On a one day, Our batches completed two years of our job. Everyone wanted to celebrate that happiness. So we are 6 friends decided, let’s eat out or visit something special places today in a big hotel. And spend this day happily. As planned, we went out that morning for a walk around the near city. The city is about only 20-25 km from our camp. Everyone goes in bolero. All of them were wearing white adidas shoes and check formal shirts with jeans. Everyone’s get-up is the same and they all come out wearing the same perfume. Glasses were in the packet but no one was wearing them. That was just for style.

We are arrived at the market. We all sat in a small cafe and ate sweets with cold drinks. After eating sweets, one of them said, “Brother, we want to eat to our own dishes today.” Everyone was thinking that. How about going to the hotel? Thinking of asking someone, we asked a CRPF Jawans. He pointed us to a hotel and told us to go there, the rates will be a bit high but you will have peace of mind and food of all kinds. A friend called Chandra Shekhar. He said hey eat today no matter how much money it costs. But 2 people from our group were worried that what will happen if the food is not good if the rate is high. This thought was only in his mind. If you have come here to be happy, if you refuse, you will listen, you are stingy. Will you keep the money and take it graveyard? Hearing this, the two of them kept silent and went inside the hotel with everyone.
The decoration of the hotel is of high quality. The aroma of the food was also good. The waiter came and took us from behind and seated us at the big dining table and asked in a very low voice what we would like to have. We all stared at Chandra Shekhar. Because Chandra Shekhar said that today I will feed you a delicious meal no one needs to order anything, I am the incharge today . That’s why we kept quiet. Chandra Shekhar picked up the menu book and thought for 2 minutes and said. Rice, dal makhani, chicken khurma, and salad. The waiter thinks they are all new arrivals. He asked to us, will you take another water bottle???? All are replied yes!!  Today was a special day, no word could be heard from anyone’s mouth. Without delay, another waiter came and placed 6 bottles of water along with 3 plates and left. I got up saying, excuse me, have a pickle bowl and only 3 bottles. The two waiters looked at me suspiciously, thinking that we might be doing business, I gave a small smile, and they left. In the next moment, everyone was very nicely decorated with white round plates and forks and spoons.

  Everyone happily sat down with a fork in one hand and a  spoon in the other. Who knew it was only for a moment. Immediately the chicken khurma came and went. Seeing the chicken, everyone was worried. And quietly placed the spoons on the plate. Why!!  not eat chicken with a spoon? The rest of the ordered goods arrived moments later. Then everyone started eating without spoons and forks.

After everyone had eaten for 2-3 minutes, one asked the other. Hey, there is no bone in the chicken! Everyone said that. Hey, he gave the spoon, he gave it right. Well, let’s start eating with hands, what else should we eat with a spoon?? Everyone continued to eat. The people sitting next to us were staring at us. The waiter is also looking. It was embarrassing but we didn’t mind and continued to eat. Finished eating. The waiter put a small bowl and lemon to everyone.

The question in everyone’s mind is what to do with this. Chandra Shekhar was also worried. One of us squeezed a lemon and gulped down the water. Seeing one, everyone did the same. What did he actually give the lemon water for? What is the reason for that? Must include in the comments. Seeing this, the waiter smiled a little. But does not say anything. Without much delay, everyone got up, washed their hands and came back and sat up.
Reason for sitting will be tipped. Everyone was looking at each other’s faces. The total expenditure was close to Rs 2300. The waiter passed the tip
diary. Chandra Shekhar said that everyone should pay 50 rupees each for the tip, no one wanted to, but everyone together put 300 rupees in the tip diary. The waiter was happy and we came out.

After coming out of the hotel, one of us started to tell Chandra Shekhar that instead of 300, we would have given 200 or 100, Chandra Shekhar’s mouth was silent after hearing this. It has been given, what else will he say, if he does say something, how much more will he hear.

A man was selling bed sheets on the road side 50 meters away from the hotel. Chandra Shekhar said I will buy bed sheet, everyone was waiting for him. Bed sheet selected. Finally he requested to lower the rate. Bed seat shopkeeper said, “I am reducing 30 rupees after seeing the boys.” Because he already knew who we were after seeing our haircut !!! Even after reducing the rate, he agreed with Chandra Shekhar and said to reduce it by 10 rupees more. said a man selling bed sheets. I already reduced 30 rupees because I don’t discount 30 rupees to the other people. I discount to you 30 rupees because you are serving of our country. We felt a little proud after listening to him, but Chandra Shekhar’s words is that you reduce by 10 rupees more. And the conversation continued for about 5 minutes. Everyone is angry with Chandra Shekhar.

I woke up and said hey bro, you tipped 300 rupees at Hotel and here you fighting with shop keeper for 10 minutes for 10 rupees only?? Shame on you?? Everyone said yes…  After that we are gave 10 rupees to the bed seat shopkeeper and moved on. Everyone on the road is angry with Chandra Shekhar. Everyone said angrily. We are abused to Chandra Shekhar you are spoil our respect in this market on the front of Shop keeper. By the time the tip was given, Mercy was coming and your “Dabang Giri” was born on the road side. They all passed one by one to Chandra Shekhar. Came back to the room in the evening. In the evening, I talked about this with other friends in the room. Everyone laughed a lot about Chandra Shekhar’s words.

Everyone came up and drew through the time of flesh to the money for money.

So some moments were spent with my friends some years back. You must comment how it felt and what the lemon water was given for while eating.

Thank you

From Nilamadhab’s Stories…