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Attempt to suicide(English )

Dear Sunita,
This is my last letter to you for the first time. I saw a lot of hardship in my life. Even if I want to live, I am not deserved to enjoy this life. You know very well that I have never done any wrong and I cannot stand injustice. the only mistake of mine was protesting injustice. Being on the right path and being on the right way, I am sitting today doing something that everyone will call a fool and a coward, but just as I was a beacon of hope for you, your destiny will always shine in the sky.

No one is responsible for my stupidity/suicide. Whoever receives this letter please give this letter to my wife Sunita.

All my insurance papers and account books are in the middle drawer of the second column of the cupboard. One of his keys is attached to the house key ring. Open it and collect all the money and spend the rest of your life happily.

Not writing much,
By Your Akash…

Akash’s brain is not working at that time. Suddenly an angel appeared in front of Akash’s eyes and he took Akash’s hand and lifted him from the bed and told him to do what we have to do quickly. This is the time to get rid of your life. He took her by the hand and made her stand near the window. He says to look at the outside world for the last time. Tomorrow this world will end for you. Akash looking at the outside world is very dark and he wishes that he would soon be absorbed in the dust.

Four hours have passed since he sat on the bed in the evening. Glancing inside the room, he is already busy and disturbed. He thought that the last time has come for me. Thinking so much, he went again and saw the mobile. He thought he would talk to Sunita once. Because Sunita’s phone has been ringing about 20 times since evening and it is turning into a missed call. As he was going to grab the phone, the angel shouted to Akash, “No, now is the time to get rid of you.” Don’t pick up anyone’s phone, no one is yours. Everyone here is selfish. The work you are going to do today is the path to your true liberation.

After hearing that, Akash changed his mind again and put the phone upside down and picked up the bed sheet lying on the bed, and twisted it like a rope. She brought the stool to the side of the bed and placed it right under the fan. On the other hand, the angel forces him continuously. Hey… hurry up, time is running out. Akash has gone mad after hearing his words. Without wasting time, he first tied the bed sheet to the fan and tied the other part of the Akash around his neck. On the other hand, Angel says, today is your freedom day You will be assured, we are doing right. Now tie the bed sheet tightly around the neck and push the stool.

Akash began to tighten his throat at his words. His eyes slowly closed. Pushing the stool and tried to raise his legs. Just then Akash’s phone rang. Can’t see because the mobile screen is downwards. Akash changed his mind and remained silent. There was a long ring, and it started ringing again. Ignored it again and started tightening his throat. On the other hand, his breath started to get obstructed because of the chanting of angels. His eyes dimmed and slowly closed.

He raised his leg to push the stool and as he tried to push, the phone rang again for the third time. The ringing of the phone disturbs him. Taking a long breath in anger, and opened his eyes and thought, who is the person who is calling again and again?  I going to Switch off the phone. On the other hand, the angel said, “No, now is the time for you to be freed, and don’t let this time pass in vain.” Should he obey the words of the angel or should he accept the words of his life mind, thinks the Akash? Finally decided. No, until now I have been listening to the Angel. Now I will listen to my heart. He climbed up on the bed, making loose at the knot of the bed sheet. He was going to pick up the phone and put it on silent. It started ringing for the fourth time. New number. The Number was barely recognizable. He picked up the phone and thought that this phone call is the last call of my life.

Hello, who’s talking? Since then, one voice began to say with a smile, Hey brother Akash, how are you?

He did not recognize it. Again asked who is speaking. After that the answer came again, Hey brother, I’m calling Dipti, Hey Dipti Ranjan, why don’t you recognize me? ?? Akash began to think less. Hey brother, we both did police training together at Bhubaneswar, do you remember?? Akash remembered. He said, Hey brother, tell me, how are you? Since then, Dipti asked, first you tell me, how are you?? Akash said, “No,  brother I am not good.” Dipti asked again, yes I also got the news, you have been accused, and want to hear all the stories from you. Tell me, the Akash said no, brother, I can’t say, I don’t have time.

   On the other hand, the angel looks at him angrily and starts saying, hurry up and get on the stool. Then the voice came again.

Bro, what happened, you kept quiet, you used to call me your close friend but now you are saying that I don’t have time for you.

No bro, I’m not feeling well, I’m going to do a big job. On the other hand, Dipti said, “What is the big business that you cannot tell me?” Hearing this, Akash felt a little angry, and said in a deep voice, “I am going to commit suicide.” Dipti said, what else can you do? Come on, talk to me about what’s the matter then committed suicide.

  Akash’s anger rose again. Hey, are you having fun or what?? I am committed to suicide now. If you don’t believe me and make a video call, I will show you. On the other hand, Dipti said, “No, no, I don’t need to see your suicide set-up.” I will do the same if I see your setup. Saying this, Akash requested a video call. But Dipti rejected him and said. Hey, I’m on night duty. Sitting on the tower. INT person will know if the lights go out.

Talking only by voice calls. Then Akash said angrily. Are you having fun? I m going to hang up the phone and I’m going to kill myself. Akash said. Stay bro, do one thing and postponed your suicide. I will come on vacation next month. You come too. To meet in Cuttack, then you commit suicide after seeing. Hearing this, the Akash became silent and burned with anger. On the other hand, the angel stares at him angrily and forced him to come on the stool. Then the voice came again. Hey, bro are you angry?? Oh, listen, no need to be angry. First tell me your story, then if you want to commit suicide I will not refuse you. Akash said no brother can’t say.

