Good Friends

Two friends lived in a village. They were very close friends. One is the Akash and the other is the Raj. Who could not live without seeing someone for a day? They go to school together every day, sit together and play together. The Raj does evil, but the Akash always tells him, “The Raj does not do this,” and the Akash always forbids him. The raj never listens to the Akash and the raj does not help the Akash with any problem. Akash was very brave. After the annual examination of the fifth standard, summer vacation started. Akash can’t swim in water but the Raj always says hey don’t be afraid come in the water I will teach you. Like a swimmer, if he leaves me in the middle of the water without teaching me, I will drown, he is never afraid of this. One day the Raj obeyed and the Akash went into the water. The Raj first held her hand and taught her but then let her go into deep water. The Akash does not touch his legs in the earth. The Raj came to the shore of the pond, changed his clothes, and left to go home. The Akash was screaming, save me, save me, but the Raj did not look back and walked towards the house. After some time, after trying hard and drinking some pond water, he reached the pond shore. Akash did not get angry with the Raj or tell anyone about this.

After a few days, Sunday came. The Raj said, “Come on, there is a jam tree near the forest. Go and eat.” Despite Akash’s refusal, the Raj dragged him away. Everyone is at home when it is sunny. Both of them reached the jam tree near the forest. There is jam but too much. Some of the children


fell on the ground and he gathered them and ate them, but he wanted to eat more. The Raj saw some stones lying nearby, he picked up the stones and hit the tree, but there was nothing. At this time, Raj’s stones fall into the nearby bushes and sometimes go into the forest. After some time, hearing their noise and the sound of falling stones, two wolves came. Seeing the wolf, both of them got scared, and both of them started running to opposite sides. Wolves also started chasing him. After a short distance, the Raj tripped over a stone and fell, hitting his head and fainting. The Raj who runs before the sky does not know how to speak. Suddenly, without hearing a sound from their backside, when he looked back, Raj was far away and the wolves surrounded him and were biting Raj’s legs and hands. Seeing this, Akash was very scared, he went out to run but he could not run. On one side is the fear of the wolf and on the other side is the life of the Raj. He decided that I should save Raj’s life but there was a lot of fear in his heart. Akash gathered his courage and ran towards the wolves screaming, picking up the stones nearby, and started hitting them. Until then, the wolves were not going away, but because of the repeated hitting of stones, the wolves were left in fear. The Akash began to lift the Raj.

After a few minutes, Raj’s parents came and the wolf remembered the words and started to get scared. Akash said the wolves are gone. The Raj asked Akash how did you see me when you were running ahead. Akash said after you fainted the wolves started biting you. I was afraid but I came back for your life because you are my best friend. Hearing this, Raj asked Akash, you are my true friend. The Raj said if you wanted you could have left me and today my life was saved by you. Then both of them came to the village, Raj’s father heard this and thanked Akash and Raj took medicine and an injection and after a few days, he was fine. Later, the relationship between the two families became very close. The Raj never leaves the Akash alone. Lived together all the time. They always helped each other.

What can be learned from this story??
1. It is not permissible to commit adultery with someone that causes harm to others.
2. You should always help in times of trouble.
3. Do not have bad feelings towards anyone.

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