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A short story

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The result was out in the last few days. The hard work of the last 3 years has paid off, but the in-laws are more unhappy than my family. Because after a few months, I am getting married. The husband is learning to work in a pharmacist shop near the medical center. 12000 rupees as monthly salary but there is another aim of him that to open a new pharmacist shop.

But that day when the result came out first I told my would-be husband, he was very happy and said whatever your hard work God has given you the result and also said that now I don’t need to open any shop. You will do the job. I will stay at home. I will help to read and serve the children. This was the talk of the day.

  In the evening, the husband came home after taking leave from the shop. Take a sweet packet. All day I ate sweets from my neighbor and friends. my desire for sweets had died but I had to eat from his hands again. His happiness sky touching. He was so happy that I cannot describe it. We sat and talked for about 3 hours. And those three hours happened for the first time in our life. Because if he calls before that, I am reading and he only asks about home and health and reading and talks for 2 minutes. During the day, friends and reporters came and asked many questions. I said all those things. Until noon that night only wishes and congratulations be heard on the phone.

From that day, for about 3-4 days, TV reporters came and interviewed. I also had to go to Delhi for 2 days. Because some course institutes introduced me to other students. It was about 6 days ago.

What happened tomorrow morning
Would my father-in-law introduce himself as the mini-leader in the village? He told him over the phone that we don’t want to have a relationship with this family and this is impossible and hung up the phone. He did not give him the option to question my father. My father called him again over the phone but he did not pick up the phone. Hearing this, my father a deep thought a lot. He came to me and asked what happened with you and that boy. I said no, Father. There is no such thing. I have been calling him since yesterday. He was not receiving and I texted him this morning. He told me in the message that there is some urgent work and I will call her when I am free.

Dad got worried again. I messaged again but no reply. I told my father. You don’t worry, you take a rest, I’m doing something. I took out my scooter with my younger brother and reached his pharmacist shop. There I came to know that he is on leave from tomorrow. I called again. But there is no answer.

When I came home, I was also worried. What happened suddenly? I sent my younger brother and father to his house in the evening to find out what happened. What they said was absurd. He is saying that if your daughter gets a job then who will serve us? If your daughter refuses to do the job, we will agree to this strong relationship. Hearing this, my father said. We told you this before. It was not right to fix the proposal for the last two years. My father-in-law replied that we knew that your daughter would get a job. My husband was sitting there silently. All the answers were given by the father-in-law. The father-in-law said again. If she will doing job tomorrow. She will not respect us. Far from serving us, she will think that we are servants of the house. Our son will not have respect and what she has learned maybe my son says, I will not open any shop for pharmacists again. Are we going to be so helpless that we are going to get up and running with our daughter-in-law’s money?

No, we do not agree with this proposal. My father said. Dear Brother what you think is not, it is the opposite. I have brought up my daughter with such discipline. She will not forget her manners. She will not let you lose your dignity. She will now be an IAS officer. I can’t say that she will press your leg or cook at home, that she will be around all the time. Yes, once again he says she will not quit her job. That job is not just her dream. She has also fulfilled the dreams of his parents. We are eyewitnesses to how many days and nights she spends in sleeplessness for the realization of that dream. And you are saying she will quit her job after his dream comes true?? It is impossible. The father-in-law got up. That is why we do not agree to this relationship. My father smiled a little. Brother, I have no question. You should think about it.

  If you have taken such a decision after listening to other people, then it is entirely your fault. The father tried to talk to my husband but the father-in-law spoke again. He won’t say anything. Our son will do whatever we say. Do I have respect too? We cannot lose that honor. Dad stood up. said once again. A new relationship was formed with you in these two years. I don’t call my judgment wrong. Take your time and make the right decision. The father-in-law got up again and said that we have already decided that we want to break this relationship. My Father and younger brother got up from the sofa and returned home with folded hands.

When I came home, I was surprised to hear this from my younger brother. Father was sitting with his hands on his head. Meanwhile, the news is playing on TV. I turned off the TV and took my hands off my father’s head and slept on his lap. Dad gave me a little fake smile. Dad patted my head and asked me, the younger brother told you the all things. I nodded yes. I asked seeing my father a little sad. Father, why are you thinking that? I didn’t do anything wrong by passing IAS. Yes, if they don’t want to see me as their daughter-in-law, then it’s not right to force them too much. Yes, I also told all reporters and TV channels that I am going to get married very soon what is the problem? The father said the reporter will line up the house again regarding this matter. I said, Father, nothing will happen, don’t worry.

I will get married after training, but still not. This happened before that. Maybe it was meant to be. I tried to make Dad smile a little. On the other hand, Mother brought food. We all sat down and ate.

This morning my husband (I mean father-in-law’s son) called me and ask me to forgive him. He says I don’t agree with Father’s decision. I like you and agree to marry you. But I cannot decide anything that will harm my father’s honor. I said, within two years a relationship had developed between us. It could not even turn into a love affair. Even if it is about your father’s honor, then you should not marry me by harming your father’s honor. Marry where your father decides. You will be happy and so will your family. Finally, I said that till now I only loved books but from now on I have to love other people. Maybe this is our last call. After saying this, I hung up the phone.

I think my IAS pass is wrong. No, there was another reason. Whose fault is it?? Or my father-in-law’s family??? Too many questions too many answers??? But still, I am happy. I also thank God that a new life will begin today. And in this life, I will live as I wish. And this was also God’s wish. I hope to be of good service during my IAS career. See what’s going on…

This is a short story of an IAS officer, by the author Nilamadhab Bhuyan.

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