A man goes to a rickshaw puller with heavy luggage. Rickshaw puller age will be around 50. Many people ask him how much money he will get to go to the metro. Rickshaw puller speaks for 20 rupees. But from there battery rickshaw costs Rs 10. This man said to that rickshaw driver that please take 10 rupees. he could easily reach the metro on foot; he had a lot of time. There was no battery rickshaw there. Seeing the stuff, the person became a little lazy. The man stepped forward and while leaving, the sound of Rickshaw puller again came from behind. How much will you give brother? That person said that I will give 10 rupees, Rickshaw puller said please give 15 rupees, I am standing for a long time, I have not found any person for going metro. If you walk with my puller, so i will get 10-20 rupees. Seeing the face of that person rickshaw, said Uncle, if you take 10 rupees, then come on or else I will leave the battery rickshaw. Seeing the heavy stuff, Rickshaw puller said yes and said, let’s give 10 rupees sir. The man sat in the rickshaw and after walking some way an old lady was walking. Rickshaw puller told that the person to sit down mother. To make that old woman sit, Rickshaw puller asked permission from that person. The old lady was made to sit on the permission of the person. There was a lot of crowds on the way. From there the distance of the metro station will be around 1 km. Rickshaw puller, giving voice to the crowd, was taking his rickshaw forward. Sometimes he used to get down from the rickshaw and sometimes when the way was clear, he used to pedal again in the rickshaw and take it forward. It was 6 o’clock in the evening. The weather was normal but not hot. The person noticed that Rickshaw puller was getting very tired. Actually, he had worked hard.

Was about to reach the metro station. The person asked Rickshaw puller, uncle Jee, how much do you earn in a day. So, Rickshaw puller said, “What should I tell, sir, these batteries rickshaw have been stopped in our business. Sometimes it is 1000, sometimes it is 500 and sometimes it is also 100 with great difficulty. So, the person again questioned, who lives in your house? So, Rickshaw puller replied a little sadly. Me and my wife”. The person asked whether there is no son or daughter? Rickshaw puller replied “What can I tell sir, everyone has become selfish. The son lives outside with the daughter-in-law and the daughter used to come sometimes, nowadays even the sow does not come. What does the son do, again the person asked? In response, Rickshaw puller has worked as a laborer and lives at a distance of one kilometer from my house. Again, the person was strong that he could stay with you, why do you live outside. Rickshaw pullers came with tears in his eyes and replied that “daughter-in-law does not like to drive a rickshaw and she does not like with living with him. That’s why he stays outside”. I have a compulsion; it is going to be 20 years from today while driving a rickshaw. How do I leave this business?

By then the metro station had reached. The person asked Rickshaw puller how much happened? Rickshaw puller said, “Give me what you want to give sir.” The person said 10 rupees, right? So, Rickshaw puller said “ok Babuji” give it. The person asked again how much? Rickshaw puller said if you give 15 it will be good. The person said we had a talk 10 that you are speaking 15 again. After saying this, the person took out Rs 100 and gave it to the Rickshaw puller, Rickshaw puller took out some coins and notes from her pocket. The person asked how much have you earned today? Rickshaw puller replied that the amount of money in my hand! That’s the only income. The person asked how much this is, Rickshaw puller counted and told that Rs 335 / – has been earned since morning till now. The person tells the Rickshaw puller ok all of this you will take it, Rickshaw puller said no sir, i will return rest of amount except my charge. The person smiled a little and said again, keep this 100 / – rupees. It’s 100 rupees less for the hard work you put in. After listening to this, Rickshaw puller looked astonished and kept looking. The next moment Rickshaw puller had a smile on his face. Maybe the person wanted to see Rickshaw puller smile. Rickshaw puller saluted the person with folded hands and said thank you sir. May all your wishes come true and wherever you are, may God keep you well. The person also thanked him and started moving forward.


The person went a little further and saw that the other Rickshaw hair was pointing towards that person and was saying something and was looking at 100 rupees again and again. As if his happiness has doubled. The person was saluted from a distance by Rickshaw puller. The man went towards the metro station.
Friends, even today some people live in the world where they like to donate happily for a smile of the poor. Many people could have come from that rickshaw by paying 10 or 15 rupees. I don’t know why such pity came in the mind of that person.
Do a lot in the world but you get the blessings of a poor man, don’t you? So, you are a lucky man. In front of this blessing, even the biggest of valuables will fall short. No matter how much money you spend, you cannot buy the kindness and blessings of the poor. Donating with your wish is also a virtue. After donating you will definitely get happiness, it is my feeling.

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