Dipti said it will take two minutes from you. He said, “I don’t need to know, if you commit suicide tomorrow, do I have to tell the others?” you committed suicide because of a specific reason. Now the Akash calmed down. If you are asking, then listen.
Akash thought, if he asks, I will tell him and then I will kill myself. Akash said, after police training, I left my job in 2014 and became a forest ranger, but there is no peace here. Who stole and who got caught? Exactly 19 days ago, I caught a teak wooden truck at the gate. Just two minutes after that, a call came from Sallu Bhai of that area who is the owner of a famous wine distillery in the area, and threatened me saying that he should leave the truck, officer.

I said, if there are any threats left then you can come and tell the police station and hung up the phone. From that day onward a being harassed and on the second day I m going to the office, at the roadside a woman asked me for help to move forward. I got down from the jeep to help her, she shouted and called the people around and the woman tore her clothes and nail marks on her body and accused me of rape and the people around me beat me a lot and the police against me. Wrote the report.

  Since that day that Salu’s brother has been threatening me and telling me to leave this area or he will kill me and my family. I asked for the help of the police in this concern, but the police, together with Salu’s brother, oppositely spoke to me. I told my officer, and he also raised his hand and said you solve your own problem, don’t drag us in. All roads were closed for me.  I told my wife at home, and she explained and assured me that everything will be fine slowly, but it is impossible for me, I don’t want to live anymore, brother. No one is mine, everyone is here for selfish reasons. Not only that, but Salu Bhai is also asking me for 50 lakh rupees for not any reason.

On the other hand, Dipti said, why don’t you quit your job? Akash said, how to live with my family?  if I leave my job? Dipti said, Hey brother, it is the best way to solve suicide? If you commit suicide, will Sallu leave your family? If you do it and you have a daughter, she will become an orphan, have you ever thought? How will your wife who trusts you live? She cannot live without you. She may even commit suicide because of your death. What will happen to your money? Your parents do not accept your child as their own. On the other hand, the behavior of the in-laws is also not right. How will they survive in this selfish world, you tell me??

If you can’t fight them then get posted to another place from that place. Thinks well. Suicide is not the solution. Tell me what’s wrong. I must tell you the solution, but if you commit suicide today, you will be freed and you must be called a fool and coward man. You say how will your daughter live who takes her father’s name and feels superior everywhere. How will your wife live? who has boasted of her for your honest wife? How will the father and mother live who will see the death of their son before their death? You think once.

After hearing this, two drops of tears came out of Akash’s eyes. He closed his eyes and sat unconsciously on the bed. On the other hand, the angel gradually disappeared and his voice became less audible. He put his hand on his head. Hey bro, seriously what was I going to do? And two drops of tears came out. It is because of you that I have saved myself from making a big mistake today. Akash smiled and said, I knew from the first that you would do something wrong and I had a feeling. And you don’t live for me today, I lived for that girl, for that woman, and for that father and mother. I am nothing. Akash’s eyes were already wet. said. Brother, I have also written my suicide note. Akash said, now you decide and I will show you the solution. Go fresh, even if you haven’t eaten. Akash said yes.

Dipti said, “You order food from the hotel, otherwise you order it online.” Bring your wife tomorrow. Both are staying together. The mind will be fine. Being alone will bring bad thoughts to your mind. Now I am putting the phones and hanging up. Let’s talk to your father and mother once, but don’t tell them about your foolishness. Now I am keeping the phone, Dipti said

Akash took a deep breath and lay down on the bed. For about two minutes he laughs and cries a little while looking at the hanging bed sheet. Sunita’s phone rang. Sunita asked silently, what are you doing? Why is the phone not receiving it? I am very worried. Akash said, “No, I am fine.” I slept with my mobile on silent because I was not feeling well. Sunita asked, what happened? Akash said, he suffering from a headache and after talking a little, he asks for talking with Mom to give her the phone. Sunita gave the phone to her mother, and Akash spoke to her as well. He felt happy. Father asked. Mother said she has a little cold so she has eaten and gone to sleep. We will talk tomorrow. After talking a little, Akash hung up the phone. Online food also arrived in time. The next day he went to his village. He stayed for about four or five days and brought Sunita.

  The problem of the current Akash is slowly getting solved and that’s only because of a good friend like Dipti.

(Also that day, Akash’s wife called Dipti and said, “I called Akash many times and he didn’t pick up the phone. Can you please call him and ask him? He told me before about you and that you two were good friends. So I m very worried. Please call him and please suggest a good decision. I didn’t found anyway. So I messaged you on Facebook and asked for your number. Please forgive me if I m  disturbing you. Dipti also said, “Nothing Mam, I am not.”

After that, They were talking on the phone. because of the dipti that day, Akash returned from death gate.

After talking with Akash Dipti again called Akash’s wife and says that he should talk on the phone now but doesn’t say anything to make her angry. He is very worried. Dipti explained to Akash’s wife that you will speak well.


So the story is over…
So dear reader you will see such events today and tomorrow. Someone’s case is exactly like this story. He who has a friend with good judgment like Dipti survives, but he who does not has him, to get rid of this life, he takes the identity of a coward.

So what did you decide? Everyone should have a friend like Dipti, right? Must be one in the comments and how did you like this story, the words are waiting for you in the comment box, must say.

This story is little based on a true story. Only the name has been changed. No one has been indicated Individually and not harmed anyone.

The author has heard this story from the Dipti Ranjan and prepared it in front of you through the story.

So thank you Dipti brother.

Your favorite author
Nilamadhab Bhuya.