10 Best Advice

  1. Don’t take raw salt during food. Take only Sendha Namak, or Black salt etc.
  2. Sanitize your mobile time to time by sanitizer.
  3. Sleep with mobile is very harmful if you want to take with for Alarm Purpose so keep place in 3 feet away.
  4. Don’t eat Non vegetarian at night time.
  5. Don’t eat oily food or snacks or fastfood at evening.
  6. Students don’t chew the pen lid or backside of pen during study or writing.
  7. If you take water cane from outside for drinking water so every time wash the water dipper and pipes.
  8. Don’t cut or don’t make roti at kitchen platform.
  9. After every combing your hair , the comb try to wash every time.
  10. Don’t take mobile at Latrine or Bathroom.

All are advices related for germs protection so be aware and keep safe yourself, when you safe then you well protect your family.



By Suman Kumari

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