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Some Customs

Some customs have a silent effect on human life. It also forces us to change our normal life style. I don’t question or blind faith as true in all cases. This tradition sometimes gives us a message in our life to do something and not to do it.

Due to this practice, some people consider themselves to be happy and others are forced to do the same thing. This message is not my attempt to offend or favor anyone. It is a news/message that is a small attempt to tell what is wrong and what is right.

Let’s find out what is the custom that we are forced to believe and what happened to give us a proper message that has disappeared.

5 Types Customs Related Story Mentioned Below


Domestic animals such as cows, bulls and calves are prone to certain diseases that last for a long time. One such disease is chicken fox fever. Medicines have also available to cure this disease. And now it is getting better. Traditionally speaking. About 20 years ago we were watching. Some people may know about the “cow chenz” (in odia) chenz that was very painful. An iron rod was heated in the fire and applied to the cow’s body. It was not just a cow, it was also given to cattle, goats and sheep. Imagine how hard it would be if a thin iron rod was attached to the body.

Some small babies may have felt this iron chenz, It was believed that iron chenz, ward off bad dreams or ghosts. This is not entirely true but this practice was also seen and you may have heard. Now think the people of that time were intelligent or something?? .


We have heard from our grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles that marking on the body is to do a little mark, which we now call Tatoo. According to them, if we are going to die, at that time we were going to Yampur, Yam asked us. You were born as a human being. Why did you come to this Yampur? Anything bring for me from the earth , if not so I give you lot of punishment. At that time, the deceased person shows the mark on his body and says that it came from the earth and by seeing this mark, the punishment of Yamaraj’s sins will be reduced to some extent and if it is, Yamaraj can free you from your sins and send you to heaven. You can see that there are many old women with such signs on their bodies. Like her name, her husband’s and wife’s name but it has become a fashion in the present age.

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