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This topic is based on information from motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari. Once scientists put 5 monkeys in a closed room for an experiment. On one side of the room there is a banana at the upper part of ledder.

One of the monkeys noticed a fetch of banana, he climbed on it to fetch a banana, suddenly water was poured on him. It was done like a rain. After the monkey fell down, the rain stopped. And another monkey went up to get the banana. It rained on him too. In the third attempt of Monkey, it rained again. Now the fourth monkey stepped on ledder. Suddenly the rest of the monkeys dragged him and beating him. Even in the fifth attempt, he was beaten by the rest of the monkeys. After some time, one of the five monkeys was replaced by a new monkey. When the new monkey got up, he dragged it and beat the rest of the monkeys before trying to eat the banana. One by one the monkeys were replaced. The current five monkeys are completely new. There was a fear in their mind that he refused to go near ledder and he refused to even touch ledder. No one knows the real reason but the situation changes our life. Earlier no one tried to find out what happened to monkey. And new monkeys started living with new reasons.

Our folk tales and customs begin with different motives but gradually take new turns and take different forms. Some such practices were started based on blind faith. It is given on some examples. So stick to the old ways but it is not right to make someone suffer as blind faith in some places. You need to find the right treatment. It is seen in some places in the present situation. And in some other places this custom has gradually disappeared.

Please comment if there are any customs related to the above customs and people around you. To comment, there is a “Post a comment” link at the bottom of this page.

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By. N Bhuyan (Author, Writer)

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