Different Traditional

What traditions have you not kept that your parents had?

My parents always support with me and what they teach me i always follow that.

Some traditional teach me how to go ahead in your life.

some traditional very tough for me that i absorb but forcefully.

And some traditional like Farming, early morning wake up and visit temple daily.

Such type of traditional I m not able to kept daily lifestyle.

But i willl follow this type of traditional sometimes.

Thank you, give your opinion.


4 thoughts on “Different Traditional”

  1. My parents taught me about respect for God, and from in my mother’s womb, every Sunday she took me and my siblings to church. We are adults now and all still believe and honor God.

    Another tradition my parents did was making our birthday celebration very special with singing, cake and ice cream, and a special gift. I follow this too.

    The best tradition was Christmas. I’m African American. We did not have lots of money or material things growing up. There were 7 kids in the family. But my dad worked and every year on Christmas my mom and dad got together and bought each kid every gift they wanted. It was so many gifts, so much joy! Although they did not have much to give us all year long, the Christmas holiday was the time they sacrificed and gave us a lot. I still follow this tradition too with my son and grand children. 😅❤👍🏼

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