asked what the problem sir. TTE asked me if this train is running towards Kolkata, not Chennai. when his words listened I m shocked and likely I m converted into a statue. And sit down on the train floor. And see our side but the train is so much Speed.
That time I think what type of blunder occurred in my life that is the first time. In my 13 years of service I m not missed any train but today what happened I am boarding the wrong train. I want to try crying but I m not. And the next station is Khurda Road. I m thinking about a lot of issues. And what can I do it’s nighttime and going 1 am around. No train for Chennai. And TTE suggested don’t worry boy, you can deboard on khurda road. And take rest and it’s coming after two hours. My brain was not working at that time and I m feeling mad. I m again sit down on the train floor. What can do further? My department also declared Over stay leave and the new commander take action against me. What can I do, I hit my head on the train wall.

But no option was revealed in my mind. I m alone at that time. My brain is not working. The train is running as fast in my mind, and my original train already crossed the origin station. And I can try to cancel the train ticket but no option is showing on my application.  so I am very sad and sat down on the floor.  After half an hour the train stopped for a few minutes at Chhatrapur railway station. That time TTE is moving another coach. and I think I drop out of this coach and came to the platform sitting there for some minutes calmly. Whatever happens, it’s occurred so now what’s the next plan? Repetition on my mind. Then I phone called my wife and told her everything that happened to me earlier. I think what can I do now tickling in my mind it’s okay,  no problem I am traveling by flying. My wife did not ask anything about it and she suggested to me and said don’t worry about it. Take a good decision for further. I told her to ask her brother which means my brother-in-law if his friends can allow his room for staying one night in his room. My wife asks his brother and saying What all occurs to me. A few minutes later my brother-in-law told me by phone that his friend says sorry after midnight his owners did not allow any person to any relative or not. Then I m reached the auto stand and ask the auto rickshaw person if ask can you go with me to Berhampur. The auto-rickshaw person wondering ask me any problem sir, I am telling lies at that time bcoz if I am telling the truth I don’t know if the auto-rickshaw person allows traveling or not. And I m told him that my relative’s health condition is not well so tomorrow morning I will go to meet my relatives.

Then the auto-rickshaw asked me again you take a good decision because nighttime traveling is very expensive. if you go with me so good either I m went from there.  so I told him no brother, I am ready to go. And I started my journey towards the Berhampur.  but unfortunately, my good favor and my luck show the magic and inside the auto, I can check the train availability from Berhampur to Chennai. And it’s magic upon me that one seat is available from Berhampur to Chennai tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. When I see the available seat I am happy and booked soon.  A few minutes later I reached Berhampur railway station and then I will reach a nearby lodge and asked for any availability of room at your lodge at 1 am, The person opened the iron door and told me that wait please my owner is coming soon.


A few minutes later the owner came and after asking he says per night 500 rupees. That time my eyes lay down and feeling very tired. I am telling Okay no problem I will adjust. The owners accept me and give me the key to the room and I went to bed.  The next morning at 7:30 approx I woke up and was ready the moving to Chennai.

So that’s the story happening with me and very very remember the fiery time in my life. The blunder time in my life. my whole service and I cannot do this type of wrong and I cannot miss the train in my life.

So this is all, it’s not a story, it’s a blunder mistake in my life.

Thank you for your patience and put your love and hit the like and comment, please.

By. Nilamadhab Bhuyan

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