Eng(2) Shimla, Kullu and Manali

The Tour of Shimla, Kullu and Manali.
Second Day
As per the scheduled time of the previous day, both are got ready on time. So we had started traveling to Manali with our cab at 10 o’clock in the morning. On the way, the side view of the hill road was very beautiful on the banks of the Beas River. we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of nature and take photos more. There were needing a DSLR camera also. We had taken all the photos only my smartphones. I had started vomiting after 50 kilometers. My wife started vomiting after stopped my vomiting.
On the way, we had stopped many places for taking photos. Both are feeling happy and enjoyed the natural view.
At 5 pm we reached Kullu. All the tourists doing Water Rafting and Paragliding activities at Kullu. We had like to Rafting. But our cab driver took the commission the same here. We did not do paragliding there because of the dusk in the sky.
Then we proceed towards the hotel. Due to the evening, the Day Flower hotels receptionist called me and asked me where are you, sir? I told him that, we will arrive at 8 pm onwards.
On the way, ITO representative Babita Sharma was calling and asking about the situation. We had check-in the hotel at 08 Pm. Both are shivering due to cold. By then we were totally wet. The hotel member’s behavior was very good. The interior view of the hotel is awesome. The day flower hotel that was given to us was a superb hotel ever with good arrangements that were done by the hotel members. The location of the hotel so good because from the hotel the hilltop view was so beautiful. Dinner was conducted at a restaurant on the ground floor.
Both are hotels that we stayed in the 02 days of our tour were very humble and good discipline. The hotels were beautiful as it was made of wood. The food was also served at a high standard. The cleanliness of the hotel was also of a high standard. Kullu highway was famous for only paragliding and rafting.
The second-day tour was nothing well but dinner and hotels satisfied both of him. before going to bed Miss Babita Sharma called me and collect the daily information about our situation and guide me for the next day of the tour.
So friends please give the feedback on the above tour and if you like the trip so call the ITO representative Miss Babita Sharma.

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Some of Second Day Tour Photos:-
Mid on the river
Sight scene
Sight view on the high way of shimla and manali

Rafting started

Highway temple
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