My Elder Sister

Describe a family member.

In August 2018 I came to Bhubaneswar to attend my exams. After the examination there, my younger sister told me that my elder sister was not well.

If you are there, we will check in at the medical center. I said yes and stayed there and reached Bhubaneswar with my elder sister and her son. A medical check-up was done there, but the report revealed that my elder sister had started to suffer from cancer. This is just what the doctor told me.

But when my elder sister wanted to know this, I told her everything. She was worried. And from there we brought him to the village. My sister’s husband denied this and said nothing happened. I will check on my wife again. He took it again and checked and the doctor said. It’s something other than cancer and she’ll be fine soon. But the effect of cancer has started.


I came to the village for a few days. I went back after my vacation was over. But the effects of the cancer were so great that my elder sister was getting sick day by day. Her body began to thin. My sister’s husband always denied that nothing happened. No need to worry. I couldn’t understand whether he was doing this knowingly or out of ignorance or he believed that his wife would get better but her body was getting worse day by day. Finally came to Bhubaneswar and was admitted again and it was found that the cancer had reached the last stage. Everyone is worried.

The operation was done but there was no result. Finally, on December 6, my elder sister breathed her last. This is where I always tell my elder sister’s husband to get treated well at any other hospital. But now my sister is not with me today because of some of his miserly policies and negligence. So the root cause of my sister’s husband appearance is neglect.

So you should never be so negligent that even your beloved family members will turn away from you. So let me know how you like this true story through comments.

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  1. I’m very sorry about your eldest sister, Bhuyan. I lost my eldest sister to cancer too in 2013. She was only 62, I believe. From the time they told us she had cancer to her dying day, the disease spread rapidly, and before I knew it she was gone. She was a great older sister who truly lived up to that role.

    Her husband kept us in the loop, although there were times my mother thought he was hiding something. But he wasn’t. He loved my sister so much but I think her illness and the entire process of the disease killing her was overwhelming for him. I think some men may have a hard time accepting the reality of their wife or loved one being sick, so they deny it is happening. They can’t accept reality. Maybe this is what your sister’s husband was going through and was not intentionally neglecting her.

    Sickness, pain, or possibly facing death is scary. You realize you no longer are in control.

    May you and your family find comfort and God fill the void of your loss. 😔❤🙏🏿

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