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Thief.. Thief.. Thief…

The meeting organised in the village hall. Because the thief will be caught. Ramu Gaud’s goat has been stolen. A few days later, Ramu has been missing since two o’clock in the morning. Even after a long search that night, there was no sign of the goat. Finally, Ramu gave a notice to the village committee early in the morning that upcoming purnima is coming and before that one of my male goat has been stolen. Please help the village committee to find me that male goat.

The village committee encouraged Ramu and said that don’t worry you will get your goat. Ranjia Raul’s son Satish actually stole it. He is a criminal of this village like cock theft and goat theft sometimes he stole jwellery from locked houses etc. 

He does not listen to anyone in the village. If someone raises a finger at him, then the next day will surely be bad for him by satish, he doing something with that person like , his leg and hand broked etc. That is why no one goes against him.

At night, the village meeting was held and the village committee requested to Ramu asked him do you suspect anyone’s? We are with you. Ramu looked at everyone’s faces and finally he suspected to Satish but there was fear in his heart.
The village committee called Satish but he was drunk and not at home. The meeting was over and Ramu was given a praise that don’t fear we are with you and asked you are fear with satish ? Ramu , shake his head slowly and saying no but he was afraid. Committee again give a don’t worry we are with you. And meeting is over.

The next day, Satish came to Ramu. Threatened him and said. have you seen me At the time of taking your goat. Ramu was silent. Satish said to him, “Did you lie?” Now I will steal your real goat. And I will set fire to your cattles house. Do anything what is in your hand. Ramu also got scared and called the village committee for justice. The village meeting was organized but Satish did not come. All are immortal. Someone will force him. That is criminal typed person.

After 8 days Satish reached Ramu’s cattles house around 4 am. Satish arrived with his three drunken friends. He thought that I must steal three to four goats today, but the point is that if your sin bucket is full, then your bad time will surely come. Then, unknowingly, Satish’s leg slipped into the urinal hole in the corner of the room and his leg twisted and fell upright. In the state of intoxication, he does not feel pain. While tying to the shut up mouths of two goats, Ramu’s sleep is suddenly interrupted.

He ran and saw four people inside his cattles After shouting Ramu, thief, thief, thief, village people came up. Satish’s friends ran away after hearing the shouts of village’s people. Satish could not run. Because after twisting his leg and falling, his leg was broken.

Who knows that Satish’s leg is broken. Who took hand and who came together. Face to face cannot be seen in the dark night. All of them dragged him out of the cattles and started showering him on his back with sticks. Almost everyone knows that this is Satish, but no one had mercy on him and after beating him up, he reported to the police. There was a little delay in the arrival of the police, but when they came, they tied up Satish and took him to the police station. Since then, satish no longer visible, perhaps like he is a good person.

From a collection of stories by Nilamadhab Bhuyan..