Browsing History

Browsing history a review data of your system like  mobile either computer.
Browsing history saved your recent data .
It’s easily track your last work location and work points.
Browsing history saved your password and other activities ( password: if you allow permission).
It’s helpfull for child study tracking. If they visit any in appropriate site so you can easily track them.
If you visit any suspicious site so it’s necessary for clear time to time because it’s saved all your data.
Browsing history denote your personal behaviour it’s saved both side i.e. good side or bad side. 
How to find:-
In Mobile: find the three dots of your mobile browser application it’s by default view in upper right side corner. And where you easily see a History Tab. And track your history.
In computer: open Google Chrome , same process followed, find three dots of right upper corner and to see the history button or tab. Another methods press the Ctrl+H button and the History page opened.
The data of Browsing History.

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