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A person

Who is the most famous or infamous person you have ever met?

A famous person (comedy actor) in the Odia industry. I met them at the airport but they felt free to talk to me and he also tours.

They Talked with me like before knowing me for the last few years.

But I saw the must of celebrities at the airport but they forgot all of the people. The But I cannot be like the celebrity. Some celebrities meet freely but some celebrities show his or her egos and they do not have much time.

I know they are busy person but when you come to the airport they know that there people want to meet. But they seriously avoid it and some people cry and some people are sad. But that time I could not act like this. I know his or her life, and how to handle it in the meantime. Some of the fans tried to meet but some of the enemies were present in the crowd trying to harm so they avoided them. Logic must be applied in crowds. But I can’t feel that type of feeling when meet a famous person.

So what’s your experience, share, please.