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Those who think too much have many dreams of ghosts. They are advised to sleep with sharp objects like knife or scissors under the pillow. As a result, the ghosts that come in dreams at night do not come near the sleeping person. I have experienced this process myself and it seems true to some extent but the real secret is something else. Our heart is full of fear, we are very afraid. So when we see something scary and hear or think about it, we become more afraid. Therefore, according to psychology, only when fear is removed from our mind, we get good sleep and we can sleep peacefully. After searching on the internet about this, I read in an old story that earlier the system was not so advanced, even there was no electricity system. As a result, thieves steal at night. As the problem of theft increased, people’s money and valuables were stolen. Landlords or nobles kept watch in their houses, but the middle class slept with their weapons under their pillows or beds. When the thieves came, they were equipped to deal with them immediately. This reason is somewhat similar. This practice is still in practice today. You may know its truth. How much is true and how much is false ??


I heard this story from my friend Himanshu Sahu(Odisha). Going to talk about that with you. A man, after all the materials for his father’s death anniversary, could not start for some reason. That was a cat. Why should a cat be tied to a rope near the place of death anniversary according to the Brahmin who performs death anniversary. The man made arrangements with great difficulty and gave some money to another person, arranged for a cat to be tied up and the death anniversary was completed. Even so, the ceremony of tying the cat was done in all anniversary. Because father’s anniversary is to be done for the peace of his soul. This process is going on from his grandfather’s harvest and the son has to do it now. Here the question arises that what is the work of the cat on the day of father’s funeral?? The fact was that ancestors of my father’s ancient went up. That time a cat lived in our houses. That cat was so mischievous that he had a habit of slapping his face on every food item but father loved the cat very much. It happened that day too. In anger, the father tied the cat to a nearby rope. A clear example of the consequence is that the cat must be tied to the rope during the Anniversary. From this you can know how the custom is being followed.

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