Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro

Many days later, Arjun Babu reached Delhi with his wife. Because his son works at Delhi. The vehicle was hired straight to Bhubaneswar railway station and from there towards to Delhi. After reaching Delhi, his son booked a ola car. Unfortunately, he could not come due to some urgent work of his son. He reached the room through Ola’s car. After 5 minutes the son came.
Son lives alone in Delhi. You can guess what the situation at home will be because someone who lives alone is not a little disciplined but completely different. The son keeps the house sparkling. Mother said, I thought all the way that he was created like bin in his bed, but my son has changed completely, mother hugged him. Everyone got up and went out for a tour before evening. Because the son has taken 10 days leave. When everyone reaches the metro station in the son’s car, they have to go further in the metro. While the son was parking the car under the metro station, Arjun saw Pan masala being sold in the stall. He said to his wife, I am bringing some pan masala. Wife said son will be angry if he found out, after he refused, Arjun Babu said hey he won’t know I will hide pan masala while movement. His wife nodded yes. Arjun Babu took his son before he arrived.

Then they are Sitting inside the metro, Arjun Babu’s mind is on the pan masala. On the other hand, while the son was talking on the phone, he hid it in his mouth. The metro experience was exciting. New city, new people. Someone officer and who is wearing a tie in a formal dress and a couple of boys and girls are walking in pairs and a couple of women are standing in groups wearing sarees. Who is well dressed and who is trying to show their body in small clothes. Arjun Babu looks at everyone with big eyes.

Here Arjun Babu’s wife said. Hey, why are you so big-eyed? Arjun Babu said, Look, the people of this city have no shame or discipline. How were they people?? Who is wearing a dress does not properly and wearing odd types and they don’t stop her for wearing this type of dress. At this the son woke up. Father, these are the wonders of the modern world. Don’t look at her and ignore her. How much better is our village than this city?? But Arjun Babu just shakes his head and says yes Son.

Son asked what happened father is there any problem?? Arjun shook his head no. The son came to know that his father was chewing a pan masala. asked father what are you eating?? Mother said pan masala?? The son looked at his father angrily. At this time two or three drops of pan masala came out of Arjun Babu’s mouth. Because it will be about 15 minutes above for chewing it continuosly and don’t spit out?? But there is no question of staying in the metro. He will spit. The son understood and there were 5 more stations left, the son took his father and got down at the next station.
He immediately reached the toilet. The upright boy said, wash your face and come quickly, we will go ahead.

Arjun Babu cleaned his mouth within 2 minutes. The father was looking at the son with anger. Within two minutes the metro came and everyone got out again. Mother said you are angry son. He asked me, I said yes, so he brought it. The son said, “Mom, how many times have I told you why you are bringing unknown diseases by eating all this?” The father stood with his head down. The metro reached the Central Secretariat station. He took an auto from there to see India Gate.

After reaching India Gate, it was dusk. The splendor of India Gate shone in the evening light. He was happy to see such a big monument of India. Arjun Babu’s eyes also fell on the sweet Pan masala. Sweet Pan masala are sold nearby. Suddenly, the son’s eyes caught his eye and the son said, “Do you want to pan again?” The father shook his head and refused but this time the son bought it himself and gave it to his father. Father’s heart is very happy. He wandered back towards the metro.

Arjun Babu is a disciplined person. He cannot stand the sight of injustice. It is almost 9 o’clock in the night. Sat again in the metro. Arjun Babu has not had a pan masala at this time. But he was sitting near his knees and in front of him stood a pair of lovers. The couple stood in such a way that Arjun was trying to touch the tide of Babu’s anger. Finally the lovers are started kissing each other.  but this time Arjun Babu’s patience broke. He screamed and said in Odia, “you don’t know, The discipline, Do you know how many people suffering your misbehavior is annoying here? Did your parents behave like this?”
The son said, “Dad, sit down, ignore this situation.”
Since then it has been heard from the lovers that
“What’s wrong with you? are you mad??”
The boy said to the lovers
“calm down mister”
The son said to his father, what is this, father?
Isn’t this our village?
This is city!
These are nothing!
People are going in metro together, everyone is watching who is not protesting,,, why you?
Because they see such type of situation every day.

Father, I request you, you sit quietly and ignore this situation or tell the CISF jawans and metro staff on duty in metro will be of some use. Telling them that is like putting penalties etc..  Arjun Babu also calmed down. And came out and reported to the metro staff. As a result, the couple was fined in the metro office.

After some time, Arjun Babu and mother reached the room. Arjun Babu also tried to change himself and calmed himself down by telling himself that “wherever he goes, he will eat the fruit and also have to take the profession”  After about two months, he wandered around the delhi and returned to his home.

What is in this story is seen in almost every city and if we look at the urban civilization, our tradition will soon be ground to dust. Don’t let your tradition sink in and protest where it seems unfair and bad but protest based on real rules.

Thank you

Written by Nilamadhav Bhuyan.