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    1. Thanks Kymber Hawke, for your valuable response, some few data about the Danda Yatra.
      This festival is called Danda Yatra, it’s observed in the Ganjam District of Odisha between the 25 March to 15 April, In some villages it’s observed for 14-15 days. It’s a devotee-linked festival. Lot of devotees participant on this festival for different wishes depend upon on oath. Whole day they don’t eat any food, they Suffering pain, naked feet and in hot dense summer they played some role on front of Goddess Kali Mata. For his wish fulfillment. In evening they prepared juice as Prasad ( it’s very tasty and delicious) and at night they take food (that only Rice and mixed vegetables dal) the food eating time is one to two minutes. After that arranged a drama , before playing drama it’s arrange melody (Dance+Singing Song) its 1 to 2 hours. Then playing Drama. It’s is called Danda Yatra. If you want to enjoying the days so planned for tour at Ganjam, Odisha. 25 March to 15 April every year.

      1. Thank you so much for all of this information. I really liked the videos you posted as I watched each one, and the photos were great as well. I loved all that you’ve told me about this special time.

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