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Nick Name

What’s the story behind your nickname?

Nice question ever !!

So in this question i mostly says that my Nick Name ” Santosh ” but my School Teacher Sri Kashinath Mishra calling Me by my Nick name “Sudhir ” but why 2 Nick naming for me.

Lets talk about the logically story.

Logically “Santosh” naming calling my family and my village friends that not about the story. I ask to my parents or grand parents there is no clue or story to give me the Nick name.

But the another Nick Name which given by my school teacher that is “Sudhir” it’s little logically. When I m reading at standard one I m seeing very shyness or peace nature boy. Anyways I am peace type of boy all the time. So that’s the logically point “Sudhir” means silent nature and character people so that’s the point my teacher given this name to me.

So that’s the story of my Nick name.

Give your opinion.