Dark Night

Every second of that night was a painful second for me and such a night should never come into anyone else’s life! This is what I will pray to God.

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I have brought for you a true incident of my life. Many people liked my last article, hope you will like this one too. If you like reading till the end, then share this link with your friends too.

The story is December 2001, when I was about 11 years old. This incident happened at my home in Solandi, Odisha. At that time my family members included my father, mother, 02 sisters, 02 brothers, and me. The sad thing is that my elder sister is no more in this world.

Coming to the story, it was severely cold in 2001, now the weather has become normal. Being the youngest, I was a beloved son to my mother and used to sleep daily in my mother’s lap only. Like every evening, that day all the family members were going to sleep after having dinner.

Mother came to bed after cleaning the house and closing the door. My younger sister was sleeping on my left side. Younger sister but older than me. Before going to sleep, both of us used to sleep after drinking lukewarm milk. But that day he slept early. It will be around 11 to 12 at the night. My younger sister had also felt light sleep. Mother brought milk, like other days the milk was a bit hot that day. Mother was standing near the mat, and suddenly the younger sister got up in her sleep and pulled the blanket over her. My younger sister pulled the blanket and my mother’s feet were on top of that blanket. Mother had a glass of milk in her hand, she missed it and the glass of milk fell on my face and my left face was completely burnt.

I started crying loudly. Everyone got up on hearing my cry. You must have felt how bad we feel if someone wakes us up while we are sleeping. But at that time I was crying out in pain. It was not an ordinary pain, it was such a pain of my life which was more dangerous than the pain of hell.

My mother started crying holding me in her arms, my younger sister also started crying holding me. It was about midnight, neighbours also came as soon as they heard my cry. My pain was increasing. When I touched my face, burnt flesh was also coming onto my hand. Everyone was worried about how to go to the hospital at night.


The road from the village to the hospital was very bad. There was also the fear of wild animals at night. If it was too cold, then there could be trouble in going to the hospital at night. Mother said, let it be morning, we will go to the hospital. The elder father of the neighbour advised that after grinding the potato, apply it to the burnt area. He will feel good and will fall asleep. Along with suggested some pain killer, he put me to sleep.

I agreed after listening to him. But the burning pain was not reducing. The pain subsided for 15 to 20 minutes and later the pain started again. Due to the pain throughout the night, I could not stop crying, sometimes mother was giving advice and sometimes younger sister was advising that “try to sleep, wake up in the morning and go to the medical”. Throughout the night mother and younger sister were caressing me. Tears were not stopping from pain and eyes. In between, he was telling his mother that mother is feeling very pain. Tears were not stopping even in mother’s eyes. Just the words were coming “So ja babu” and “So ja babu”(in Hindi).

I could hear the ticking sound of the needle of the clock on the wall of the whole night. I have counted every second from midnight in the night till 05 o’clock in the morning. Throughout the night I was thinking that when would it be morning and would take me to the hospital. The night passed with tears and pain. Felt a little sleepy at 05 in the morning and started sleeping. The next day I was taken to the hospital. Tears well up in my eyes while writing this.

Stayed at home in custody for 03 months, doctors had given me some medicine and advised me to stay at home by wearing some masks or towels. Strictly prohibited was forbidden to go out. Slowly the wound was getting healed and some wound was left. Before this incident, I used to go to take bath in the pond with my friends in the morning, but after this incident, I had to take bath at home. No one knew that even my friends did not know that my condition had happened. In school, the teacher used to ask about me, but everyone knew that he was unwell. One day I thought to take bath in the pond, mother had gone to the neighbour house. I left the house and went to bathe in the pond. Covering my face with a towel, reached the pond. I was very happy to see the pond. Started taking bath, and while taking a bath a man was staring at me for a long time as to why he is not removing the towel from his face. In the end, he asked me why you are not taking off the towel.

I said “nothing just like that” and remained silent. He asked me again what happened. I remained silent again but he pulled my towel and saw my face. Seeing my face, he got shocked. He was surprised and asked me how did all this happen and when did it happen?? I said it has been 03 months ago. He got sad after seeing my face. And said Babu, don’t bathe with the water of the pond, it will not be right. It’s infectious.  Take a bath at home. By then I had taken a bath. When I came back home, I saw that my mother was angry and asked where did you go?? Who told you to go out? Started scolding me a lot. Mother said, don’t go out, if it is sunny then your face will not be fine. It took about 04 to 05 months to recover. When I completely recovered, I started going to school. Due to the good medicine , not even a single burn mark remained on my face.

But a scar remained on my face to perpetuate the memory. Whenever I see my face in the mirror, I feel the pain of that night for some time. when I remember the ticking of the clock. The ticking word of a needle still echoes in my ears. And such a night should never come into someone else’s life! This is what I will pray to God.

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