Durga Maa

Durga Maa is revered as the foremost Mother. In Hindu tradition, she is worshiped as Shakti, Mother, Protector. Where there is more evil, the mother appears to restore the truth.

Once upon a time, Mahishasura, through his penance, sought a boon from Brahma ji to become immortal. But Brahma ji says, everyone will have to die one day.

Then Mahishasura asked for a boon that only a woman can kill me. Because the woman was considered powerless and weak. And no god can kill him.


Mahishasura took possession of Devlok as soon as he got the boon. Mahishasura’s wrath had increased more. In order to solve the problem of all god and kill Mahishasura, all the Gods made Durga Mata by providing their divine part and Mahishasura was killed.

This was the sacred legend about the mother.

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