Waste of time

Starting your day with phone in the morning.

Worrying too much about other people.

Thinking too much about the happiness of other people.

Keep changing your dress and gait like other people.

Talking too much about useless topics.

Think more about your girlfriend and boyfriend.

Waiting for someone’s message.

Thinking to read but not studying, having mobile in hand at that time.

The reason for sleeping 6 to 7 hours is that you sleep more than 10 hours, this is what goes on in the mind, I sleep a little more.

Spending hours on Prime, Netflix and Hotstar and other web series applications.

Thinking more before sleeping.

Thinking about exercising but sleeping till the sun rises.

Listening to the song every moment.

Thinking of finding fault in everything.

Consider yourself great.

Thinking that I will not share my art and education with anyone.

Chatting till late at night and watching Facebook and Instagram.

The time you sit to study, remember your friends and talk with them for hours.

Keep on thinking that if I become rich then I will buy this and I will buy it.

Spending more time in PUBG and Free Fire.

Think more about how to impress my boyfriend and girlfriend.

Thinking of buying this and more without money.

Searching more in YouTube for motivation videos.

Watch more comedy videos.

You sit to study when you have to do some work.


Set a fixed time for exercise, study, work and sleep, no time will be wasted I’m sure.

Thanks for reading….