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What’s better with age ?

What do you think gets better with age?

It’s a logical question ❓

Let’s begin from childhood

A little bit lighting in my mind I remind a calender was 1995 there one saint sits with an smiling face. That time I m in middle 5-6 years.

Then I remind hill climbing with my friends and swimming at pool nearby hills and stole mango nearby garden.

Then a bad happening with me occurs at the age, horrible moment of my life ” This moment always give tears on my eyes and this moment found a story ” Dark Night” on the same blog.

Read Dark Night Story

Then little mature, schooling and playing with my friends at backside of home and fighting with sister etc.

Then college, moment is very memorable, lot of friends, lot of moment, lot of fun, lot of stories seen there.

Then job started life, under the boss, like king rulings and we are the servant. Morning to night routine fix then till now it’s continued.

Sometimes I played a role of writers with my job.

So all the above i found that on every stage of my life, i learn something new, touch with new people, create something new, bad people seen but I must stand with justice every time.

Learn so much on this life become growing with age.

So lot of thanks for your patience of reading, it’s motivate me every time.

Thank you again.