Shravani’s family is planning to see the Cuttack Bali Yatra and reach there at the evening. Meanwhile Shrabani’s husband is parking the bike. Suddenly Shravani collides with an insane person. Shravani’s son holds the finger of her right hand. Asked, what happened mama, Shravani said, no baby, nothing, bumped into an insane person Son, Rahul glared at the insane person. Shravani grabbed the insane person’s curls hair and said, “Who are you, what do you see?” When he looked back, he was Srikanth.

Shravni’s eyes widened. She could not understand what to say. Srikanth(insane person) suffers little pain catching the curls hair. With such difficulty, he folded his hands and said, “Forgive me, sister.” I have made a mistake. Saying this, a few tears fell from the insane person’s eyes. Seeing the tears of the insane person , Shravani’s eyes also shed tears.

He doesn’t know what to say. His hand started to go numb. On the other hand Mithun held Shravani’s hand and asked what happened Shravani?? Shravani said, “No, nothing,” Rahul said, “Dad, this insane person collided with mom.” After this, Mithun said, “Oh, let it go, nothing happened?” Shravani and Mithun, along with the boy, left to go.

Shravani’s mood off after that moment. Only the  Srikanth’s face danced in his eyes. He said to Mithun, I am sitting in this chair, you take Rahul roaming around the Bali Yarra and come back. Mithun said, Hey dear, what happened? Shravni said with a little excuse. My leg hurts a little. You turn around. Send me your live location after your completed your tour and I will reach there. Yes, don’t forget to create video and photos. Mithun said, “If you don’t move, we won’t move either.” Shravni said with a little request. Look, Rahul’s heart will be sad. You turn around. What am I missing? There is a mobile, there is a purse. If there is any problem, I will call or message. Now you go for a walk.

Mithun and son Rahul started moving forward. Meanwhile Shrabani got up and went out to see the Srikanth. After searching for a while, he found it. Someone gave a packet to Srikanth. When he saw the packet in Kurkure, Srikanth was happy but Shravani’s eyes were filled with tears. Shrabani came to Srikanth and stood up. Insane Srikanth realized and folded his hands again and said sister please don’t beat me. Shravni said no no I will not beating you. Srikanth asks??  you will not beat me. Saying “okay now, I am coming”, the  Srikanth started to leave the place. Shrabni asks do you recognize me Srikanth?  Srikanth shook his head and said, “I don’t know!”

He continued to walking a unknown road. Shravni followed him for some distance. He saw that Srikanth picked up a dirty bag and started walking. Shravani followed. Slowly the  Srikanth left the gate of the fair. Shravni also followed without thinking anything. After going behind Srikanth for about 1 km. Finally, Srikanth went a little banner shed hut and this is the srikanth’s  the house.

To be continued….

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Rough paper (English Story)

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