There are two types of people who are proud of money

1. One who earns by lying and deceit procedure.

How ??

There are people whose only job is to lie and cut money and do little and have a lot of art to earn more. They are certainly guilty of sin, but they have no money. In the end, he loses money due to illness, but he does not stop lying. No one can ever leave, and they are almost stingy. But the importance of this money does not last long.

2. Whose father, or grandparents, has more wealth.


There will also be people who do not have resources of their own who can earn wealth by doing something. If he has shown his participation in his father’s business and grandfather’s immense wealth to others. The interest in that money also lasts for a few days. After that, like the sand of the sea. He also gradually dries up. In the end, only the body survives.

Never brag about your money. There is no money, nor will there ever be. Money never lasts forever. He will come and go. And never stay with a boastful person.

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