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Comfort Food (Little story)

What’s your go-to comfort food?

A model (Sneha) joined a film industry. Everyday she came at 8am, Daily scheduled fixed, after 1 to 3pm lunch hour for everyone.

First day Sneha do her shoot and the director arranges lunch (mutton and rice) meals for everyone . Sneha shocked and think 💬🤔 there mutton meals arranged everyday. She is very happy and she take the meals and went to shot. Next day same lunch time, occurs same thing the mutton meals ! Sneha again happy and it’s continuously served for one week.

But after one week it’s arrange normal meals. Sneha little sad and don’t demand for mutton meals because she is new for the industry and don’t say to director or producer. Two days gone, sneha take a long breath and go to ask to Director that why are you not arranged the mutton meals(with smile 😊). First week you serve mutton meals then second week is normal meals there no like prawn or chicken etc.

Director tell first impression is always arranged good but not regularly, but later its not. When she listens that she feel sad again. Sneha’s going habit and comfort with Mutton meals in one week. Sneha replied “Okay” and went to shoot.

After two weeks director seen the sneha’s face and feel kind and arrange again mutton meals for everyone and that day is very busy day. When sneha came and see the mutton meals her all pains deleted an few seconds. She telss ” Wow Mutton” and nearby all members listen it and all are laughing. The mutton plate take in her hand and reach at Director’s table.

When Sneha reached at Director table , director feel that sneha is very happy. sneha said “sir please stand up, I want to do something” director stand up then Sneha kiss to the director and said “Thank you”. All are members are shoked to see. Sneha said sir, it’s my favorite food and i always comfort with this mutton meals. thanks for arranging the mutton meals today’s and superb and so tasty.

All members are shocked with see to sneha. Then Sneha look around and tell again “sir don’t take it seriously or bad wrong way because this kiss is a gift for you and take it good way. Sir, you look like my father and whenever I feel happy with my father’s work i kiss him everytime . Director sir face convert to smile and saying “It’s okay, No problem”. All are ate and went to set again.

Whenever the very hard shoot day, Director arrange the mutton meals for all members. But sneha didn’t kiss again to director, but when the mutton meals arranged sneha must to say ” Thanks” to director sir. and both are smiling to remind the kissing moments of that day.

Thanks for reading this little story.

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