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Hello, friends tried to write something different today…
In other words, this question arises in the mind of some, but no one asks or no one can ask…
I started writing a little bit last night a close friend of mine “Santosh Kumar” asked again about this. Then I gave him the complete information about this question.

My friend was satisfied with this information. Hope you also get satisfaction from this information.
So let’s go….

I am Nilamadhab and welcome back to my blog let’s start today’s content.
The question is:
Can a lover become a friend?????
There are many answers but I will try to explain them in brief…
The root cause of all this is greed.
How and what?
You will know the answer gradually.

• First, a friend can become a lover, but a lover can never become a friend.

• Generally speaking, there is complete dependence on the person holding the relationship.

• He is sometimes worried about how he will try to restore the relationship.

• Will he accept her as a friend or as a lover?

• If the relationship has taken the form of love, then the work of a good friend is done.

• A romantic relationship begins. We may call that relationship friendship to express it to others but the truth is that it is love.

• It is not bad to give him the gift of a friend, but love for him is built up in the heart. How to consider him a friend??

• Yes, it is possible if we can change our state of mind and emotions before we get too far into it.

• Then the boyfriend can get rid of the relationship and maintain the friendship relationship.

• But the eternal truth is that friends become lovers. He misses the importance of his friend.

• We can’t get rid of our boyfriends even after a thousand tries.

• In the end he has to break up the relationship or some reasons break it.


• It means that this is the last stage of the relationship. If it goes further than that there will be a fight or some wrong steps will be started.

• Then the wrong step is not the solution. So the best way is to come to an agreement and not allow the relationship he loves to continue.

• If he is a friend, try to make him a friend.

• There will be no problems in the relationship of friends.

• From the beginning, one of the root causes of all these things is “greed”.

• Greed is less in friendship and more in love.

• That is why it is said in the scriptures that greed is harmful, if not the door to death.

• Yes there is lust for a friend but much less lust for a lover.

• It is not only the person’s fault. There are also many mistakes of the lover.

• Because the person sees the relationship as a friend.

• Then he (the lover) forces this relationship to change into love or forces the person to name the love affair.

• Here lust is aroused from both sides. If someone has less, someone has more.

• But it takes the form of love and becomes a lover. Not a friend.

That’s all there is to this fact
As you can see, there is only one word in this data that changes the relationship.
That is “greed”.
Less greedy friends!!
If more lust arises, love!!

So I hope you like the information.
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