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I am very sad and my mind becomes restless

When I Knew you wouldn’t come…..

I can’t say come and meet me

Control has a lot on my mind…

But it was hard for me to hold back the tears

At the end of a month

I wanted to see you

I was sad but I didn’t say it

Did you have a lot of faith in your heart?

that you will come??


I was amazed that day

After seeing you!!

Couldn’t hold back my tears of joy….

It was like coming from a dream

I knew by physical touch

That you came??

All the sorrows in the heart arose

I ran to you.

Tears broke down…

The limit of happiness has crossed….

I found out that day!

To every word of my heart

Do you understand….

You in that strange situation

I watched with full of heart….

The man of my heart is before me

The feeling was true.

Every surprise for you is for me

Has brought the light of happiness

And you are a surprise for me

It remains an unforgettable memory.

By. Rubi Nahak