Laughing Tablet…2

Sharma Ji woke up at midnight.
There was a noise outside, and the wife said, is there anyone, please shut him up, Sharma Ji came out rubbing his eyes.

The plumber was standing outside. Sharma ji asked what happened brother.

The plumber said, I had cleaned your water tank in the evening, the bottle of phenyl was left in it and his cap was not there, there must have been 10 pm the water fill up again.

I remembered it now and I have come to say this, didn’t you drink the tank water.

Sharma ji returned the room scratching his head and his wife asked what happened?

The husband said, he was drunk outside and I warned them to go now from here. Ok leave it and go to sleep after drinking water.

Will see what happens tomorrow morning. All the work was done in the morning.


A plumber did, what Sharma Ji

was thinking. Sometimes one’s work gets saved by others. Take care of such people…


I wish you understand the situation and share this message to your cute friends.

Laughing Tablets ;

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